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  1. It's gotta be in the books Jon Connington goes mad after the bells and burns KL while helping Aegon to takedown Cersei, right?
  2. I actually don't have a problem with the Olly character conceptually. Orphan whose parents were killed by wildings joins the NW and hates wildlings, could have been an interesting story. The execution by D&D however, was so hamfisted and atrocious. And that's what's really been the problem with the show, since GRRM only shared with them the ending as concepts, and D&D are forced to actually execute by bringing those concepts to screen, they are utterly incapable of doing it well.
  3. Exactly my point, it's personal now for them to give Ghost and Jon a bad ending. It has nothing to do with the budget because having Ghost die would not have costed them anything.
  4. Why didn't they just let Ghost die, let's his story end like is just ridiculous unless D&D hates direwolves for some reason, this isn't even about the budget, this is just personal.
  5. Yes, the one thing that consoles me is that the ending of GOT is going to bomb the sequel. My fear though, is that HBO is going to be dumb about it and conclude that the sequel's problem is that there was no D&D, and pay them big bucks to bring them back for a second sequel more closely tied to GOT (Robert's Rebelllion).
  6. So basically there is no actual story written by D&D for season 8, just a bunch of fan-service nostalgia stuff to fill the time until the 2 big battles, and that it. So glad I gave up on the show.
  7. I think somebody speculated that in the books, the stand will take place at Harrenhal and not Winterfell, it’s big enough to store a huge human army, and close to the isle of faces where the COTF can come in to save the day.
  8. They do, and it's almost always inappropriate. Like waif-1000 was basically trying to copy Terminator, when the Faceless Men are all about striking from the shadows where noone knows it's them, not about chasing down their victims in open daylight for the world to see.
  9. https://www.vox.com/culture/2019/4/17/18411022/game-of-thrones-season-8-premiere-recap-winterfell-second-act-bad This is a good analysis.
  10. It's not a good analogy. Trump has a base of support, who are loyal to him. So some people stay loyal to him because they want to placate that base. There is no equivalent base in the Cersei analogy, she doesn't have the smallfolk, she doesn't have the nobility, and she doesn't have the faith, what's her base?
  11. I think somebody mentioned that you should watch this show with the sound turned off, so you can enjoy the imagery without dealing the awful written plot and dialogue. You can fill in the blank. I do wonder if maybe one day, when (if?) the books are released and we have the real ending, some enterprising fan will reedit the last few season with dubbed in dialogue that would make it all better.
  12. The writers don't know anything about warfare so none of the characters do either. Remember Stannis and the 20 good men? Nobody on this show bothers with things like scouting and keeping watch.
  13. No he didn't. He was stripped of the role by Tommen after his attempted assault on the Sept of Baelor to rescue Margaery
  14. 5, nothing great, a few good scenes, a few awful scenes and a mostly meh scenes.
  15. As I said in the R&R thread, this is probably better than any episode in season 5 or 6. I couldn't stand to rewatch any episode since season 4 but I could see myself rewatching this episode.
  16. I can't imagine Euron would be interested in teaming with Cersei, I can't imagine anyone being interested in teaming up with Cersei. What does Cersei even have to offer at this point? Seems like a merger with a company with a lots of liabilities and very few assets. Not worth it.
  17. 5/10 for me as well. Here how my scoring works 4 points for writing(Plot and dialogue), 2 points for acting, 2 for visuals, and 2 for sets costumes and sound, I still the show still gets good visuals and sets/costume/music, so 4 points there, only 1 point for acting because it was a mixed bag, and 0 points for writing.
  18. To me the Tower crashing has got to be the Hightower Fleet that Euron is going to face at the end of the this chapter, possibly the death of Leyton Hightower himself and the fall of Old Towne.
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