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  1. just started watching "The Fall" so far i've found Roose and Barristan. now i cant look at it the same.
  2. agreed, also there is lots of value in a stark child, girl or boy, the Starks are a hugely respected family, especially in the north, whether some of them are dead or not. many people still believe the stark are entitled to the north, they would all be thinking of Sansa and Arya as heirs to Robb now hes dead. just because they are female doesn't cut them out of the line of succession and make the Stark line non existent
  3. well she cant choose what she sees only what LOL shows her, even then its up to her to interpret it correctly. its possible she had been seeing visions of the Wights/Others but didn't understand where this was taking place and when, she could easily have mistaken it for something happening in the future. as well as, like someone replied earlier, I think the Wall its self makes it hard for her magic to reach it, the North belongs to the Old Gods. also regarding Stannis, he is very much all about duty, he feels he is the true King of the Iron Throne and Westeros so its his duty to protect it and its people (he seems to be the only king right now who remembers that is a part of the job), also at this point his quest really wasn't going anywhere, he was just sulking in DragonStone after the battle of the Blackwater, and his men were getting restless and probably starting to lose faith in him since he hasn't done anything for a while. everything Melisandre has been saying this whole time, about Stannis being the chosen one (Azor Ahai) and being the only defence against the coming darkness does fit in quite well with the notion of him fighting 'Wightwalkers'. the whole idea of him considering heading North isn't that farfetched when you have a better understanding of these characters, which can be hard given we don't get too much time with them each episode, but I hope that help you understand a bit better :)
  4. 8/10 pretty good, some horrible inaccuracies but also some good stuff too, rather sad about Bran and co just walking through the gate, loved Arya finally killing someone other than a fat little boy, BRAN AND THE RAT COOK STORY!!! YAAAAY!!! makes me so happy, Ygritte shooting Jon was good, they actually did Robb-Wind too hehe but to mention of what happens No Cat hmm, Danys ending was WAY too lame IMO, not super happy about Rooses portrayal in the show-though the actor I great, hehe REEK, REEK, IT RHYMES WITH LEEK.
  5. ahh I thought this was actually going to happen. I was like yelling at my screen "do it! do it! for god sakes do it!!!" but she didn't I was like aaaahh. but its ok. also I felt Jons scene leaving the wildlings was too little, I was really expecting some more direwolf and man fighting side by side action :( maybe I just always want more diewolves action. plus I was disappointed that Ygritte didn't shoot Jon and Cat didn't claw her face.... well all this being said though still a great episode, if only those few things were there it would have been perfect and I could die happy haha, still I gave it a 10 because it really was very good
  6. oh wow, that was a good episode, 10/10 but I really wanted cat clawing her face!
  7. you wrote pretty much what I wanted to, I couldn't have said it better myself... but I maybe would have omitted the lil spoiler at the end there, not that its much of one anyway maybe even more than half sometimes
  8. :bawl: :crying: im so freaking cut... but its for memorial day in US I believe so not much to be done about it ..... but still :crying:
  9. very good, quite satisfying I gave it a 9/10 because it gave me chills and thrills hehe, fantastic ep.. will now watch again
  10. I gave it 8/10 quite a few people hating on this one.. I understand it was a slow one, a builder, but I think that's whati liked about it, I hope they go slower from now on, besides the sucky having to wait for ages for BEARly anything its good, we can character build more when its slowed down, and some parts of the book were rather slow also so I do expect it to happen in the show. I liked Tywin and Joff, LOVED Jaime and Bri, Jon and Ygritte was good too, its nice to have a scene where Kit can have a little more expression, its truly a pity Jon is in a situation where he has to try to not let people see what he is thinking and feeling because... well that means WE also cant see what he is thinking, but yes a great break were Kit can do a bit more acting, also gotta say Rose is a real good actress she is great at expressing things with her face. the Osha and Reeds stuff seems to be coing some where now. also Tormund is showing some of his famous humour GREAT I worried the character would be to serious. but what is Mel and Gendry doing in KL. and Arya and the Hound... yay, been waiting for this pair up since season 2. hah! sansa "im stupid.. a stupid little girl with stupid dreams who never learns" lol I think lots of people wouild agree with her there :P
  11. wow people dont seem very impressed, i loved it! 10. Tywin and Olenna was great, Sam and Gilly was good, J&Y was good ithink we needed a bit more on thoes two and their relationship. Ramsay and Theon was great, im happy they are actually having him beg for the limbs to be cut off. the Arya and Mel stuff was new but very good i felt. the climbing of the wall was great, i enjoyed the drama.the osha and meera stuff was a little much but quite funny. the awkwardness between Loras and Sansa was a little over played, poor Loras's character is being slaughted in the tv show oh well. Ros dying was good, i was wondering where the hell they would be going with her storyline and im happy its ended. Tyrion and Cercei was quite funny both sooking about their new marrages-to-be. the whole make out scene was a little too... i dont even know but it was too much, still not as bad as it could have been. Jaime and Bri was good i really liked their scene with Roose, and putting her in the dress too, very nice. all in all i liked it alot!
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