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  1. Welcome, @Cephalophore! Where's that place, wherever whores go?
  2. Welcome @Teng Ai Hui to the forum! Do the Chinese mind ASoIaF at all?
  3. Welcome @The Lone Rider, you must be kidding me
  4. Welcome @LittleDove21 / Hannah, to the forum! Keep reading and sail past the spoilers.
  5. Welcome @Pindoline the Feeble to the forum! As if being a working from home mom wasn't exciting, I am a working from home daddy of three kids myself. Luckily for me on day shift. Tell me that ain't fair, I have had to put up quite a struggle to finally get there. Welcome @Penny Lane to the forum. I like Harry Potter too, but not near as half as much as my sons do Welcome @Princess Sansa to the forum! You say it: Beware! The forum is dark and full of spoilers. Maybe you can still change your username to "Queen Sansa I" if that one be still available? Welcome @lenneh to the forum! Welcome @Ser Tony Black to the forum! Good luck when travelling the Riverlands. Merry met again, @Kairi! Welcome @Anton Martell to the forum! Nice to meet a fan whose favorite isn't mine Welcome @wafflesandstuff to the forum! What's the stuff you'd stuff your waffles with? Wilkommen @Max Frost im Forum! Welcome @Vif' to the forum! You appreciate some of the non POV characters there... keep on reading and beware of book spoilers, for the forum is dark, and full of them. Welcome @JLMelusine / Jessie to the forum! I think @King Tyrion I would love to see your tattoos. Welcome @Boudicca to the forum! Have fun! Now now, @King Tyrion I, you just have to wait your turn, I had only finished hellowing the newcomers from page 193 back up-thread. Actually I only finished the post because the @ - completion for usernames seemed to have gone out of order then, time to call it a day. Welcome back, @King Tyrion I, glad to have you here.
  6. Welcome @WitchyDaMom / Eloisa, to the forum! Don't waste any more of your time and start reading the books, they are at least 10 times the fun the show gives. Hadn't you said you're hailing from California, I'd have asked if your username was a pun on being a lady from Wichita... Welkom @Lord Flanders / Domien, to the forum! Keep reading! Welcome @The Nightfort Ghost to the forum! Bem-vindo @Tmavý Sestra to the forum! Welcome @Cullen of House Swan to the forum! Have fun reading the books and stay away from book spoilers all the while! Cheers @plastic throne and welcome to the forum! Welcome @Garreth Russell to the forum! Yes, this site is much better than discussions on fb. All you need to do is write some articles or answers. Welcome @RetconKillah to the forum! Welcome back @SerPaladin and I hope you will arange yourself with the world again, as there seems to be no other to be had at the moment. Still you can change some of it, even with kids. Welcome @Bianne / Bianka to the forum. I am into programming, too. Not chemistry though, but telco, networking, unified communication and collaboration (read: skype for business etc. :)) Welcome @CalvoHobbo to the forum! Welcome @SerBeehan to the forum! Have fun finishing what's left to read on ASoIaF! Welcome @Chiori ki Jorah / Deja, to the forum! Hope you like this better. Welcome @Genia to the forum! Don't fret for Margaery, because if you dig Natalie Dormer and her acting, I am happy that she's still going strong elsewhere. Are you a dancer like your avatar?
  7. Welcome @Barış Solmaz to the forum! Never tried IMDb for discussions myself. eta: note this community and board is split in tv-show and books forums. So unless you care for both: carefully stay in yours, if you do not want to be spoiled by the other.
  8. Welcome back @Aderyn and welcome @MarkHollywood to the forum. Don't worry, after having read and learned and re-examined everything a dozen times, I still manage to sound dumb often enough. But look at the bright side! You'll certainly get extra credits here when we understand you tried hard . No, joke aside, don't worry and enjoy.
  9. Welcome @Rhovanion to the forum!
  10. Welcome @Fanacademic and @JonReborned to the forum!
  11. Welcome @JPT, I pity you for that face of a Lannister! :-) There's no justice.
  12. Welcome @NicholasB - there are quite many non native English speakers posting great stuff on here. Welcome @KingintheNorth4, glad you made it! Welcome @Jocelyn, at least you know people who have seen the show Welcome @Flayingmantis, have fun reading the books, they are even richer, more stuffed with intrigue and charater complexity and thus ten times the fun.
  13. Interesting notion @Blue Tiger. I reread the little I know of Abelard & Héloïse in Wikipedia as linked and a few more sources to confirm that neither was part of an established order at the time of their affair and later marriage (of which I was unaware until today). Abelard was an academic, a scholar, let's call him a university professor. But he was neither a priest, nor part of a monastic order then. At the time, there was no written code refraining such a person from marriage (or knowledge of the other sex). But on the contrary, a teacher being married was unusual or maybe even unheard of. Calling Abelard a Theology professor while not being wrong, he was and continued to be famous for that, ignores that basically everyone at uni had to do philosophical work in Theology. It neglects that he was into what nowadays is called logic and natural science, antiquity studies, literature, philosophy and politics. Think his son was named Astrolabe! On the other hand music and warfare are missing out. So, all in all, very unlike Mance. But it's been quite a joyful excursion.
  14. Welcome @Ruhail, first of his name. Have fun with the forum!
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