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  1. New Citizen Science Project: https://science.nasa.gov/science-news/citizenscience/love-spectacular-photos-of-jupiter-become-a-jovian-vortex-hunter Citizen scientist discovery of ultra cool brown dwarf stars. https://science.nasa.gov/science-news/citizenscience/citizen-scientist-leads-discovery-of-34-ultracool-brown%3Ddwarfs-with-companions More citizen science projects: https://science.nasa.gov/citizenscience
  2. I think this is George playing around with time and causality again. Bran does something that affects both Jon and Ghost. He says "First, you have to open your eyes." When Jon finds Ghost and he is the only pup who's eyes are open and Jon is alerted to Ghost when he hears something only he can hear. He describes hearing Tree-Bran's silent shout at the Skirling Pass. So Jon and Ghost have had a psychic connection from the beginning, probably forged by Bran at the Skirling Pass when he opens their eyes. In terms of the difference in dreams; Ghost has not always been this acute in his observations. Jon seems to be using Ghost's eyes and the POV sounds more Jon dominant instead of wolf controlled, to my ear. This seems a pivotal point for Jon in his warging ability; perhaps like Bran opening his third eye. He is then in control of warging at will.
  3. Then Small Paul is wighted (off page) and specifically tracks down Sam and Gilly.
  4. An interesting bit of speculation here concerning the difference between Ghost and the other direwolves at 11 minutes. Joe Magician and BryndenBFish discussion. https://youtu.be/KO4echyGaU8 What do you think? Is this Ghost or Jon making these observations?
  5. Yes and from Varamyr's prologue we know that souls not only ride the wind; they can enter trees, stone and soil. The Musgrave Ritual must be answered. What is the secret of the crypts and why is Jon pulled there in his dreams? I'm reminded of the original declaration of the NW: We are the Watchers on the Walls (plural). We are not just talking about THE Wall but wards as walls. According to legend, the Night Watch was originally formed before the Ice Wall existed but then became it's custodians. So what walls/wards are we talking about besides the ice wall? My guess is the curtain of light at the top of the world is one. Followed by the crypts of Winterfell. The Wall itself separates the heart of Winter from the crypts of Winterfell and the souls that are trapped there with stone and iron. I suspect that the horn (of the King) of Winter releases those souls and should that happen, the ice Wall will have fallen, in the sense that it keeps the heart of winter and Winterfell separated. If the dead kings of winter rise as an analogue to White Walkers south of the Wall; the purpose of the Wall is defeated. A good reason to disable the horn itself and bury it beyond the Wall. The horn has been given to Jon, in a sense. So it belongs to him., the next King of Winter.
  6. LOL!. I did not see that coming. I can imagine a lot of things about where characters are heading, but I don't know what's going to happen. I'll be happy to be surprised. The only thing I'm betting on are House Dayne words: "Let the Wicked Tremble." Because that would be awesome. I do want to know the details of RLJ; the kit and kaboodle; the whole nine yards. If the only thing Jon discovers about his parentage is who his mother is; I don't care what kind of melt-down he has - it will be a groaner. I am interested to see how George will revisit his old friends: The Night King of course, the Thing That Comes in the Night and other character favourites - Ser Galladon of Morne, The Perfect Knight.. I think many of them will have an analogue in the present timeline.
  7. I still like your broken sword analogy. That's a good one. A temporary form has a certain logic to it. I'm very suspicious og Sentinel Trees and Soldier Pines. I don't think weirwoods are the only trees with eyes. IIRC, Ser Puddles appears from out behind a pine tree after it unloads a pile of snow.
  8. Yup, way too spoilery. Jon could be saved if someone can get to him fast enough. Although it does seem his carotid artery was cut.
  9. OMG!! Congratulations Nora. What a great fit. Well all I can say is that JPL has acquired The Talent. I hope we continue to hear about your adventures in Exoplanets.
  10. Interesting! Do the souls of the Kings of Winter generate the cold like White Walkers?
  11. Sure. I'm just riffing off the possibility that WWs/Wargs can skinchange wights as suggested by Othor. Jon taking back his own wighted body wouldn't necessarily disqualify him as the King of Winter but rather qualify him for the job. As for releasing the souls of the Kings of Winter from their crypts (raising the dead); that would also be in Jon's bailiwick. I can imagine them coming back with icy bodies made of cold and snow. It could be that we don't get to Jon until later in Winds but I'm sure we'll get a few crumbs.
