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  1. Managed to get a decent run in tonight after a dodgy month due to work - my weekly streak is still just about intact, but I've really lost my groove unfortunately. Also a persistent almost-shin splint in my right leg isn't going away. However, tonight's 5k wasn't too bad, at 4:24/km I haven't lost too much yet. Had a great few days hiking last weekend. On Saturday we went out on a route that I hadn't necessarily thought too hard about, mileage wise. Ended up being 23 miles, which I had no trouble with. I am trying to get my running back on track, but I would also like to see if I can go out and do a 30 mile hike some day soon.
  2. Leap

    U.S. Politics: Moscow Mitch

    And thus, the actual greatest band in the world ever is revealed: ETA: I did not realise this was the wrong thread
  3. Between the heat and work, I've only run twice in the last two weeks. Tonight I went out for my usual 5 miles to try to get back into the swing of it. Bit slow and I can feel a soreness in my right shin that concerns me, but overall comfortably under 4:50/km. Not too bad after a few weeks of little-no running.
  4. I have so far only listened to parts of the second debates, but I still hope Elizabeth Warren wins the nomination. I think Biden is in a fairly strong position though. In the third debate, he'll be on a stage with Bernie, Warren, Harris, Buttigieg, Beto (think he's qualified), maybe Booker and Castro. Most of the attacks he's survived so far have been on his record, and I don't really think that's a good line of attack. It's easy to come off as trying to prove that Biden isn't a decent dude, and I think Harris did a much better job of framing this and letting Biden's answer be the hit than Gillibrand did. When the Ryans/Higgenloopers/Delaneys etc drop out, Biden will be able to make the relatively centrist argument much more strongly, and it's not like Bernie or Warren can make the point that he's old and out of touch that convincingly. Don't know if the younger candidates will be able to do a better job of making a case for themselves next time around. I listened to an interview with Julian Castro (with Preet Bharara) recently, and I really liked him. However, I don't really get the point of the whole 1325 thing - it doesn't seem like the law is one silver bullet that's just going to fix everything forever. I agree that it's important to have a view of after the next presidency, but it should not take up more than a few minutes of everyone saying "yes, we need to stop this and make sure it stays stopped" however that happens. I really wish they'd do topic-specific debates, or at least debates where they only discussed a limited number of topics. And for the love of God, stop having the moderators be fucking pundits. Also, Marianne Williamson is weird.
  5. Leap

    U.S. Politics: Trump of the Will

    Listening so far, only Republican I've heard today who wasn't a complete joke was Hurd(?). My favourite was definitely that Buck fellow though - seemed so shocked to hear Mueller say "yeah, you could indict Trump after he leaves office". Hehe.
  6. Aha, well you can see my method is to chicken out when it gets really hot (30+). More broadly though, my strategy changed from Winter > Summer - in Winter I always get up and run before work. It sucks for about 10 minutes but it's worth getting it out of the way. In Summer I run late at night, no earlier than 9 and sometimes as late as 10 when the sun is actually down. Even then it's been super warm here lately, so best you can really do beyond that is the obvious - drink lots of water. If there's a secret trick to coping beyond that though, I still haven't found it
  7. These are great - thank you so much. I will give them a try (just as soon as it's not somehow 38 degrees here in London). Thanks! I have two loops that I do regularly - 5k and 5 miles. They're not really scenic because this is London, and I'm not in a particularly nice corner of it. In the past I've used a local rec as a track (well, as a short loop that I'd repeat), but I just got so bored of how flat it was, even though there were no cars or roads to cross. I'd love to find an actual track if only so I'd have somewhere to run miles and/or speed training - definitely pros and cons to both options. I do kind of miss running in Yorkshire though, where I could get out into the countryside just as part of my run. Not to mention there was never any doubt about whether I'd be doing a hill day. Last night was the 5k loop, I usually do 5 miles on a Tuesday but it's just been way too hot. I ended up doing it in about 21:50, so probably still in my top 5 best 5ks. It's meant to cool down on Friday so I might just give today and tomorrow a miss and come back to it then.
  8. Well, this is the second most ashamed to be British I've been in the last 3 years or so. I don't know what makes me more angry - Boris Johnson, the fact that he was chosen in such an undemocratic fashion, or the fact that I was subjected to about 15 minutes of utter bullshit by a parade of Tory cunts before we even got the inevitable bad news. Seriously, at one point there was some definite self-congratulation merely on the fact that they had successfully managed to pick a candidate out of the two choices. What an unbelievable display.
  9. Just smashed out a 12.5km run, which puts a bright spot at the end of an otherwise terrible weekend. This was my longest run since the half a month ago, and I have already forgotten the dos and don'ts of summer running (e.g. don't forget about the chafing, do not forget about the chafing). Anyway, as I mentioned in a previous post it was about time I went after a new 10k PB. Today I did that in 46:05 - which is over a minute faster than my previous best time, and more importantly is faster than the incorrect time that Strava was counting as my PB. That has been annoying me for months. Still think my 10k is a bit slow compared to my 5k, but we'll see where I am by the end of the year. Thanks! Yeah, the few sub-4:00 KMs I've run are always at the end of my 5k, and there's a not insignificant stretch of downhill in there if I'm honest. This week I hit 33.5km, which is not really as high as I'd like. The plan as it stands is to average 40km/week from August, and I'm just thinking about the sort of speed training I want to work into that. Any advice on good speed sessions?
  10. Leap

