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  2. I gave it a 4, maybe a bit cruel... the reception was AMAZING. Dinklage was AMAZING. Dany was pretty great as well. Davos was great. Sam was well done. (OK, I take the 4 back lol) I am once again reminded how badly they've done Sandor Clegane in the show... his tone and demeanor in this is just not right at all. And Arya's riding side-saddle across Stranger's neck? Poor horse. Couldn't they have come up with something more realistic than that?? Painful for me, because Sandor/Arya chapters are my favorite part of the books hands-down. Melisandre and Gendry and the leeches was silly. They're just leeches.
  3. I gave it a 10 but if revoting would give it a 9--reading through the thread reminded me of my least favorite parts :P Might be my favorite this season... I loved: Jaime/Brienne and Bolton Tyrion and Cersei Tywin and QoT I liked Theon/Ramsay-- really well done scene, I think Ramsay does a GREAT job, but I agree with Ser Farbod--it doesn't fit with the pacing. Personally, though, I will sacrifice pacing for some creepy Ramsay (and giving Alfie Allen a job :) ) Robb/Edmure/Freys--I thought it was really well done! Varys/Littlefinger/Ros--I liked Littlefinger's speech (a little cheesy but also cool), and Ros' death was unexpected, so that was cool. I think Littlefinger and Varys play their parts very well, so I like seeing them conniving even if it's more subtle in the books. Loras and Sansa--cute. Jon and Ygritte--I like this Ygritte and I like most of their dialogue. Meera and Osha--eh, why not. It was well done, even if unneccessary. And they used real skinning techniques with real rabbits! Yay for realism!! Nope nope nope: Tyrion and Sansa--WHY??? It was sooo wonderfully horrible when Sansa gets that shock in the books, and Sophie Turner does "Sansa in distress" very well IMO. Why do that? Why why? :bang: The Wall Climb--I enjoyed this despite the fact that I don't think the ice was very realistic, and NO way in HELL could Jon Snow have held Ygritte after she fell that far. I don't even know what the directors were THINKING when they wrote in that silliness. Melisandre and Gendry/Brotherhood/Arya--yeah, weird, I'd rather just forget about it. Arya's attempt to save Gendry was so pathetic.
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