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  1. So? That is not on Walder. If Hoster is worried that his most powerful vassal has closer ties to Casterly Rock than Riverrun then the solution to that is not to start publicly mocking that Lord. That is just dumb. They certainly are. Want to quote when I said Walder should be put on a pedestal? You made a strawman argument. I said the Freys should be treated with respect, you instead answered that they don't deserve to be put on a pedestal. That is a complete misrepresentation of my position and it seems incredibly dishonest that you can't even admit to that.
  2. Cat points it out No one claimed it should earn him any favors. Why create a strawman argument, no one made. No one is suggesting that Hoster should treat Walder more special than his other bannermen, but he should treat him the same, Before the Battle of the Bells there was the Gulltown, multiple battles in the Stormlands, a battle in the Reach and then Robert attacked in the Riverlands. Only after the marriages did Hoster get involved. Jon Arryn fought in the very first battle, at Gulltown. Ned went home to raise his banners. Both started at the start of the war. Hoster only when he got his price Tell me how I'm factually incorrect? Evidence for this? Did Walder smack talk how Hoster sold out his Lord for the price offered by Arryn? We are told of Hoster and Cat belittling the Freys to other people. Now maybe the Freys did that as well, but we so no evidence of it. lol what are you talking about? Hoster married his two daughters to outside of the Riverlands. Much like Hoster with the Targs, no? There are duel feudal obligations at play here. It is a bit more for complicated that you seem to be suggesting. Walder is breaking his feudal contract no matter which side he supports. Again, complete and utter strawman. Why are you not even attempting to respond in good faith? Where do you think I claimed he needed to be put on a pedestal or even have a marriage offer?
  3. We are told that Hoster always resented Walder, due to his close ties to the Westerlands. This was not a development due to Robert's Rebellion. A war that Hoster himself joined late. Respect. Hoster and his children continually mocking him is just dumb, it was always going to bite the Tullys in the ass. The Tullys are not the most powerful Lords in their own realm, they can't afford to treat their vassals poorly. This is like the Targareyns once they lost the Dragons treating some of their most powerful Lords like shit. Aerys defeat was inevitable due to him not treating the Lannisters with the respect they deserved. You have just answered your own question why Hoster should have shown more respect to his most powerful vassal. The Feudal contract is a two way pact.
  4. Surely the North will have the same sun/rain/snow periods over the space of a decade, just over the course of 12 months instead of however many years are in one of their seasons. GRRM talks of their being regular snow storms during Summer. That is not going to change.
  5. Lannisport is much bigger than White Harbor according to the author https://www.westeros.org/Citadel/SSM/Month/2000/06/ And according to the World book it is the smallest city in Westeros White Harbor, the North's sole true city, is the smallest city in the Seven Kingdoms. In fairness, a cities size does not determine its wealth. Many smaller cities are wealthier than larger ones. Other factors, such as the wealth of its population, the resources of its population and even distance in trade to other cities/realms also comes into play.
  6. Robert left Stannis as his Castellan while he lived in the Vale. I imagine one of the reasons why many of the Stormlords and possibly the neighbouring Reach was initially against Robert had something to do with Stannis' leadership. The Reach Lords may also have preferred Rhaegar more, he was clearly a beloved figure. And Aerys had done nothing to anger that region. It may also be that 20 years of peace and prosperity under Aerys reign was something the Reach Lords enjoyed very much so throwing the dice to let Robert rule, with his allies from the Vale, North and Riverlands, would see the Reach Lords pushed further down the pecking order in terms of Crown influence.
  7. Bloodaven offered him the Crown's guarantee that he would have safe conduct at Kings Landing. He then had him executed when he turned up at the city under the guise of peace. Aegon had cause to angry. Egg is not Robert. Tywin's actions were not done in the Crown's name.
  8. 1) Does Westeros recognize war crimes? 2) Robert wanted them dead. He was both grateful and happy that Tywin did that. IF Tywin did not do it he would have done it. 3) Appeasing the Westerlands is more important than the Dornish 4) It was never officially revealed that Tywin was behind it, people ITK were aware of it, but it was never the stated result. There is no need for Robert to make it official, it sullys his name in the history books
  9. The Yronwoods knew what they were signing up, knew he was sending his son on a dangerous mission. Noble sons put their lives in danger all the time, it comes with the territory. Karstark was not mad with Robb because his two sons died fighting for him, he was mad that their killer was still alive and not put to justice. He was furious that Jaime was released and took his revenge on other Lannisters. He also seems to have not been best pleased with what was happening in the North and possibly Robb's lack of response to it. But dying in battle is something that is to be expected from sons in their world.
