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  1. JLE

    Aegon TWOW

    No. Euron is not going to Meereen. Victarion is already at Meereen, and is going to have the horn blown, thinking that he has gained control of it. The horn will control one dragon, for whomever is recognised by the horn's magic as "the horn's current master". This much is pretty much certain: Victarion is already there, Daenerys isn't, the dragons are flying wild, and there is no way that the horn is not going to achieve *something*. My guess: Whatever agency Euron has on Victarion's ships to keep tabs on him (for there is no way Victarion has as free a hand as he thinks) - be it magical or a human agent - will be the real one in charge. My money's on the dusky woman being involved somehow, whether by her own choice or otherwise. But the dragon will seem to be at Victarion's service while Victarion comes back - either with his ships, having failed to get Dany, with a dragon following along: or with "his" dragon, outpacing his remaining ships. Then when he gets back, it gets revealed that Euron is in charge of it all along, and Victarion dies. Or, Victarion breaks Euron's control of the horn with Moqorro's assistance, and binds a dragon to *himself*, only to get back and discover, the hard way, that Euron - with the help of the dragon-lore book looted from Oldtown perhaps, if he manages to get it intact (and if it is not stolen by Jaqen H'ghar in disguise as Pate, with the Faceless Men trying to get revenge on Euron for double-crossing them over the matter of payment for Balon's death) - is still master of the situation, and contrives to regain control of both horn and dragon. Either way, Aegon won't live long. Also, either way, Victarion will HAVE to be long-gone before Daenerys can return from the Dothraki.
  2. JLE

    [Spoilers] EP609

    Ramsay had better die at some point. If not in the battle, then by an official formal execution with Jon wielding the sword and the rest of the Northern lords looking on and recognizing his right to do so..
  3. JLE

    [TWOW SPOILERS] Theon I, part vi

    I don't think Asha is planning to kill Stannis - in any case, as a prisoner herself, she is in no position to do so. After all, he's spared her when he could have executed her, and he's treated her and the ironborn prisoners reasonably well - even allowing some of them to be ransomed to serve as bodyguards for Tycho Nestoris. It is clear, from the fact that Stannis has talked to her, (a) he considers her worth talking to, and (b) he recognises her situation as different from Theon's: while she was an "enemy" to the North, she does not have the additional angle of having been a betrayer from a position of trust, as Theon was (both from having been a ward / hostage, and also from having been sent as a trusted envoy by one who considered him a friend.) Also, there were no mass murders and sackings from her, on the contrary, she treated the prisoners of Deepwood Motte reasonably well - possibly upon finding that their leader was a woman (Sybil Glover) - and has even been back to the Iron Isles and openly stated that, having taken part in the attack on the North, she now believes it was a foolish thing to have started. At the Kingsmoot, she argued *against* the position that she had followed under Balon. Thus, she is an ironborn person that the north and indeed Stannis can negotiate with in good faith. In fact Asha's suggestion to Stannis, of executing Theon under the heartwood tree, would most likely win him Northern support and cement the alliance. She knows that there is no hope of the North or Stannis letting him go - the only hope of his escape is in the confusion of an attack, but then he would most likely be recaptured by the victor, and Stannis or the Northern Clans would be a more merciful option than falling back into the hands of the Boltons. Stannis is so far holding back on executing Theon, but he has good, sound military reasons for doing so, which should be enough to satisfy the Northern Clans: namely, Theon may actually understand more of how the Boltons are likely to think and act, and his knowledge could prove useful.
  4. JLE

    [TWoW Spoilers] Aeron I (Balticon)

    I believe the whole Azor Ahai problem is that the intial one *didn't* - he sacrificed his wife, the person he loved most AFTER himself. And I think, if the myth is true, that he got it wrong. My question is, will the next Azor Ahai be the one that gets it right?
  5. JLE

    Aegon TWOW

    I think Aegon will take the throne briefly but be killed by Euron when Euron gets power over a dragon: the question of his legitimacy and descent will end up being irrelevant. Cersei may survive and outlive him by the good fortune of having been driven out of the city by Aegon. Imagine it... Aegon and forces drive Cersei out of King's Landing. He is getting ready for his coronation - and to attempt to dismiss rumours that he's a fake... And a dragon appears in the sky. The people begin to cheer: a harbinger of the return of the dragons perhaps, and the end of the wars, perhaps a symbol of good luck? It stops. It hovers over the public square where Aegon is receiving his crown from the High Septon. Then... one single blast of fire. BOOM. Goodbye Aegon, goodbye High Septon, and indeed, goodbye most of King's Landing, because of all the stored wildfire Cersei left behind that she never got the chance to set off. The dragon is Rhaegal, mastered by the horn, and his controller is Euron because Victarion failed to break his binding over the horn. Aegon's dragon - Daenerys - was "too far away from the centre of the action and unable to save him", as foreshadowed in his loss to Tyrion at cyvasse. Euron lands in the smoking wreckage of the city - the Throne itself being one of the few things that has survived intact - and none dare oppose him. Then Daenerys arrives back, and the dragons begin to dance, and wherever the dragons dance, the people die...
  6. JLE

