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  1. But it is not the real world, we are talking about. It is a world inside of George Martin´s brain. Anything is possible there.
  2. If George Martin would have wrote the story about the Battle at Waterloo, then it would have been Napoleon himself that had led the final charge of the Old Guard. And maybe they nearly came through if there would´nt have been Wellington who had led the countercharge, after hiding in a depression with his best men. And then eye in eye firing their pistols on each other... Sorry for my bad english.
  3. Aparently in my view, George Martin loves to explain the victory of one side with a special feint or some special action that takes place, not so much just military force and combat effectiveness. The battle in the wispering woods: - They lure Jamie Lannister into the woods The Battle of the BlackWater: - The chain and the wildfire The Battle of the Trident: - Robert kills Rhaegar The Battle of the Redgrass Field: - Bloodraven first kills Daemon and then defeats Bittersteel The Battle of the Bells: - JonCon insists of beeing knightly / refuses to burn the city - Robert emerges from the Peach The siege of Meeren: - Daenerys sends men through the sewers Therefore I assume for future battles that the side with the better "trick" will win and the the outcome will not so much depend on the numbers and the sheer military force.
  4. On the one hand, Varys was very smart in saving the boy, on the other hand he didn´t knew about the danger for Rhaenys live? E.g. the hatred of Robert against all Targaryans, the political situation of Hause Lannister... No, it was very likely for her to be killed. I have to disagree. You presume that Robert, Eddard and Tywin are stupid. That they won´t ask the right people to indentify persons they did not knew personally. They certainly asked someone who knew Elia and her children, to identify the dead bodies as the royal family. And if it had been necessary (or useful) there were for sure a lot people involved in the fostering of a royal baby. Wetnurses, midwifes, servants... I would not dare to lie in front of Tywin Lannister. Especially if I were not the only person who is asked. And please do not presume that all of them were paid by Varys. I had babys myself. You can differ them, even if they have the same hair and eye colour. Yes this was done to fool people with little knowledge about the real appearance of a prince, princess, lord... To overcome certain situations, e.g. unevoidable puplic appearances when the real prince stays at a safe place. But I doubt this was done before the sack of KL for any purpose with baby Aegon. If it was done, then under the impression of the treat from the enemy entering KL. But If time was a factor, then don´t waste it with a doppelganger. There was no chance to fool people like Tywin Lannister a long time with a doppelganger. Aegon and Rhaenys without her Mother? Why not all of them? And if all of them, then the baby swap becomes useless. A mother would never agree to be seperated from her children without a VERY good reason and a lot of trust. I do´nt see the reason and the trust.
  5. fAegon is definitely fake. Why? Because he has a story, that only makes sense in hindsight. Ok, there was a unrecognisable baby-boy with a destroyed skull. No one could tell if he really was Aegon. So, because of this, Varys could present a baby to Lord Connington and claime that this was the saved Aegon. But to take advantage of this fact before the murder happened, Varys had to know, that the the boy would not only be killed, but killed in a way that leaves him unrecognisable. Varys also had to convince Aegon´s Mother Elia of the baby swap. He had to convince her, that Aegon was safer with him then with her. And on the other hand, in the presence of immediate danger, that he is either not willing or not able to do anything for her or Aegon´s Sister Rhaenys. Nonetheless Elia agreed to his plan. Think a minute about that. Lets imagine a possible dialog Elia to Varys: Lord Varys, what are you doing here? Why do you have a baby in your arms? Varys: Your Grace, your son Aegon is in danger, all of you. Lets swap the babys to save his live. Elia: I do not understand. But we are innocent. They wo´nt do us any harm. Varys: Tywin Lannister is a cruel man. He will send Ser Gregor Clegane. He will probably kill everyone. Elia: Then help us escape from here. Varys: No, I can´t help all of you. I have only plans for the baby. Elia: At least take Rhaenys with you, please. Varys: No, only the baby! Elia: Ok, you can have Aegon, but why the other baby? He does´nt look like Aegon. Varys: Your Grace it is cruel, do I really have to explain? Elia: Of course, you want to take my baby son away from me. Varys: Imagine they dash his head against the wall, over and over again, until he becomes unrecognisable. Elia: (...speechless..., then after a few seconds) How do you know? Varys: Just trust me, I know things. Then, Elia gave him the baby and waited for the inevitable. REALLY???
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