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  1. Hmm, so just finished Revival (Stephen King), and can't say I was massively impressed. I won't trash it, but I enjoyed it about as much as I did Doctor Sleep - which is to say not a great deal. Some of the characters were interesting enough and I believe the plot had potential, but overall it just didn't grab me. Unlike a lot of King books, I thought the ending and the beginning were the strongest parts. I didn't find the middle that interesting. Although if the story had grabbed me more, I might have found the ending a bit more disappointing. January has been a pretty productive period for me so far. I've read 7 books* so far which puts me well ahead for my reading challenge. *Okay, 3 full novels and 4 short story collections/plays/novels I half read last year. Next up, I'm going to read Surely You're Joking, Mr Feynman!.
  2. I had to wait 48 hours* both times and both times results came back late in the day (4 and 7). *Plus a day for travel since I did it by post rather than in person First time I had no sense of smell/taste + some fever-like symptoms = positive, second time I had a cough + residual shortness of breath + similar fever like symptoms = negative. Get well soon, anyway.
  3. Yeah, but I'm pretty sure the person in charge of this one eats kids or something.
  4. You can use two colons or four semi-colons.
  5. So, do you think that 'establishment' Rs sufficiently outnumber the crazies at this point? The clear majority of House Rs voted to challenge the results of the election. Not all of those are Boebert levels of insane, but there's definitely a spectrum in there and it's hard to see how it will coalesce into more distinct sides.
  6. Okay, just finished Norwegian Wood, which I really liked. I was a bit unsure at first but quickly got into it after 50 pages or so. It's such a beautiful, melancholy and human novel. I found reading it to be extremely peaceful and kind of cathartic, despite the sadness. Next up, Revival by Stephen King. I didn't actually realise that this had been published so recently, I felt sure it was a 90s or 00s release. It's been a long time since I've read any Stephen King, but I was forcibly lent this by a family member so I kind of need to read it now so that I can get it back to them.
  7. I think it's probably a bit of resentment hot on the heels of those two women being fined for driving to do a walk with coffee, although that was rescinded (to much less fanfare). To be honest, I think it's a good look for Boris. When he had Covid and did the whole "learned his lesson" thing, I think a lot of people were sceptical that it would last. Health conscious hobbyist Boris is a much more sympathetic figure than he usually manages.
  8. I assumed that it was just a typo or troll because that's just about the stupidest and most pathetic signal that a US Presidential administration has ended, and upon realising that it actually became much more plausible to me
  9. Finished Bloodchild by Octavia Butler, which I really liked. I don't think the writing was quite as tight or suspenseful as Dark Tales was at its best, but it was ten times as creative and entertaining. I enjoyed every entry as well as the two essays. In particular, I loved that Butler wrote an afterword for every short story. Very much recommended. I also read The Merchant of Venice, which was interesting enough and struck me as one of the weirder Shakespeare plays I've read. Now I am reading Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami. At first impression I am unsure if I will enjoy it, but we shall see. This is another that has been a long time on the to-read pile, so I'm glad to get into it now.
  10. Nothing, which given I live in a shitty, shitty area of London has only caused my Mum endless worry. I live in a ground floor flat and sometimes go out for late night runs - admittedly a privilege of being a man of average size and lesser intellect. I suppose this attitude is partly an import from growing up in a village outside a town in Yorkshire. My dad frequently leaves the garage door open with thousands of £s of bike not locked away while he potters around the other side of the house. Yes, he has had a bike stolen this way (and did not learn his lesson, because he retrieved it by just driving over to the local council estate until he saw who had it). Of course I, prospectively taking BFC's advice, own nothing of any value. The best defence is a good offence, or in my case it's painting myself with blue woad stains and sleeping naked.
  11. This gets at what Vonnegut was really trying to tell us in Slaughterhouse - 5, his famous essay on facism in social media (specifically Parler and Twitter) Poo-tee-weet?
  12. A semicolon would also have been preferable to a comma and had the second sentence been less directly related and with different emphasis I'd have used it instead; like in this one. However, this doesn't even begin to address the real issue that nobody is talking about right now, which is whether or not Graham correctly capitalised the first word of the second clause ("Your"). #AudittheTweet (#EdittheTweet)
  13. Ran may ban me for this but I willingly accept that fate: a colon is better than a comma in this sentence.
  14. Everyone likes to bash on them, but this is why they should have invited boomers to the Area 51 raid
  15. Just finished Dark Tales by Shirley Jackson. It was okay. Not great. Firstly, it's a posthumous compilation so I suppose it's not really fair to judge them as something I read in sequence, rather than short stories that she wrote at different times in her career. Overall though, I was kind of disappointed given how much I loved the novels I've read so far. Next up, Bloodchild by Octavia Butler, which I think is another collection of short horror stories. I haven't read any Octavia Butler before. Plodding on with The Merchant of Venice - fairly enjoying it so far but really haven't the motivation to sit down with it.
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