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  1. Wolfbynature

    Was the Red Wedding inevitable?

    Yes, it could have been easily avoided. Its an example of lacking intelligence service. It is nice to trust your allies, but it is wise not to do so. In preparation of the red wedding, a lot of people had to do something. If Rob had some kind of intelligence installed there, it would have been likely that he got knowledge about the plan. And then, he could have countered the conspiracy. After crossing the Trident he would have been able to reconquer the north. He certainly could´nt win the war at this point. But holding the north with a significant force would have led to a kind of stalemate. So Eddard told him how to rule, how to fight, how to win battles but nothing about intelligence? No need to do anything? Especially because Walder Frey was always known for his trustworthiness? This was some kind of reverse plot armor.
  2. Wolfbynature

    Your biggest what if?

    If Jon had been a girl (I call her Lyarra like her Grandmother), the whole storyline about the nights watch would have been altered. Now she (Lyarra Snow) not only had to overcome her bastard state, but to be a girl in a man´s world. As a result, she would have depended far more on alliances than on her fighting skills. She would have been a hero of a different kind. Not so much a lone wolf, but leader of the pack. Lyarra looks very much like her "aunt" lyanna, but is a blonde. As there was no need for her to be raised as a lady, the is even fiercer than Arya who is her best friend. She often gets punished for her "bad" influence on Arya. When she grows up, her resemblence to lyanna became more an more obvious, painfully obvious. So Eddard is forced to get her out of the way before Robert´s visit of Winterfell. Instead of beeing send to the nightswatch, Eddard married her to one of the Mountain clans, eg. House Norrey. There she came in contact with the wildlings, as she is taken hostage on one of their raids... Lyarra therefore ist far more northern then Jon, which, in my opion, would fit even better to the icy part of the story.
  3. Wolfbynature

    Your biggest what if?

    What if "Jon" has been a girl, not an boy?
  4. "Do you think Lyanna Stark regretted for what she had done with Rhaegar when she was lying on her death bed?" On her death bed? Direcly after giving birth, after hours of labour? I do´nt think that she could think of anything but her baby and pain and her worsening healt and her fear never to see him growing up. I do´nt think that she had time to recap her past and what she had done.
  5. Wolfbynature

    The whole "Tower of Joy" story is flawed

    Then Gerold, Arthur and Oswell were not Kings Guards but prison guards. They acively put the live of Rhaegars wife and her unborn child, the future king at risk doing so. There was no bloody war in Dorne. There was war, but not there. Commoners know whom they serve otherwise they are stupid. I can think of no reason why all of the servants in such a rich household should have been stupid. Is there any direct indication for this in the books or are you just guessing? The oath to imprison her for Robert?
  6. Wolfbynature

    The whole "Tower of Joy" story is flawed

    If they had no ravens, that the had no means of express message service e.g. horse based, sounds for me like a stupid idea, when at the same time decisive battles are fought --> flawed story After the Battle of the Trident, she was weeks from delivery. I doubt that the could dignose this type of complications that you were implying. That commoners don´nt know who they serve, which importance their lords have, (remember, most of us are descendants ofcommoners) sounds for me like a stupid idea --> flawed story No servents, no midwives? Eddard killed them all? --> flawed story If they (Oswell, Arthur and Gerold) really expected a force the could handle after the other side had won an nationwide civil war, that sounds for me like a stupid idea --> flawed story Why did´nt Eddard took 50 or 100 Soldiers with him? To go into a potentially hostile environment with a force of seven, sounds for me like a stupid idea. What if there were not only 3 members of the KG but additional 10 Soldiers? --> flawed story Even if there were some resentments against Lyanna, who knew her from face to face in Dorne. She could have travelled incognito. Not to have any provision made for the case that they lose, after they had lost several battles, sounds for me like a stupid idea --> flawed story
  7. Ok, the R + L = J theory is´nt proved until now. But it is very likely true. Lets take it for real. But if we take it for real, the whole story line around the Tower of Joy is flawed. It is not accidental that George Martin does´nt plan to write a direct prequel to ASOIAF. First of all, why did´nt Lyanna send her brother a message? This topic has its own thread in ASOIAF General section. But this ist only the beginning of the desaster. Why did´nt Lyanna flee after the defeat at the Trident? Even in her late pregnancy a women is still mobile or at least transportable. Oswell Whent, Arthur Dayne and Gerold Hightower have´nt been restricted by their oath as Kingsguard. Her Oath applied to King Aerys II. At the latest, after the death of Rheagar, it was personal layalty (mayby friendship) to Rhaegar that kept them there. I mean, they had the freedom of action to do anything to protect her and her unborn child, because waiting till Rhaegar came back was not option anymore. If they were´nt bloody stupid, it has been clear to them that the Tower of Joy is impossible to defend against the superior force they soon will have to face. Even it they hesitated until the sack of KL, there was plenty of time and a lot of potential help from the dornish people to organize an escape. Even if they as persons refused to flee, is was for sure not impossible to find some suitable companions among targaryian loyalists in Dorne. But instead they waited, days, weeks, until the inevitable happend. But I´m not yet finished. After his sisters death, how did Eddard stark manage to keep the secret of Jon Snow? He probably was´nt alone, there had to be servants and midwives at the Tower of Joy. Did he kill them all? And if he did´nt. How did he prevent the spreading of rumors? Better to be this a distant story, covered by the mist of time.
  8. No, read the books. They had other reason for them to cut the cast. There were far to many characters in the books for a tv show. They had to cut the numbers. They had to optimize. The question was, in which direction did they optimize? You can optimize production cost, numbers of actors, number of locations, airing time, comprehensibility... There are different reasons why they threw characters from the script. In the case of fAegon. The could´nt maintain fAegon alone. To keeping fAegon means, to add several accompanying protagonits and locations to the storyboard. A time consuming and expensive and production intensive procedure. They would have won al lot, but to very high costs. Then there are story arcs that only served the purpuse of showing whats going on in the Seven Kingdoms. For example the story of Lady Stoneheart in the Riverlands. With her, the proportion between effort an earning is even worse than with fAegon. But Val. They only had to add a single person to the cast, no extra location. Just someone to add a specific facet to Jon´s personality. Just to show, how he ist acting in a romantic setting, in comparison how Daenaris handled Daario Naharis. I think, the problem with her was to find an actress that ist on the one hand attractive and talented enough, on the other hand is willing to accept little screen time and a long term engagement for not so much money. The could´nt kill her fast, because she one (IMHO the main) reason why Jon returns to the north.
  9. Wolfbynature

