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  1. So because two people are paired up, that means they're going to be romantically linked? Someone should tell Brienne and Pod and Arya and the Hound and Rickon and Osha.
  2. I hope not. Just because two characters travel together, and the actors have chemistry, it doesn't mean they're going to end up together. Game of Thrones isn't a love story.
  3. I don't buy that. Everyone seems to have gone mad on the idea that Bran can/has influenced everything. Bran has seen what his influence does. He's not likely to do that again.
  4. Anyone else think the Wildfire shots in Bran's vision was actually a future shot of Cersei burning down KL?
  5. I haven't finished catching up on the thread yet, so sorry if this has been discussed. I don't know if it's just because I'm half asleep, but I know Aerys was going on with 'burn them all', but I didn't think anything happened with that? Please let me know if I'm wrong, but if the wildfire shots were from Aerys, would KL still be standing? Or at least the castle? My thought is that the shots are from the future, and it is Cersei burning down KL.
  6. Loved this episode. Slower than some this season, but just as good imo! So happy that Arya is finally leaving. I was yelling at the TV for Lady Crane not to drink the poison. I wonder if Arya will go back to Westeros with the action troupe? Margaery definitely has bigger plans. I don't think Tommen is in on them. Whether this will be what gets him killed, we'll see. BENJEN BABY!! Has his character just been combined with Coldhands? Or was he Coldhands all along? Jaime going to the Riverlands. Finally. Hopefull he'll remember how to not be a whipped dog. Dany. Yawn. How is she going to rule Westeros and it's people if she kills them all and tears down their houses? And what I've always wondered, what will happen with the Dothraki? The people of Westeros are hardly going to take to a queen with a barbarian army. They rape and kill and steal. I can't see them in Westeros. Where will Sam and Gilly go? To Oldtown? What will Gilly do?
  7. D&D really can't do anything without getting bashed, can they? Honestly, it will have absolutely no effect so who cares? Seriously? It was a random name in a list of random names. The viewers won't know the families mentioned, what does it matter if they have a little fun with it? Whaaaat
  8. I'm doing a re-watch soon. I'm sure I'll take it more seriously the second time around. The 'Hold the door' would have normally just made me giggle a little, but with everything else going on, it was all so emotional and dramatic that my reactions were over the top lol I hadn't even thought of that! Surely he'll find that out. I'm actually dying to see the Citadel so I'll be disappointed if all we get is surly Tarly drama. I've never been one to think that Benjen is Coldhands, but I'm thinking on the show they might combine the characters. I'm fine with that. I'm fine with anything that gives us Benjen!
  9. Thank you! Summer went out like a hero, protecting Bran. It wasn't meaningless or disappointing. The deaths of all of the other wolves felt more disappointing to me than Summer's.
  10. I'm so disappointed with Euron. After seeing him in the first episode (was it the first episode of the season he was in? I can't recall), I was impressed and couldn't wait to see more. The Euron we got in todays episode felt like a completely different character. Euron is supposed to be dark and mysterious and seductive and frightening. This Euron is like the comical, jovial, murder happy uncle.
  11. It shouldn't take much convincing as it was a DG tipped spear
  12. Oh wow, I hadn't even thought of it like that. That's so upsetting.
  13. You could just not watch it? Although, I don't watch it, but it still gets spoiled on the forums for me, so I suppose it doesn't matter.
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