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  1. I have to think the D&D in their genius reversed the order, that in the books Jon is AA, Dany is Nissa Nissa, and that somehow her death is a sacrifice that provided for the means to defeat the Others. That would fit the bittersweet ending, what we got in the show was all bitter and no sweet.
  2. It's gotta be in the books Jon Connington goes mad after the bells and burns KL while helping Aegon to takedown Cersei, right?
  3. I think if GOT the TV show crashes and burns, it might be the one thing that motivates GRRM to not want the only ending of his saga to be the TV show. That's my silver lining.
  4. I actually don't have a problem with the Olly character conceptually. Orphan whose parents were killed by wildings joins the NW and hates wildlings, could have been an interesting story. The execution by D&D however, was so hamfisted and atrocious. And that's what's really been the problem with the show, since GRRM only shared with them the ending as concepts, and D&D are forced to actually execute by bringing those concepts to screen, they are utterly incapable of doing it well.
  5. The idea that somebody can be given the Reach because you point a crossbow at the Hand, even though said person has no army, no bannerman, and no ability to maintain control, and furthermore can be basically captured and killed the moment he steps out of the room, is just so absurd that D&D have no basic understanding of the feudal system that is at work in Westeros. This is why they can't write any political intrigue plot for shit on this show without GRRM. It's like somebody who's has no basic understanding of the parliamentary system trying to write a British political drama about a Prime Minister, and in it he has the Prime Minister trying to win an election based on the electoral college. https://i.imgflip.com/30blia.jpg
  6. The Starbucks cup on the table just says it call. Everyone is just mailing it in, there is no attention to detail any more.
  7. I can’t rewatch any of the earlier seasons now knowing what a shitfest it all turns into. I have given away the blue rays of the seasons 1-4 that I own.
  8. Not to mention the Vale, heck didn't Visenya land in their courtyard? Stationary target, a ballista would have taken care of her dragon too,
  9. This is the reason why I stopped watching the show, and all the people who said, well, at least D&D is giving us an ending. Screw that, an ending like this no better than no ending at all. Other than trying to figure out what is something GRRM told them and what is their own invention, there is no value to watching this show.
  10. Exactly my point, it's personal now for them to give Ghost and Jon a bad ending. It has nothing to do with the budget because having Ghost die would not have costed them anything.
  11. Why didn't they just let Ghost die, let's his story end like is just ridiculous unless D&D hates direwolves for some reason, this isn't even about the budget, this is just personal.
  12. Yes, the one thing that consoles me is that the ending of GOT is going to bomb the sequel. My fear though, is that HBO is going to be dumb about it and conclude that the sequel's problem is that there was no D&D, and pay them big bucks to bring them back for a second sequel more closely tied to GOT (Robert's Rebelllion).
  13. I expect there to be minimal dialogue, a lot of reused jokes, a lot of staring into blank space, and a lot of referencing older dialogue from seasons when the show was good.
  14. I think it's more divided among the casual viewers and the more hardcore viewer. The people who just watch it for the spectacle mostly loved it, the people who are invested in the characters, their individual arcs, the mysteries, etc, are mostly underwelmed and disliked it. It's basically the TV equivalent of junk food.
  15. Forget animation, I'd settle for a well produced audio drama with good sound effects and music.
  16. I'm only disappointed that the NK didn't trip over a dead body and fall on a dagger and die, that would have been truly "unexpected'.
  17. It seems nobody understand the concept of earned surprised. This is the same as the TLJ nonesense in SW, any hack can come up with a surprise that comes out of nowhere and isn't setup which surprises people. But those types of surprises are totally unsatisfying. The genius is to set it up and still have it come as a surprise, that was the brilliance of something like the Red Wedding, in retrospect all the signs were there, but it still surprises you anyway when it happens.
  18. Brandon the Builder should have just made some daggers instead of building that huge wall.
  19. I already posted in the general R&R thread, but I am a little agahst at how devoid of a storyline season 8 is. D&D mailed it in, in a way I've not seen another TV show do. Even with all the disppointment with the last season of Lost, the writers tried to craft a storyline. They didn't succeed in pleasing a lot of fans, but they tried. D&D didn't even try to give the audience a storyline.
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