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  1. Gets a 9 from me. Loved it! The beginning (Sansa's escape) was good, well edited. The Tywin-Tommen interraction was pretty cool. The Cersei rape scene didn't shock/bother me since I don't really care about Jamie and his character development, neither in the book nor in the show, so...whatever. Jamie could have killed a puppy in this episode, I wouldn't have cared. The Dornish orgy. Gods bless the Martells for providing us the sex scenes this season! (I can only imagine how Arianne's introduction next season will be...) And then the Tywin-Oberyn dialogue (Tywin's badass moment #2 for this episode). I remember how last summer many people here worried that Pedro Pascal didn't look Dornish enough or that he couldn't convey Oberyn's badassery. LOL!! Pedro is perfect for this role imo. The wildling attack was scary but awesome at the same time. (Although I did chuckle when the big bad Styr said "mama" and "papa". I doubt those words would exist in the Common Language, let alone a wildling know them or use them. But it was funny.) Also, it reminded me a bit of a scene from Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers. Arya and the Hound are hilarious. The Meereen scene was quite amazing as well (and it didn't even have dragons!!). Unlike the old Daario, the new Daario can act and is better looking. At least now I can understand Dany being attracted to him. Dany delivering a speech in High Valyrian is always a plus. And attacking the city with the collars of the former slaves was a nice twist (I don't remember that being in the books?...). Talk about saving the best for last. The ending was perfect. Overall, episode 3 was infinitely better than episode 2 (which was an absolute bore - save for the ending - and all over the place. I didn't even bother rating that one since I didn't know how to rate it.) and as good as episode 1 as far as I'm concerned. I only gave it a 9 because the Sam-Gilly scene went nowhere, the Lannisters kept interrupting the hot Dornish sex scenes (just like in episode 1) and because there were no dragons.
  2. 9/10 Loved it!! The best "first episode" since season 1. Also, the best season opening scene since season 1. I loved pretty much everything - Oberyn, Ellaria, Drogon answering back to his mother, Ser Dontos, Queen Arya. I even liked Jon Snow in this episode. Can I just say season 4 Daario Naharis is like a million times better than the season 3 Daario? I actually found him...likeable for the first time. Huge improvement. I wish they would have carried on with the foursome scene though. That was really hot. What a tease! Shae is officially the most annoying character in the series. I just can't stand her. Her scenes are painful to watch. I miss Ros so much... Can someone please tell me where was the dragon scene filmed? Such beautiful scenery. I wanna go there. Also, I was a bit surprised that Dan Weiss directed this episode all by himself (!!). Well done, Mr Weiss, well done!!
  3. 9 So many good scenes in this episode.
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