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    How would you rate episode 310?

    Gave it an 9. Not so good as rains of Castamere. But I was happy that we hadn't had LS, because that would be to soon, better next season. KL stuff: Wonderful. Poor Sansa. Nice conversation between Tyrion and Cercei. Joffrey scene was wonderful. Twins and dreadfort: I really hate that Walder frey, and nice way to make clear that boy is Ramsey. Yara: wonderfull scene. Hate Balon even more now. Dragonstone: Wonderful. But pretty soon. Hadn't expect that they would leave that soon. Arya: Wonderful scene. Bran/Sam: Nice done, but I was missing the black gate. But I understand why they left that out. Jon: Ygritte scene was nice. Danny: Wonderful ending. I missed a couple of things: - LF, I was expecting a scene with him at the earie. - No QoT :( - Wasn't there a scene with Mance where Ygritte and co where back at his camp shot? Probably skipped because of the timeline. They probably pushed the Jon/ Ygritte scene back from the beginning of the episode to the end. Overall wonderfull episode. But not so good as season 1, but better than season 2 ending. But what does it matter. Season 3 was overall the best season, and you must look it as a whole.
  2. kevin1989

    How would you rate episode 308?

    Give it a 9, everything was perfect, but why did Mel put a leech on Gendry's private part? This is not the Mel from the books.
  3. kevin1989

    How would you rate episode 305?

    9 not so big an ending as episode 4 but a much better episode in my opinion. Loved the scene between Jaime and Brienne. Very emotional.
  4. I gave it a 9. just because there are bigger episodes to come, a 10 would be to high. But still one of the greatest episodes that GoT had got.
  5. kevin1989

    How would you rate episode 303?

    between 8,5 and 9 so I gave it a 9. Better than episode 1 and 2. Great thematic episode: losing something.
  6. Season 1 if I'm correct. And yes he was in the first book :) But people this is the non-book topic. No talks about books. :) what did the non-book readers thing of the scene with Cat and Talisa about Jon?
  7. And the funny thing is, that the once that had made the Harry Potter movies, could learn a lot from the goT crew. People seems to forget that 1. asoaif is a very difficult book to put to screen. And 2. The TV isn't for the book readers, it's for the people who didn't read the books, they need to like it, that means that things have to be cut and changes. I'm a big book fan, but I'm not complaining. I'm glad that they made it this great. The most funny thing is when book purists are complaining and they are completely wrong. And about the Cat scene. It could have been in the books. She didn't say she loved Jon. She said that she tried to love him but failed. In the last 2 seasons I didn't really care for Cat (except for episode 1x01 and 1x02) but this time the Cat scene was my favorite of the episode. Cried my eyes out.
  8. Give it a 8. Episode 1 was also a 8. Last week was a little bit better imo. I liked the introduction of QoT, BwB and the Reeds, they were well done. My favorite scene was the one with Cat and Talisa. I cried when she talked about Jon. Only thing bothering me was that last week was so good because it was focusing on a narrow group of people. This episode it too much imo. They could have left Tyrion for episode 3 imo.
  9. kevin1989

    How would you rate episode 301?

    That was James Cosmo, his favorite scene was the first scene of the episode.
  10. kevin1989

    How would you rate episode 301?

    And Cirian can't sing that's why the bard thing is out. Only problem for later What's the problem if she talks? LF stated that she's lying and who would Cercei and co believe?
  11. kevin1989

    How would you rate episode 301?

    No, no, no because then the people who are disapointed because things aren't in the show, are complaining because there are things in the show that could have cut, for instance I don't like Sansa and Shea why are they so much in this episode. Or why isn't .... in this episode. Because more seasons per book means that characters will be more divided than they are now and than we don't see some characters till episode 3. People are complaining about things that are 180 degrees different at the same time. The pace was slow and they copy the books to bad. Maybe I'm just happy what we got instead what we didn't got. We got a funny Tormund and what are people complaining about, Tormund wasn't funny. Seems to me, people need to complain to survive. Sometimes I have a feeling that certain people need to complain an amount of time a day because else they won't survive. Don't get me wrong, some things could have handled better, but there needed to more money and time for that that we didn't have. Personally I rather have them cut the beginning of SoS than the things that will happen between episode 7-10. And a little respect for the people working their ass of for this project would be nice.
  12. kevin1989

    How would you rate episode 301?

    I think the only ones that we can really blame, is HBO itself. If they gave roughtly 10 million more (GOT season 2 brought 1.2 billion into their pockets.) or maybe even 20 million we could have had a 12 episode season. That way some delete scenes could have been in it. Like a bigger scene with Kraznyk, that were in the books but not in the show. But with 10 episodes, they needed to cut that scene. And with 12 episodes they could have split the characters even more than they did now. But with 10 episodes they did a great job.
  13. kevin1989

    How would you rate episode 301?

