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    [Book Spoilers] EP507 Discussion

    Well the blood rushes from his head to 'extremities', combined with the effect of the poison, cue dizziness. What annoyed me is that they cut the best bits from Sam's funeral speech. "He was a good man...no, he was a great man." "He could have been a king, but they asked him to give the crown to his brother. How many other men would do that?"
  2. If fighting makes Bronn horny but they don't have time to fuck any Dornish girls...Bronn/Jaime bromance?
  3. The line's also used in "A Golden Crown", from one of the wildlings who try to abduct Bran Stark. "Piss on Mance Rayder! And piss on the North! We're going as far south as south goes! There ain't no White Walkers down in Dorne."
  4. Yes, that's why Jaime took his castle away by marrying Lollys off. If he wants a bigger castle, he's got to make sure Jaime comes back alive. Unless the Prince of Dorne offers him a bigger one... How big a castle will Bronn end up with by the time the series is over: Casterly Rock?
  5. Well the whole reason they're chasing Pod and Brienne is to kill them. Littlefinger doesn't want these two spreading tales of how he's consorting with Sansa Stark, known traitor and accessory to the murder of Good King Joffrey. And you've got to bring back the head as proof for the boss that you did your job.
  6. Why make Maggy the Frog more attractive though? An 'old crone' look would make her more creepy. I can understand a regular character -- that's the nature of television, but she's just in the one scene (so far). They lampshaded the change though, so maybe the producers through they were avoiding a cliche.