  10. Tywin's prep time is not much different to Edmure's or Robb's. More money and a more experienced leader will give Tywin certain advantages compared to his peers when it comes to having troops ready to go.
  11. You want a child of Rhaegar to be guarding the man who killed his father? For Robert to train him to be a great warrior? Warriors are cherished in their society like celebrities. Robert would be weakening both himself and his heirs by strengthening Aegon's popularity. Aegon is around two decades from becoming a Kingsguard member. That is an awful long time for rebels to fight on his behalf (which is something that historically happened, rebel lords taking the initiative). Rival claimants are a danger no matter their intentions.
  12. We don't know that. There is no way to know if Fire & Blood meant just one Vance, both Vances or even both Vances combined were stronger than the Tullys. It may well be a Dayne like situation were one House is clearly the dominant one in terms of power and the other more insignificant.
  13. He's Tywin's nephew. The nephew of the most powerful Lord in the realm, the cousin to the Queen of Westeros. He's also respected given how the Blackfish talks of him and his eventual rise to Warden of the West. Some Lords may favor diplomacy and Daven, a resident of the Rock on good terms with his uncle Tywin and cousin Cersei, seems like an excellent choice for any ambitious Lord seeking favor in his lifetime. Daven is a hugely valuable prize for most Houses, a better prize than many heirs throughout the realm, who are either from less prestigious Houses or may be waiting decades before they inherit. Real life history was full of Daven equivelants who got valuable marriages based on the proximity to the mover and shakers of the realm. One such example is Francis Bryan, second cousin to Anne Boelyn and Catherine Howard who married Lady Fitzgerald, the heiress of the Earl of Desmond. Charles Brandon, the son of a Knight, became one of the leading powers during the rule of Henry VIII thanks to the advantageous marriages that he had.
  14. He's next in line. He's willing to serve the Targareyns. He's dependent on the Crown for support, meaning he will not be challenging the new monarchs the moment they appear weak, given his relatives will be eager to move him on. Dany or Aegon making him Lord of the Westerlands is not the obstacle, it is the other Lannisters and Westerland people backing him.
  15. How many boats? How many men? How much food do they have to feed these people? What happens to the rest of the Kingdom while the new ruler and his forces are camped out in the Westerlands for two or three years? The Dreadfort lasted for two years. It is likely why the Starks settled on peace rather than wiping them out like they did their partners in crime the Greystarks. The Reynes had supplies to last for two years and knew that Tywin and his army simply would not be able to hold a siege for that long. Unless there is some Achilles heel, and there may well be, we are talking a siege in winter for at least two years, likely longer given the size, of Casterly Rock. It means hoping none of the other realms, both internal and external, decide to do as they please as the new monarch is engaged elsewhere. The most likely scenario is a quick settlement of peace with Damion, Daven or whover else his calling the shots rather than a long-drawn-out siege that could prove pyrrhic even if successful.
  16. I don't think the Trial By Combat is a get out of jail free card. If someone is conclusively guilty, either being caught in the act or admitting to their guilt, then they don't get to ask for a trial to prove their innocence. Tyrion gets to call a trial because he is only thought to have killed Joffrey, but had he walked up to Joffrey and instead of handing him a drink he cut his throat then there would be no way he could ask for a trial to prove his innocence. That would just be chaos, men like the Mountain could do as they please. Similarly, Rickard feels like he can ask for a trial due to Aerys having no concrete evidence that he was conspiring against the Throne, but Brandon is not because he made his threat to the Crown Prince publicly.
  17. The Karstarks, Manderlys and Flints of Flint Finger are all further away and all sent men. The rest had left eight days past, six hundred men from Winterfell and the nearest holdfasts. Cley Cerwyn was bringing three hundred more to join them on the march, and Maester Luwin had sent ravens before them, summoning levies from White Harbor and the barrowlands and even the deep places inside the wolfswood. They were asked to send men and just ignored the order. Which is not surprising considering they ended up on Rooses side.
  18. They backed the Lannisters because of the Crown, not because of Tywin. It is just as possible that without Tywin they'd be more enthusiastic to make the deal, given an even greater chance to secure a larger part of power. Not exactly. Kevan was more than prepared to step into Tywin's shoes, but he wanted Cersei removed from the children and Kings Landing, like Tywin had planned at the end of ASOS. Kevan had not just lost Tywin, but one son and another on his deathbed. Lancel revealed his relationship with Cersei and this is part of the reason why Kevan leaves. Also, and this is pretty pertinent, the war was pretty much over when Kevan left. His reasons to stick around had decreased.
