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  1. Did a steady 10k on Sunday and ran into yet another race, which I really need to start planning for (or running earlier). Fortunately I've got one this week so I don't feel too bad. I did absolutely nothing yesterday because it was a tough weekend and I wanted a day's rest. Today I went out to stretch my legs because I have a longer run tomorrow, so I just did 3km and a jog back. I ended up doing the 3km in a really quick pace (4:37/km) which felt great, but when I got back I thought I'd do my circuits straight away before lunch. I made it through the first circuit before my breathing started getting bad, and I struggled on for a bit but have just had to stop partway through the third. I used to get exercise induced asthma/wheeziness so it might be related to me running a lot harder than I have for a while, or it might be that I inhaled a lungful of dust while doing press ups. Or it might be that post covid rearing its ugly head. Whichever way, I'm sat now slowly getting my breath back. The circuits actually felt super easy today, it's just my lungs that couldn't keep up. Will have to finish them this afternoon when I'm back to normal.
  2. Congrats MC, that's awesome. All the more so on no sleep. ~~ I've had a poor week for exercise really. I pushed my Tuesday run to Wednesday due to rain, and then I pushed my Wednesday circuits to Thursday, which were then really difficult. What was originally my Thursday run was pushed to Friday to give me a day's break, but then it was pissing it down yesterday so I pushed it again to today. I'm just sat with a coffee having finally done my Thursday run, and I can safely say that I still got rained on (albeit a bit less than I would otherwise). However, it was a pretty good run nonetheless. I did 5 miles in 38:48 - or a pace of 4:50/km. Fastest run I've done in a good while, and I also somehow because a Strava local legend despite only running that particular segment on only a portion of my runs. I'm supposed to 1) be taking a chill day because I have a 10k tomorrow and 2) be doing circuits again today - I guess I'll just do each exercise steadily over the course of the afternoon because I can't be arsed working up a sweat again now.
  3. I am still not convinced that the CDC was wrong to say that people could take masks off if they were jabbed earlier this year, despite the summer surge. At the end of the day it's a balance between the extra cases/hospitalisations/deaths due to people not wearing masks now, and the extra cases/hosp/deaths that would have occurred if the CDC had not said that vaccinated could remove masks. I kind of think that the latter is feasibly likely to be higher. Not only because fewer people would have been vaccinated as a direct result of that carrot, but also because it's a relatively divisive point among the centre/left (rational people), and that division would only feed the right-wing misinformation campaign.
  4. Agreed, yeah. I don't think we have many water fountains in London but fortunately I've just got a new running watch which has Garmin Pay, so in an emergency I'll just nip into a shop. I'll do absolutely anything to avoid carrying extra stuff while running, somehow a Camelbak is a better alternative than a water bottle because I just hate having my arms and hands encumbered. ~~ Missed my run yesterday due to laziness in the morning and excuses for the rest of the day. I got up and did it today instead at least, and did pretty well - only 30 minutes but I came in at 5:01/km, so pretty fast for my recent form. I did skip the strides at the end though.
  5. That's a pretty good defence in my opinion, it is so hard running in that temperature. I chickened out for that exact reason two weeks ago and that was only for a 7 mile run. Good luck next week! ~~ Just managed my longest run of the year (85 minutes, in which I ran 15.7km). It was a pretty good run overall, but there were a few downsides - I picked a route I know fairly well which I think was a mistake, only about 10-15 minutes of it were roads that I hadn't done on a previous long run. I also ran past the London 10k on my way out which was a bummer, that would have been much more fun to do (and quicker). Worst part is I have a 10k 'race' as part of my half marathon training programme for next week. I had a brief worry with some leg pain about 50 minutes in but fortunately that went away. Currently sat drinking several glasses of water. I think if I run further I'll take a camelbak.
  6. I think one thing worth highlighting is that the previous week (i.e. beginning Monday 12th) didn't follow this pattern, it actually went up throughout the week with Tuesday the 13th being 36k and Saturday the 17th being 54k. The three day moving average peaked on Sunday. The three day moving average for Thursday 22nd is still higher than that of the 15th, so I am concerned that there may be some unknown factor inflating the figures for last week and giving us a false peak. Of course, I'd still like to be optimistic. It goes without saying that lower numbers are better than higher numbers no matter which way you look at it. Let's just hope the trend continues.