  12. One of the reasons why I don't think he's coming back in an icy fabrication is that he'd be too easy to dispatch with obsidian. What is he comes back as an anomaly, another one of a kind. Raised by ice with a body that can't be dispatched with obsidian or a blade? One that is impervious to normal fire like a White Walker? Coldhands with ice eyes, or Beric but indestructable by normal means? The soul of ice and heart of winter. It's the heart and soul that must be cleansed or converted. That might be the last fire that Dany must light (for love). Here is her soul cleansed and converted by spiritual fire: This is so close to what happens to Ser Puddles. This is the only way to free a soul from it's icy chains. "What is dead can never die." What if Jon can raise the dead? What if he starts out as a combo wight and white walker with all their strengths and none of their vulnerabilities? What if he starts out as the soul of ice and ends up the soul of fire - the man limned in flame? Does that subvert enough tropes?
  13. Exotica - Black Widow Pulsars
  14. Crab Nebula Hubble Image with pulsar: https://www.nasa.gov/sites/default/files/thumbnails/image/crab-nebula-xlarge_web.jpg https://www.nasa.gov/feature/goddard/2017/messier-1-the-crab-nebula
  15. Oh that storytelling problem. LOL Yes, what would be the point of RLJ then? Or maybe RLJ is true, but our assumptions about it are wrong. Does GRRM work in straight lines? RLJ to PWIP to AAR to the Iron Throne? That's a lot of heroic stuff to pile onto one character. Maybe we're jumping the shark on that one. Maybe a fire and ice bloodline is more magical and malleable than we think. Bloodraven is a good example.
  16. Sure, anything is possible, I suppose. I'm not very clear on the story-telling issues. We've had Tree-Bran contacting Ghost-Jon and activating Jon's eyes. In a sense, Jon also belongs to the old gods. So I'm expecting more of that kind of thing. Potentially, Jon, Arya and Rickon could act as Bran's instruments. I don't think we can write Jon out at this point.
  17. DS9 is a simple tool, you say. I think I need a computer with a better processor and more storage capacity before I even attempt to use it. What I really want to see is the spectroscopy. That would make colourizing objects that interest me, somewhat more targeted. But the demo is much appreciated and also fun to watch.
  18. Frey Family Reunion advanced the idea the Jon is broken sword now with body and soul separated. His body is a sword without a hilt to paraphrase Val or the Horned Lord describing sorcery. We know that bodies of the dead can be raised. So then are they dead or undead? If Jon's body is wightified, while the autonomous part of his soul resides in the hilt of the sword (Ghost); can the sword be put back together? If the lesson about Othor is that wights can be warged/skinchanged; can Jon reclaim his own body? This is the small but significant detail left out of Varamyr's Prologue. He never says whether his own body rises up with blue eyes.
  19. Yes, I don't know how this will turn out. That's what GRRM does. He brings the story to a point where it can shoot off in all kinds of directions and readers do their own bit of gardening. That's the fun of it; we're dealing with the possibilities. So let's hear them. I'm curious about what will happen with Brienne and Jaimie at this point. I don't think their hunt for Sansa and Arya is over and I wonder how LSH will be affected if Sansa or Rickon should show up. It's seems likely that she will cross paths with Theon at some point. That could be explosive. She doesn't exactly listen to reason.
  20. Yes. So why was GRRM making a comparison between Beric, LSH and what happens with Jon. We are meant to learn something but Im not sure what. I'm not sure that Jon will be raised by fire. So far we know what it looks like to be raised by fire and ice. Coldhands, Robert Strong and Patchface are the anomalies. Patchface says "Under the sea, the crows are white as snow." We know from Stannis and Mel that White Walkers are made of snow and ice and cold. So Patchface is referring to White Walkers as crows made of snow. They are also referred toas white shadows by Tormund, when the shadows come on the cold wind but don't have a solid form. And why does Patchface refer to Jon as THE crow? This is the first time Jon comes in contact with Patchface and he is announced and exclaimed by Patchface as THE crow. He follows that with a description of the White Walkers and connects Jon to them. So the possibility exists that Jon will return as a revenant of the icy kind.
  21. More spectacular mages just added.
  22. Yikes! Video blog with George R.R. Martin at the end.
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