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    How would you rate episode 405?

    i actually really liked this episde. The first 40 minutes had a slower pace than other episdoes but thats what I liked about it.
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    Relatively new to the forum so thought I'd say hello in here. Names Chris. I'm currently living in Sheffield but I'm native to London. Read all the books after watching series 1 of the series. I'm now obsessed :wub: Other interests include TV (sopranos, the wire, boardwalk empire), indie music, drawing, xbox and football. The forums fantastic, great reading all the theories, however crazy. :lol:
  3. I gave it an 8. A good, if not great episode. The Jamie/Brienne and Dany scenes dragged the score up.
  4. A ten from me. A near perfect hour of television. The best so far this series. Can't think of a weak scene.