    Why didn't Lyanna write to Eddard?

    It´s because G.R.R. Martin made a mistake. It just was´nt convenient for him to add this story line to his version of the rebellion. It was just easier to write without it It´s hard to think that Lyanna did´nt try to intervene in a war that had the potential to either kill her or her lovers family. What it did finally. But if she wrote this letter. What would have changed? 1. It would have put Ned in a terrible Situation. He had to decide between the fate of his sister, his obligation to take revenge for his father and brother and his friendship to Robert Baratheon. To know that his fiancee betrayed him, would´nt have made things better for him. 2. It´s also hard to think that Lyanna would have done this without knowledge or backing by Rheagar. It would have been the launch of some secret negotiatiations. And from this point on, things are starting to get VERRRY complicated. And if we have gone so far, it would have been a very beneficial factor for Rheagar to tell Ned that Lyanna was pregnant with his child. 3. As mentionend, if Lyanna would have written (or messaged in any kind) to her brother, is is very likely that this whould have killed the hole "hidden prince" storyline. Therefore George Martin disliked this whole idea and decided to continue his story with a small (or not so small) logic error.
  10. Wolfbynature

    ASoIaF and LotR commentary, comparison and parallels

    I again have to disagree. In LOTR it´s not grey against black. It is wite against black or light against darkness. That the actual fighting on the wite side is carried out by not so wite, more or less grey protagonists, is not so important. But light and darkness exists. They have substance, at least magical substance and are not depending on the perspective of someone. In ASOIAF there ist nothing like that. As I mentioned, even The Others could be considered good, depending on the perspective. And please, stay with LOTR. Otherwise, the thread grows uncontrollable.
  11. Wolfbynature

    ASoIaF and LotR commentary, comparison and parallels

    I dont see this lot of similarities between Lotr and Asoiaf. Man are swinging swords in a quasi medievial setting and there is a some magic. But Lotr was good vs. evil. In Asoiaf good and evil exists only as a perspective of the particular society or standpoint. Even it is not clear if the others are really bad. Mayby they are good, if you see mankind as as a pest. Which it probably is. If you take the perspective of a commoner. It would have been the best, if Tywin Lannister had won the war and continued as Hand. Even if he was responsible for the red wedding and the terrible raids of Ser Gregor and his men in the Riverlands. From this perspective, Tywin Lannister is good, uprising against him is bad. And if you take different perspectives, you will see "good" and "bad" flowing. Its like in the real world. George Martin fools us by letting us see through the eyes of some of the protagonists. So we got used to their specific perspective. Their good becomes our good. But it is not good at all. To think of Cercei as Gollum is ridiculous. Cerceis main drive is to protect her children. It is not her fault, that they are part of the game. She can´t take them from the playing board - no middleground for them. She made faults yeah. But is it really evil to cheat your husband? Aks a frenchwoman. That she did it with her twin brother doesnt make it worse, just a little bit strange. And I could endlessly continue with that.
  12. fAgon an Lord Connington? There is a lot of action involved with this two guys. But I think they will have no big impact on the main characters. Impact in sens that they could alter theire story arc. I think Val did it. Even without beeing mentioned in the show. In my opinion she was the reason why Jon returned to the free folk. It was my first thought after the final scene "He is going back to her, back to Val."
  13. What ist the most important character, that did´nt found a way into the tv-show? I vote for Val, aka "wildling princess". She ist beautiful, fierce, smart, caring, loyal and much more. She has a crush on Jon, she is like an Ygritte on Steroids. There must be a reason for this massive overkill in quality, trust me it´s massive. To think all that G.R.R. Martin intended, was to make the north a little bit more colourful is ridiculous. She was involved in the turmoil that led to Jons stabbing. When Jon got notice, his first thought was that Val was in troubble. When Stannis made Jon his offer to become Lord of Winterfell, Jon fantasized about Val as his Lady. Jon stabbing cut her story short in the end of Dance With Dragons, but I think there is more to come. Maybe its not about Ghost to wait for him beyond the wall but Val. And then, its not sad story anymore. Its the story about becoming the man he was ever intended to be. What do you think? Or do you vote for another character?