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  1. HelmHammerhand

    Which kingdom would you let secede if you were king?

    I would let the Iron Islands go - and then send Stannis back to finish the job he started during the Greyjoy Rebellion. Let whatever is left behind to be ruled by a house from the Riverlands (like the Mallisters).
  2. Per OP, can't use current or past great houses so here we go: The North: House Dustin - I know it's an odd pick but the Bolton's are disqualified as they are the current great house. Manderly's seem to be the next obvious choice but I think they wouldn't be perceived as properly Northern by the other houses. Dustin is old, has a history of kingship, wealth and population of Barrowton behind them for power. The Vale: House Royce - old, respected, powerful and wealthy - what else do you need? Iron Islands: House Harlaw - one of the more powerful houses (weathiest lands, highest population) and lots of history as kings an leaders. Second choice would be House Farwyn of Lonely Light; if they're right, they can help us see what's west of Westeros and show us some maritime warging. If they're wrong, they could lead the ironborn on a wild goose chase an rid us of the Westeros' least productive citizens. The Riverlands: House Mallister - no major enemies (that's what rules out Blackwood/Bracken), one of the militarily stronger houses with a good revenue source in Seagard The Westerlands - as others have said, we just don't know much about their bannermen. I'll go with Crakehall, they're a strong house Stormlands - ? Honestly can't say, all we know about Stormland houses is a stand-out member from some of the bigger houses. Can't make a decision on this based on Beric, Brienne, or Barristan..... The Reach - House Hightower - wealthiest, has the most troops, it's the obvious choice Dorne: House Yronwood - like Royces in the Vale, this is clear. They were the most powerful house of Dorne until the Rhoynar/Martell alliance and have been the second house ever since.
  3. HelmHammerhand

    Favorite Riverlands Bannermen

    Love House Mallister for the same reasons and also because I like Seagard for some reason. Can't say I share your love for the Freys though, even before their betrayal they were portrayed negatively.
  4. HelmHammerhand

    Favorite Reach Bannermen

    I ike Redwyne and Hightower but with Tarly, do we have any evidence that the rest of House Tarly is very martial or is it just Randyll?
  5. HelmHammerhand

    Wyman Manderly as Jack of All Trades

    Great breakdown, he really does seem to be one of the most capable leaders north of the Neck....and yet somehow also loyal.
  6. HelmHammerhand

    Favorite Bannermen by region and why

    North: House Manderly - they've got everything, money, a navy, knights, but still a Northern sense of loyalty, what's not to like? Plus I've always been partial to tridents. Riverlands: House Mallister - Seagard sounds nice and I love their sigil. Westerlands: Crakehalls sound like tough SOBs who would be useful when push comes to shove, plus I just don't know enough about the other houses (Tywin didn't let them develop any personality) Vale: Only once choice here, by far and away, the Royces! All the courtliness and knightliness of the Vale with a respect for the Old Ways that seems so Northern..... Stormlands: House Dondarrion if only because Blackhaven sounds pretty awesome and their sigil is so 80's that I can't take my eyes off of it. Crownlands: Have to agree with King Merrett and go with the Cracklaw Houses - they seem like a real 'Murican bunch, I feel like if I called my banners they would show up with F-150s and shotguns ready. House Velaryon is a close second because who else has a Valyrian steel axe? Iron Islands: House Harlaw unless the Farwynds of the Lonely Light really can skinchange. The Reach: House Hightower for many of the same reasons that I picked House Manderly, so much intrigue going on there between the tower and the Citadel, I wish we saw more of them and Oldtown. Dorne: House Yronwood - they must be scheming to try to overtake the Martells, Dayne seems cooler but less interesting (getting back to the OP)
  7. HelmHammerhand

    Favourite non-Great House in the North

    I know it's going to be top of everyone's list but I have to answer: House Manderly
  8. HelmHammerhand

    Dothraki, actually that good on the open field?

    Part of it is that the Dothraki used horseback archery in a very un-Mongol way. The Mongol horse archers used to ride towards the enemy firing highly-arched shots (far-over any shield wall) attempting to pepper the shield-wall infantry and those massed behind them from a distance and from above. They would fire repeatedly until they got within range of the enemy's archers, at which point they would wheel to the side and ride to the rear of their formation to avoid enemy fire. This also allowed horseback archers behind them to continue shooting, providing a continuous barrage of arrows. This was supposed to weaken the enemy's formation so that the shield-wall or massed-infantry-with-spears was no longer as tightly packed and they could charge in for close combat. The Dothraki in this scene do the opposite, charging straight in, shooting straight in instead of arching their shots (which means that most of their arrows hit those darn efficient Lannister shields), and after firing 1 or 2 shots, continuing the charge into a still-fairly-organized formation of resistant troops. Anyhow, none of this bothered me since the Lannisters are way too overpowered in shoWesteros anyways.
  9. HelmHammerhand

    What was the best scene from the books in your opinion?

    ^my first thought was this ^the one I forgot and can't believe I forgot - broken man speech could be turned into a poem, a spoken word piece, taken completely away from ASOIAF and have so much weight and potency.