    Yes, I was disappointing in season 2 when I watched it, but in the end was realistic. They are having the job to put the most difficult book to screen, with little budget. They did their best. I think that people forget how stressfull their job is, I think that most people even didn't know that last season they begged and begged for more money for BW. The plan was that we did only see thing through Sansa's chapters. And they need to think, what if I was in charge of the show? They think that they will do it better. but then they will know that there will be some major problems that occur Money, scheduling etc. D&D made the script in one month, I think that most people who complaining couldn't make a better season 2 and 3x01 if they had 10 years.
  14. kevin1989

    How would you rate episode 301?

    I think we need to learn that some people just complaining because they wanted to complain. Many people were complaining about season 3 before season 3 was on screen, so I wasn't surprise that so many people hated the episode. They forget that this is first not the books, and second a build up episode for this season. Things needed to explain where every character was in the story before showing some real things. And if you want some more action. Please donate a couple of million to HBO because like what many people wanted in the first episode with Sam will cost more than a million bucks.
  15. kevin1989

    How would you rate episode 301?

    Nice, what would you rate this episode? Funny when I read this treat that the one is complaining that it's rushed and the other is complaining that it's too slow paced. found that funny. Personally I found the pacing wonderful. (only thing they could have better left Robb for episode 2, and gave Jon 1 more scene imo). And most people I know that didn't read the books were, huh is the episode over? They thought that they were only at the half of the episode ^^ ps. don't forget that this isn't an avarage show, where the first episode is going to blow on screen. They are building up to something big, so the first 2 episodes needs to be set-ups for later on. (In season 5 and 6 probably the first 3 episode, more characters so more deviding).
  16. kevin1989

    How would you rate episode 301?

    A 8. Some things were good some things weren't. But overall a good start of the season, best start really. And we have too look at it as a half premiere, because half the characters are in episode 2. So first half of the premiere of the season is a 8. Now scenes by scene: -+ First scene, wonderful scene, as a book reader I was afraid that Sam was going to die. They did there job good, shame there wasn't a little bit more budget. Even 10 seconds where we see Mormont killing one wight more would be enought. But still great season opener. They let us really know what will going to happen if nobody get's back to the wall. And why are people complaining about Sam being a failure? Because in my opinion this is better for the show, because they can have a build up for Sam. He will be more brave at Crastens Keep, and later killing an other. BAM Sam changed. But I don't see why people complaining. The season ends with Sam, and this season begins with Sam. Nice way of telling the battle in my eyes. + The scene with Jon. Loved how he was welcomed by the wildlings. Tormund mistaken for Mance was funny. D&D were smart by choosing a different reason as in the books, even that reason was better, the whole story would have been too long. And what an actor is Cirian hinds. And we got a giant. Wonderful to see him building things. Great adaption, not perfect but great. + scene with Bronn. Not because it was a great scene, but they have learned that they don't need a major sexscene in the show. + Tyrion/ Cercei: Great scene, frightened Cercei was great. Wonderful story about the past. Shows how Cercei was back then and how Tyrion was. And don't forget bronn and ser Meryn dialogue that was great. + Bronn and Tyrion together was in someway beautiful. + Davos rescue was well done, well played by Liam. And the scene with Salador was great. You're a great father. made me cry. - robb scene: Feels like we missing something. This could have been better left for episode 2, or Davos had to be left for season 2 so that there was more Robb story here. It felt incomplete. But I loved the Bolton/ Karstark scene. ++ The scene with Tyrion and Tywin. Heartbreaking. + I really liked the Sansa scene. Love to see how she was playing the game with Shea, nice build-up for next 2 seasons. Loved the two quotes that Sansa said, about rich people getting drunk and that the truth is either boring or horrible. Even if I understand why they needed to let LF tell Sansa directly about taking here, it was a shame that first he was so directly, instead of saying that he will help here, but when he can, she will hear it (through Ross for instance), and second, that he told here about Arya. This could have better be told later. + Dragons do I need to say more :D You can see all three of them. Dothraki being sick was awesome. -+ Melisandre/ Davos/ Stannis: Wonderful scene, wonderful how Stannis is doing. only problem is the way Melisandre behave. Not Carice's fault but a writing fault. She would never provoke somebody like she did in the show. I'm talking of course about talking about Mathos. And doesn't Liam perform great this episode. +++ My favorite scene of the episode. Margery at the orphanage. And didn't she go behind Jofrey's back here? ++ Cercei's dinner party: Great set-up for later. And first time I liked Jofrey. My mother's getting old. whahaha. Still I found him a dick. And poor Cercei. + Astapor: The scene with the Unsulied was great. Nice that Kraznyk called Danny a whore. The nipple thing is in. Nice scene after with the child and Baristan. Great that they show him directly because everybody that know Baristan will know it's him. And everybody that doesn't wouldn't get even if they did it later on.