  19. No we don't. We know he loathed his wife, but 'fucking hated the Lannisters' is just a leap. He defends both Jaime and Tywin to Ned. Makes Jaime his Warden of the East. Talks of how great an honour it would be for Robin to be fostered with Tywin. We hear from Stannis how he and Robert as children were in awe of the 'King' they saw in Kings Landing. People seem to see Robert laughing at Jaime in the tourney as evidence of hate, but the entire commons were laughing. It was a funny spectacle, had it been some other knight who did the same thing Robert would still be laughing. Him making fun of his squires seems to be knightly behaviour 101 (and anyone who has been a youth player in a football team will have experienced something similar to those squires from the senior players) in GRRM's world. To be clear I'm not making some claim that he felt as close to them as he did the Starks, Arryns or Baratheons. But hated just does not ring true to what we have seen.
  20. People really, really go overboard to find fault with the Selyse marriage Selyse is from House Florent, she may have been a Granddaughter of the current Lord Florent when the marriage took place. House Florent are highly prestigious, and it may well be that her mother's side of the family was also high in pedigree. This is a bigger factor in medieval noble marriage than how attractive she was And lets be fair, Selyse may have been more attractive in her youth. Seeing what she looks like after 10 years of marriage, a loveless, joyless and sexless marriage no less, may have put a dent in both her personality and her presentation skills. It makes sense. Plenty of noble marriages involved people who were not going to be Lords. Simply not enough Lords to go around. Sometimes marriages were about diplomacy and marrying into a powerful House creates a bond. And, like Selyse it is about pedigree and Daven's pedigree is just as good as his cousin's Jaime. Daven is a Lannister of the Rock, but with great connections to other Westerland Houses Being a favoured nephew of the most powerful Lord in the realm and presumably close to the current Queen (close enough that he is made Warden) is a great political alliance for House Redwyne. Some lords would probably prefer short term gains than a grandson becoming a Lord at some point in the distant future Daven is a respected figure, we see this in how the Blackfish talks of him, in contrast to Stafford, or how Jaime talks to him, in contrast to his cousin Cleos. He was likely guaranteed a great career in the Westerlands with some military position or another So to be clear, Desmera may have been able to find better matches, but to claim the marriage itself makes no sense is just needlessly hyperbolic.
  21. It was 7 vs 3. The 3 fought 7 and 2 of the 7 survived. It is not quite the accomplishment, by itself, that would mark Ned as the greatest ever swordsman especially as Ned's prowess in the field, in tourneys or practice would be known to others.
  22. Can you point to a single person on this forum who has said he was a saint or the best father in Westeros? And Cersei does not hate him. Not only do you have issues reading peoples replies on this board, but seems you struggle to comprehend what is written in the books.
  23. Don't be a dick. You may be the one misinterpreting the text. You are not the author, it is not for you to condescendingly tell others that their opinion is wrong just because you are pretty dogmatic when it comes to your own theories. Already two 'mays' right there. Seems like you are on solid ground with this one. What other women manipulated the king like that? What other men did Joanna manipulate? And finally, in order of preference which do you think had more bearing on Aery's decision to make Tywin his Hand His close friendship with him? Being impressed with Tywin's ability in the Reyne/Tarbeck war? Choosing to let Tywin knight him? Joanna suggesting Tywin? The lack of other great possibilities? Just in terms of importance list the numbers that Aerys made his decision by. I didn't say no one wanted the job. Please don't misrepresent what I said. I was very clear that the Nine Penny wars would have whittled down the possibilities. First of all you start of with a 'if' and then you presume that Aerys has 'common decency'. He's King of a continent and his character was often without common decency. The man fucked many of his wife's ladies, raped his wife and did many things that were not decent. He even groped Joanna on Tywin's wedding day and insulted her and Tywin after she gave birth. Do you not see how ridiculous you are being when one of your arguments is Aerys 'common decency'? Where is it said this was an affair? We don't. No where is it mentioned that she convinced Aerys personally. Again, your theory is built on quicksand. Aerys made Jaime his Hand, by his own words, to keep his father in check. And he made Tywin his Hand over flattery? For two decades? Come on! Dude, come on! He's the King. He can order her to stay if he pleased. How can you argue that Aerys is willing to make Tywin his equal in terms of power because of Joanna but can't make her stay in the capital? That does not add up.
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