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    GRRM's (Brief) Thoughts on the Final Episode

    I'm really wondering whether the endgame was indeed the one intended by GRRM... It's been about seven years since I reread the books, so I've sort of forgotten the feeling of the books. Is it true, then, that GRRM had revealed to D&D how it would end? Or was it only who would rule? Or that Dany would perish? Regardless, I try to see myself in a potential future where I'm reading the last book of ASoIaF, and the main decisive moments of the show's last episodes are the same. Let's say we've got amazing character development, amazing main stories, details, side stories, expanded lore, and so on, will I be able to feel the same as I did when I first read the Red Wedding? Gasping, in pure shock, had to put down the book, needed a few hours break before continuing haha. Somehow, I hope that the final plot points will be changed... Because I still want that surprise, the feeling you get when it's just you and the book, and not the whole world has already seen it happen in the show. If the endgame moments are exactly the same (Bran, Jon, Dany, Sansa, Cersei, Jaime, Tyrion, Arya), despite stellar journeys to those points, I wonder if it was a mistake to spill the beans to D&D. Here's to hoping that the characters that didn't make it into the show will alter the course of ASoIaF history so that we can still be awed by GRRM's amazing creativity, imagination and world-building.
  2. venusboy

    Final decision: Was Cersei pregnant?

    This is a question I keep asking myself about the whole show... We'll see tonight/tomorrow morning.
  3. venusboy

    Final decision: Was Cersei pregnant?

    I'm seriously perplexed by the pregnancy plot. Up until The Bells I had thought that she had suffered a miscarriage, judging by her wine-drinking and tearful facial reaction to Euron saying he will "put a prince in her belly". However, in the end, I guess she was pregnant for real, as when faced with her death all she could think about was that she wanted for her and her baby to live. Makes no sense, but maybe it does. Maybe we are overthinking it and the "mystery" surrounding her pregnancy was never there. I guess we'll never find out, unless she rises from the rubble.
  4. venusboy

    Indifference to KL burning

    Of course, intellectually and morally, I know and understand that Dany's actions after the surrender in KL were horrific. However, I was pretty apathetic in general as to the Arya p.o.v. amidst the carnage. Some have said that it would have made more sense to have us follow Davos, with him being from KL, but even if we had followed him through the misery, I still don't think it would have changed a thing. I'm not really sure why I didn't feel anything watching it. Before the episode I went in with a vengeful and cynical attitude "Burn them all!", but I didn't even feel the schadenfreude of seeing the Red Keep being roasted. Maybe it's because quite a few characters have over the years talked about KL as a place with shit people (both high- and lowborn). And the show has, from my perspective, often painted the people of KL as dumb sheep. They've come off as immoral, resorting to violence and loving it, they're easily manipulated, etc. Yes, yes, it could very well be a valid criticism of the mentality of the masses, but then how am I meant to give a shit about them (esp. after the jeers and cheers during Ned's beheading)? D&D wanted to shock, of course, and to tug on our heartstrings, but I really would have preferred to have more Cersei and Dany screen time. Don't waste precious time of this short, jam-packed season with extras burning!
  5. Haha! Yes, indeed, thank you! I was so excited for her Braavos plot, but yeah, it all went downhill from season 5. And cringe is the word!
  6. venusboy

    Possible explanation to "Dany gate"

    Yes, yes, yes. Season 8 has taught me not to even attempt to analyse anything in the show anymore. Dumb & Dumber don't care, they like the shock factor, they want X to happen but X's journey from A to B is irrelevant. What you see is what you get. No prophecies, no read-between-the-lines, no historical references, no complexity. DANY WANT SMASH.
  7. venusboy

    Jon's biggest error?

    Yes, I 100% agree with you. The plot before character development is also evident in what D&D say in the BTS videos: "We knew that we wanted this and that to happen, so then we...". And it is the plot driven writing that led to Almighty Arya, Daenerys goes Mad Queen, Jaime dying with Cersei, and so on and so on.
  8. Cleganebowl + OP Arya = pandering to the majority of the show's fanbase, most of whom haven't read the books. N.B. I am trying very hard not to come off as a dickhead à la "if you haven't read the books you are no true fan", because I disagree with this statement. And this is just my subjective take on it. But the fact is that a lot of people are especially enjoying the later seasons because it gives them SuRpriSe eLemEnTs and TwiStS and OmG sLaaaY moments so they can upload 3 sec gifs with quotes "Me when I [insert daily chore]". I must admit that after seeing all the "Arya kills NK" reaction videos, my dislike for her character grew even more. And after watching the Inside the episode videos and D&D's moronic explanations, I despise her. I probably started disliking Arya in season 7, especially when she met Hot Pie again. That scene just... you know, it rang my bells. It was so obvious that she was going to be "MF BADA$$". I never understood the Cleganebowl hype. Why? The two were never main characters, neither in the books nor in the show. Like what, is it just FUCKIN AWESOME to see 2 jacked and meaty ogres go mano a mano til death to them apart? Go watch wrestling. But no, thanks D&D for focusing on this completely pointless battle. I'm still recovering mentally from the complete slaughter of Jon and Daenerys' character developments (and every other main character pretty much). I try to avoid leaks and spoilers, but I have caught a sneaky peek of on some, and I wish I never had. Or do I? I don't know. I have no idea how this will end. Guess that's what D&D wanted. My favourite part of The Bells was Daenerys, especially her in dishevelled state talking to Tyrion and pre-massacre facial expressions. Favourite in the sense that these were the only scenes that affected me in some way, leaving me with an immense feeling of melancholy, sadness, and regret.