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  1. LOL! I just throw stuff at the wall until I get a response.
  2. The "Others take your eyes" and use them for remote controlled vision.
  3. It's the image of Victarion with a squid on his head that cracks me up. Wile E. Coyote - Genius.
  4. Is it used for anything else. Why does it seem to pulse in time with her heartbeat? Why does Mance feel heat from the ruby on his cuff? Why does the ruby on Mance's cuff go dark when Mel breaks the spell?Why did Mel think she was in danger of burning up when she burned Rattleshirt. She was saved by Jon ordering him killed him with an arrow. Does the ruby act as a conduit for fire magic in a more literal sense?
  5. It looks like Jorah Mormont was present at the Tourney of Harrenhal: Dany's vision of a blue flower: 'Dany doesn't know what this flower is called, but Jorah does: This can only be a blue winter rose that can bloom through snow and cracks in the ice. He likely saw them at Harrenhal Tourney.
  6. There was some speculation at Radio Westeros that Mel is an albino (dyes her hair) and the daughter of Bloodraven and Shierra Seastar. That would make her a dragon. As usual I tend to drill down on magical objects and how they are used. Mel uses large square cut rubies in glamors. Stannis' sword: Mance's cuff: And surprise, surprise, look what Illyrio gives Aegon to wear around his neck: I don't think this bodes well for Aegon. I've wondered if magisters are associated with the red religion. Magister is the root of magisterium: the teaching authority of the Roman Catholic Church, especially as exercised by bishops or the Pope. The red priests are always dressed in red. Melisandre in flame colored silk. Illyrio in flame colored silk: Melisandre in similar attire: Guess who else has come to check out Dany:
  7. Well we do have a Kermit. But I like your guess better.
  8. I'm not sure what it implies. The best date to start is Rhaegar falling upon her at the turn of the year when he took off with his six companions to the Riverlands. I do find the story of the Fisherman's Daughter questionable. But there is a story about him impregnating someone. Whether he's putting that out as a cover story or it's embellishing the story after the fact is the question. So unless the battle of Gulltown took place around September 282 AC, I don't know how it could corroborate the two stories. But Ned seems to have been in this area at the beginning of the Rebellion. Not conclusive. Regardless, the ToJ takes place at the end of the Rebellion. I don't see how Lyanna could have been there or at Starfall unless you subscribe to the RLJ timeline.
  9. Mance's fake Horn of Winter is likely mammoth ivory found in a giant's grave. Kitted out with old gold torques engraved with runes of the first men. j.jpg (800×532) (gogetfunding.com). Black mammoth ivory: s396241073584553_p3007_i3_w800.jpeg (800×600) (fossilshack.com) Is Woolly Mammoth Ivory Always White? — Explora Designs a7a28e0764b0db82b7826f28c84c49e2_large.jpg (1500×1500) (touchofmodern.com)
  10. This conjures up Mel's ruby does it not?
  11. Are you just trying to scare me?
  12. Euron truly is a monster. I cringe at the thought of him chasing after Samwell and what will happen to Aeron and Falia. He intends to ram his damn ships. I'm creeped out that he may have seen Bran in his visions and mocks him by cutting off the legs of Pyat Pree and hanging him from the roof beams.
  13. I think Dany herself will be the crone who lights the path and touching the light will be another psychedelic drug induced vision.
  14. I wonder if we will get the swords in three acts as well. The first forged in water shattering into a thousand pieces - Euron The sword forged in the heart of a lion breaking in two - Jaimie and Tyrion The sword forged in the fiery heart - ????
  15. It is a common name. Like naming a child after a celebrity.
  16. I can't get enough of Poor Quentyn. Now I'm trolling his Tumblr notes. He thinks Ned was putting out Wylla's name as the cover story for Jon's birth: Poor Quentyn. (tumblr.com) This is the Fisherman's Daughter story. When did Jon Arryn take Gulltown? Gulltown was the first battle of Robert's Rebellion and Ned was spreading around Wylla and Jon Snow's name.
  17. You will probably enjoy Lady Gwyn's analysis. Arthurian analysis | ladygwynhyfvar
  18. LOL! There's even a character in this play about civilization called Abel. I recall once thinking that the Wall wasn't built so much as it was a relic of the last ice age on Planetos. That it was built by fixing the leading edge of an ice sheet in place with magic. GSeers were the 'giants' who fixed it with a great lore.
  19. Emmett is so interesting. I love listening to him. Special Episode: ”Sons of Fire” (podbean.com)
  20. Googling around. I found this amusing reference to the biblical origins of the saying "by the skin of your teeth', a comedy: The Skin of Our Teeth - Wikipedia
  21. It's always possible that Dany is not AA but the one who comes before AA. She could be the crone who lights the path or shows the way for the warriors of light. She has already had her incarnations as maiden and mother and at the end of Dance she must go back to the crones of Vaes Dothrak, pass beneath the shadow of the Mother of Mountains and touch the light. There is a ton of this stuff. A Search of Ice and Fire | 'crone' The crone and the warrior are linked but not the same.
  22. I would love it if she is the one who writes down Jaime's deeds in the White Book.
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