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  1. https://www.theguardian.com/society/2021/apr/23/one-dose-of-pfizer-or-oxford-jab-reduces-covid-infection-rate-by-65-study Some good news today.
  2. In addition to this, covid positive rates among secondary schools have levelled out after they opened in the last two months. So children are still not spreading the virus that much in the UK.
  3. I think this is by and large true, and it's why I support a vaccine passport type requirement. I think I managed to convince one person to not vote in favour of Brexit, and that was my Grandma. A vaccine passport might at least convince enough extra people to get the vaccine that it makes a real difference. I think 'Republicans' are a significantly smaller % of the population than 50%. Even forgetting about independents (and children), party affiliation has changed a lot in the last few years and dems have a non-insignificant advantage. The difference might only end up being 5%, but that's fairly consequential. I'd be more interested/worried to see how this plays out on a state-by-state basis, since presumably somewhere like South Dakota has a much higher % of anti-vaxers than New Jersey, for example. Here in the UK we've given 63% of the adult population their first jab and it hasn't really been targeted towards under-45s yet. I don't know many anti-vaxers in real life, but at this point pretty much everyone will know a fair few people who've had the vaccine. There will always be some conspiratorial groups, but I think the normalisation you achieve at that level is enough to make it more accessible to those who are merely vaccine-hesitant. That said, the polls I've seen tend to show that UK vaccine hesitancy is nothing like what it is in some parts of Europe, like France. I wonder if a countries inability to get a clear majority of their population vaccinated will inhibit further uptake, or maybe the example of countries with high vaccine uptake and low cases will be enough.
  4. https://www.ft.com/content/683914a3-134f-40b6-989b-21e0ba1dc403 Horrifying article on the current situation in India. It talks a bit about the undercounting of deaths: But the author, sharing this on twitter, adds some speculation:
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  6. I think this was perhaps a bigger moment than most in US political history. Good.
  7. Finally finished Love In The Time of Cholera, which was...a rough read. I liked it, I think it was a really beautiful and powerful read, but it's definitely a tough one. Next up, I'm going to start Kafka's Metamorphosis (& other stories). I last read The Trial while in Uni, which I found deeply disturbing and definitely helped fuel how politically engaged (others will say: opinionated) I've become since. I don't believe this is anything of the sort, since I think I last heard about it while reading Richard Marsh's The Beetle, also in Uni. Should be good anyway, I've read several excellent short story collections earlier this year so I'm keen to see if this stacks up.
  8. I just started Lesley Fightmaster's Fix 90 Yoga programme, which I did last year to great effect - probably the fittest I've been in years, despite the fact that I broke my toe 2 months in. What I forgot until about 30 seconds into the first video is that it is absolutely gruelling; much, much harder than Yoga With Adriene. I've got a slight tweak with my shoulder that's annoying me. I've noticed it for years when I've tried to throw things with that arm (right), which I used to be really good at but now hurts a lot. It's gotten slightly worse lately which is concerning. My calf also still twinges although it's been a good month since I've run. I'm only 25 for crying out loud! Hopefully this yoga really does fix me rather than exacerbating things.
  9. I think, for those of us who truly knew Phillip, this is how he would have wanted to be remembered.
  10. Been a while since I updated, but I haven't really had much to add since I've mostly just been doing the same each day: yoga + whatever I can be arsed with. I've been getting steadily better at the bodyweight exercises I was doing. I started doing incline push-ups yesterday, which felt a lot easier than I expected to be honest. I'll probably make that my standard now. I could probably incline more - my feet were up ~ 50cm. Haven't seen too much change on the scales, but I look way better in the mirror. I've still got about 2 months before we go back to work. Earlier this week for some reason I thought I should just book myself a train ticket so that I could go cycle somewhere nice, and I don't know what was going through my head at the time but I booked it for 08:05 this morning. I don't particularly struggle with waking up early, but I can't say that hearing my alarm go off at 10 to 7 was the best way to start a Saturday. In any case, I cycled 40km or so, so not bad going. Some friends and I are planning to cycle to France later this year (Covid willing), so I definitely need to work on that though. And when I got back from that, I had the last day of Adriene's 'Breathe' 30-day yoga to do, which is 50 minutes long. Currently sat with a cup of tea questioning my life choices and looking forward to a takeaway so that I can erase all that hard work.
