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    Small questions for ADwD, v.V

    When did Jon Connington get greyscale? When I first read ADwD, I thought he already had it, which is why he didn't mind saving Tyrion, but later when he washes his hands in vinegar he thinks of Tyrion, making it seem like he got it while saving him. How could he hide it from the crew members? Lemore and Haldon not wanting to examine him just seems too far-fetched to me, especially since he would have to suddenly start wearing gloves all the time. It would also feel too convenient if the one guy who gets greyscale just happens to always wear gloves anyway, and even then no one wanting to see his hands after that event just doesn't make sense. Basically, I don't have a clear picture how long Connington has been afflicted, and don't really see a logical way he could hide his greyscale from the crew members, especially if he got it while saving Tyrion.