    Cricket 35: Bat first, bat often

    I'd like to amend this to also stipulate that I hope Federer doesn't blow two championship points and end up losing
  11. Difficult question. I am kind of approaching this in a utilitarian fashion too, because function is kind of synonymous with the definition of fitness. I think qualitative benefits fall under that category too, . Ultimately, it is a relative concept based on the activity you are doing. However, I wouldn't say that means we need to value all activities equally if we want to create a more generic definition of it. I am biased, but I would put extra weighting on cardio categories (primarily endurance running/walking) because we are naturally pretty good at them. Then functional strength activities based on the relative size of the muscles used. (So, the most important indicator of fitness is, as has long been suspected, twerking). It's also problematic because the entry level "numbers" are kind of based on what the societal average is. Running for fitness is a fairly recent historical phenomenon, but so is having such a high proportion of the population be overweight. Noah Yuval Harari's book Sapiens comments on this, it's pretty interesting to think that our pre-agricultural revolution ancestors may have been relatively healthy just due to their diets and lifestyle being much more diverse and active - with the caveat that obviously, modern medicine and technology makes a pretty huge difference too. I wonder how many prehistoric humans would have had to do the C25K.
  12. I've never been part of a running club, but parkrun has a similar vibe - real sense of community. I love it. Today is my third day of running on the trot, which I rarely do. I am trying to get my weekly mileage up to about 40km before I start really looking at some speed training, so I'll probably have to do both tomorrow and Thurs as well if I want to get near. I do reckon sub-20 5k is possible by the end of the year if I get stuck in. However, I am kinda frustrated by the body gains (or lack thereof). My upper chest is getting pretty toned by the press ups I've been doing, but although I've really slimmed down, I can't seem to get that flat stomach. My diet is pretty appalling (it's 90% bread) but calorie-wise I can't be going over. Might be a case of my skin needing to tighten up a bit, although I wasn't that overweight in the first place - in any case, I will have to try eating something that isn't just a sandwich for tea Mon-Thurs.
  13. The Wimbledon Live Radio is pretty bad - it's like someone trying to parody an auctioneer during any point that goes longer than 3 shots. The best you can really get from it is a sense of how close-fought a game is, when there is a particular shot that I want to come back for, and obviously the score. I actually did end up turning it off, but that was mostly due to my poor signal on the train (and the fact that it was the second set and Fed was losing). I think this is a bit of an overstatement. After he won the French Open in 2016 he didn't win a Slam until Wimbledon 2018, which is two years without a slam victory. However, his 2016 drop-off wasn't horrendous, since he still won the Toronto Masters and made the final of both the USO and WTF. 2017 was a poor year for Novak from start-finish, but he still made it into the QFs for two slams. The main thing about that year is that he didn't play that much - he didn't play a single Masters after Rome, or the USO. So it's not like Federer would have had a chance to play him regardless of his form.
  14. Yeah, pretty much this - can't get away with having it on the big screen in a client office. Easy to forget how intense the points are when they play like this though. I'll post the countervailing point in favour of Fed - Novak clearly has the advantage here now that Fed is in his waning days, but I think there is some reason yet to believe. Djokovic's strongest ability has always been his mental fortitude (well, alongside his elasticity). However, that didn't really hold up today against Bautista-Agut, which is not to underestimate RBA - he may not have been in the Top-10 yet (let alone, Fed/Nadal level), but unlike a lot of Top-10 players he doesn't just hide away in these big showdowns. So, I think Fed is in with a good chance - but the first set will be even more critical than it was today.