  11. Meanwhile, I have decided that if I get rid of a few pieces of furniture I will just about have space for tiddlywinks
  12. Earlier this year I moved out of a decrepit studio flat/box into a real flat after 3 years of fairly grim subsistence, so I actually have something to contribute to this thread. My sense of style has not improved with my living conditions, however. I have a one bedroom flat with a bedroom, lounge and bathroom coming off a small entrance hallway. The kitchen is technically a separate room adjacent to the lounge but there's no door, just a big hole in the wall. There is a door that connects the kitchen to the hallway, but I keep that permanently closed. Because my last place was so bad, I put a lot of effort (and money) into having this flat be relatively nice. When I moved in, the kitchen was really modern and brand new, but everywhere else is basically shitty old furniture, and radiators that were out of date 20 years ago. So far I have: Bought a black throw + yellow/grey cushions to go over the old naff sofa Bought a grey footstool that looks pretty terrible Bought a TV - the first TV I've had as an adult. Still working on the sound system Bought a floor lamp Bought a bunch of artwork* - mostly originals from artgallery.co.uk The single most important purchase I made was in the first week, I bought a mattress topper for the bed. The mattress here was especially thin and the difference is unbelievable. I also bought four new pillows, and I wish I'd done this years ago. Various new bits and bobs of consumer stuff that people buy in their 20s. I've yet to bite the bullet on a toaster or microwave though, but I did get a stovetop kettle which I genuinely kind of love. The bedroom still has a bit of a "premier inn" vibe despite a fairly expensive piece of art on the wall and entirely new sheets/etc, so I'm not really sure what to add. Any advice there is welcome *The landlord said I'm allowed to put up art as long as I fill any holes/repaint the spots when I leave. They were not able to tell me which paint it is, though. Fuck it - it's a problem I'll deal with in a few years time. I'm also on the lookout for more art since there's at least two big gaps where something could go, but I've been waiting for a few months because the rent in central London is fucking extortionate and I just can't afford it.
  13. All this stuff makes me glad I don't have a TV license. I wandered up to Tower of London on Saturday to see the gun salute + flag at half mast, which was interesting enough for 5 minutes, and then I left. Can't say I'm bothered that much as a result, beyond it arguably signifying how much of an uphill struggle it will be to get rid of the monarchy in the next few decades.
  14. I remember watching this as a young teen with friends. I honestly don't remember anything about the film other than we almost certainly ruined it for anyone sat nearby who wanted a serious watch, which we did not expect. Mild levels of guilt. I just watched Godzilla vs Kong, which was probably the dumbest film I've ever seen, but definitely entertaining. I can't believe I paid £16 to watch a film on my own tv, especially one so obviously meant to be seen in a big screen, but I hope it encourages to make more dumb, fun films. I will say, maybe the line could be a bit closer to what Skull Island achieved in terms of not having a really dull human plot, but at least the two child actors and Brian Tyree Henry were more watchable than Aaron A Aaronsen from the first Godzilla film. Speaking of which, it's weird that Godzilla got top billing when it was very much a Kong film.
  15. Phillip was top of the rankings in The Most Dangerous Game. Edit: Should add - while my views on the Royals have shifted from lukewarm loyalist to radical antipathy over the last 5 years or so, the DofE award was a fairly major part of my teens and no doubt that it made me a better person in many ways. With respect Phil as a racist, I think that - looking at some of the quotes I've seen today - I didn't see much that I'd have been surprised to hear among my white working class family growing up. Fortunately my family have evolved with time, and even the eldest, my Grandma, is still young enough at 82 to be his daughter. That's not to say that any of that shit was okay.
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