  7. Actually managed to get to 5 x 8 chin ups today with relative ease, I really feel like I could have squeezed out 5 x 9 or even 5 x 10 to be honest. Come a long way since moving to 5 x 6, which was hellish. Felt like it was my core that was working more than my arms, which is odd because it's the opposite when I do press ups - which incidentally were also quite easy today, may be time to move to 5 x 15 or else move to a steeper decline. Probably the main reason it was easier though is that I did my workout in the morning as opposed to mid-afternoon. Since I've been eating smoothies for lunch and don't have breakfast, I'm generally much lower on energy by that time and ravenous for tea. I ate well last night and had no booze. Will probably let myself have a bit more tonight with a veggie pasta and some beers but won't get out of hand.
  8. Thankfully a bit cooler this morning. Intervals training though so still pretty tough - I was pretty much done by the last set. Legs are continuing to get marginally better each time. Unfortunately due to my delayed run on Sun>Mon, I have to miss a run from the schedule this week so that I can get back on track. Circuits are going well. Seem to be getter better at each exercise (with the exception of tricep extensions, which I suck at). I feel that I could probably go from 5x7 chin ups to 5x8 next time, yesterday's session was great for that. The difference a week makes is just mad. After a really heavy weekend, I've had 5-6 days of healthy eating and consistent exercise and I feel so much better for it. No booze tonight, maybe a small bit tomorrow depending.
  9. Yeah, me and my Dad have tickets to see Clapton some time next year I believe. Him being anti-vax is super disappointing. I expect like most people like that, he won't stick to the principle if it means not being able to make a few million touring. Him being a virulent racist and complaining of discrimination is frankly absurd, wondering how he squares that one.
  10. Well, mark me down as never getting on the Underground again. Yeah - I've often thought the population 'problem'/argument against kids was fundamentally flawed. Putting aside the population modelling suggesting we're going to peak before long anyway, it just seems hugely unethical to me to limit people's ability to have children before you limit their ability to, you know, do the actual things that directly cause pollution, like drive a car, fly abroad, vote for Jacob Rees-Mogg, etc.
  11. Yeah, with the floods in Europe/China, record breaking heatwave in the USA & Canada, famine in Madagascar, the list goes on - the scenes from the last few months should be a warning of what is to come. Impossible to pick a year that climate change really started of course, but I can't imagine a future in which this is one of the better years.
  12. Christ, what a hot run this morning. I was almost as sweaty as my run on Monday despite it being barely over half as long. I also got stung by a bee about halfway through. That may have contributed to my relatively slow time (5:33/km) but honestly I was just kind of knackered anyway. Have switched back to eating at a deficit (after many takeaways) so it's gonna take a few days in this heat to get used to it. Also a workout last night.
  13. Missed my long run yesterday due to it being 28C when I was going to set off and it would have been 30C+ by the time I got back. Way too hot to run in. Since it is also hot today and I've got work, I had to get up at 7 to do it today (which I just about managed). So, 70 minutes done, this time much faster than last week although a different route - 13.4km at 5:14/km. I am suitably sore although my legs didn't hurt, and fortunately I judged the route properly this time. All in all, a great run. The only downside being that I chose to wear all black, and was utterly drenched in sweat after about 45 mins. It was like wrestling a python getting that t shirt off at the end.
  14. You rang? ~~ So, I've not been Strava-ing my runs this week since I'm technically self-isolating after a potential contact early last week. Since I've had one jab + the virus, plus was fully masked the whole time, I thought I would be okay to still run in a quiet area at a quiet time, which I did. And now I need to re-do those runs so I know how far I ran. They went fairly well though - legs haven't fallen into agony or anything yet and my pace felt pretty good. I've also kept at my resistance band/calisthenics routine and slowly been bumping up the numbers there. Today's routine was: 5 x 12 decline press ups 5 x 12 bicep curls (two resistance bands, one 9.1kg and the other 18.1kg) 5 x 12 tricep extensions (11.3kg band) 5 x 20 chest press (22.7kg + 15.9kg bands) 5 x 7 chin ups 5 x 12 kettlebell squats (it's 12kg) Obviously the major caveat is that bands aren't at all equivalent to actual weights. Also, with respect to biceps/triceps - I tend to do both arms at the same time with biceps which I guess must halve the tension? Not entirely certain that's how it works, but unsurprisingly I can't really curl 27kg or anything like it for 60 reps. So with that in mind, I have noticed some improvements: biceps, triceps and laterals are bigger than they've ever been (which is not saying much admittedly). My shoulders look really toned now when I do the chest press - the benefit of mirrors. My chest is also strong but this is where the body fat % starts to let me down, although it's not as bad as my gut/hips which have been set back to, if not square 1, then a generous square 2 thanks to a badly behaved June/July. All in all I'm doing pretty well, but the missing pieces are the running and diet. If I can push the running up another 10km or so to 40km+/week, plus stop with the takeaways and start with the healthy meals again, it should all come together in a month or two. I'll start that right after this weekend.
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