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  1. Dan Brown, Stephenie meyer, E. L. James, Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins. Who says you needed well written prose, authentic dialogue, complex well-developed characters or even a basic grasp of the English language to be a best selling writer?
  2. Yeah. The house of the Undying was a huge disapointment. I tolerated, Dany's lacklustre season 2 storyline because i Knew the payoff was going to be worth it. The House of the Undying was one of my favourite chapters in clash. The sense of otherness it provoked was compelling, and It was packed full of unforgettable images. What made it to the screen was an utter joke in comparison. I don't think the show is on a downward spiral, and in a lot of ways season 2 was probably the worst, but It still suffers from very inconsistant writing, and in my mind scenes like the bug smashing demote the series from being a great show to being a merely good one. It's still very watchable. but i wouldn't list it as one of my all-time favourite shows. The books series on the other hand is definitely top 5.
  3. You have to factor in that this season is heavily based on the second half of Storm of Swords; probably the most popular book in the whole series. The source material is solid, so It's no wonder people are enjoying it, it's just frustrating to see all the mistakes that have been made in translating it to televison.
  4. Don't get me wrong. Arya's certainly on a dark path, but in no way is it any darker than the one she's been treading in the books. If anything the fact that book arya is a lot younger serves to make her story all the more disturbing.
  5. Yeah that had me scratching my head as i watched the episode. This still explains it though. Looks like it was just a case of one map resting on top of another. Map of Westeros on top of a larger map of Essos.
  6. How exactly? In the books Arya was killing in cold blood as early as Harrenhall. What has show Arya done since then to make her character seem much darker?
  7. i'm not sure the author of that piece has actually read the books. "Arya too has been made much darker than the book version" Can any book reader really argue that with a straight face?