    [Spoilers] EP607

    What if it's to Littlefinger... not asking him to bring his army north, but getting it to attack the Freys so the Northern hostages there can escape? Or... perhaps... to Old Walder Frey, with the news of how Fat Walda was murdered by Ramsay Bolton (as was Roose Bolton who made the deal) and surely an actual murder is ten times worse than breaking a marriage contract, therefore the Freys have no business supporting the Boltons against the Starks any more, and since it's *his* keeping Northern lords prisoner that is now holding their families on the Bolton side, could he perhaps see his way to setting them free and suddenly Bolton has has no bargaining chips to keep the Northern lords on his side?
  7. JLE

    [TWoW Spoilers] Aeron I (Balticon)

    I don't think Victarion assumes Euron has not done this: indeed, far from it, he now knows that he must himself do what's necessary to "claim" it for himself, thus breaking the previous "claim" (after all, Euron would have had to do it himself). After all, if Euron has NOT "claimed" it, then it will still acknowledge a previous master - even if that master is long dead - and thus, "not Victarion". Dumb as a stump he may be, but I don't believe he's dumb enough to misunderstand that. I don't, however, think he will succeed in mastering the horn for himself, although he may for a time believe he has succeeded.
  8. JLE

    [TWoW Spoilers] Aeron I (Balticon)

    I think there is a whole lot of foreshadowing that Theon is to be king - with a twist: He's a cripple. And a eunuch. Having exchanged one captor for another, his situation is only better in that Stannis is not actively torturing him - he is merely kept in chains and fed until the day of his end. He won't be able to travel far or fast. And if by some miracle he gets back to the Iron Islands, they'll never have him. Nor will anywhere else: the whole eunuch thing will be too big a problem for a position that is, after all, by and large meant to be hereditary (although not so on the Iron Islands). His record is hardly great: he has nothing to brag about, no great achievements that didn't turn to disaster. He has, plain and simple, nothing to offer the ironborn... and Asha also knows that he has no hope of escape. Even if Stannis loses the battle, Theon cannot flee anywhere in the chaos, he will only die in the snow if he is not retaken. His only hope even of a "clean" death is if Stannis goes ahead with his promise of execution by beheading... which is why Asha pleaded for Theon's death to be by the sword, the Northern way, rather than by the fire, the way Stannis has dealt with other criminals on the march (murderers and cannibals among his own forces - never simply for refusing to bow to the Lord of Light.) ...Except that, unlike everybody else, he is the only person of whom it can be said that he did not either stake a claim that was rejected (Asha, Victarion, Ironmaker, Farwynd) or be present and fail to stake a claim of his own, thus acquiescing to the Kingsmoot's choice (like every other lord who did not stand.) He can't live as a king. But, thanks to his claim being unresolved, he can *die* as a king. I think he will be one of the "two kings to wake the dragon ... fire and blood to wake the dragon" that may relate to Melisandre's prophecy. And, of course, since he is due an execution for his former crimes - and Stannis has promised that he will do it the Northern way, by beheading, which at least is quick - then he will fulfil the "blood" part, which means that if the prophecy is true, another king will die in fire (a king, not a child princess, hint hint: and guess which king has already seen a flame-vision of a king burning away to ashes?), possibly as part of the same incident. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ As for Euron and the Faceless Men: What is the FM's price - is it "give to them", or "give up" what they most value, as the price for their services? If so, Euron might conceivably have had a dragon egg and thrown it into the sea... (but WHERE? Was it near where Balon fell? Was it near Pyke? Or indeed, was it near Old Wyk where the kingsmoot was held?) Since when he has done, or at least paid for, a murder which could be seen almost as a blood sacrifice since the Faceless Men have a religious-ritual element to them. And he has had the dragon horn blown three times, presumably after doing whatever was necessary to bind it to his ownership. In a hall, on a hill, that are said to have been built from the bones of a sea dragon. So... We have a dragon horn that has been blown three times, a missing dragon egg, a blood sacrifice (it took fire and blood to hatch Daenerys's three) and a whole lot of "sea dragon" imagery around (even a Sea Dragon Point at the closest point of the mainland to the Iron Isles). As far as I can see, this is all too much to be coincidence... And if he really *did* give up his dragon egg, only to hatch it and gain control of the resulting dragon (and it looks like dragons grow FAST - look how fast Daenerys's three have grown) - then he has ended up paying nothing and got an extra ace up his sleeve: in short he's double-crossed the Faceless Men. Which could conceivably explain if Jaqen / Pate is in Oldtown looking to steal the book that Euron wants, to prevent it falling into his hands should he sack the town. Either that, or the FM (or a faction among them) are working with him and Jaqen is there to help Euron, but I'm not sure that's actually the case... In any case. Since Dany isn't going to meet Victarion over there (Victarion is not going to sit in Meereen for unspecified time, he's there to grab and go)... it's what the dragon horn does, and who is its master. If Euron is still the horn's master, then he gets a dragon (probably Rhaegal, who was reported as flying near the ironborn ships in a Tyrion chapter): if Victarion has broken Euron's control on the horn thanks to Moqorro, then I think Euron already has insurance against that, and a plan to defeat his brother and take control of whatever Victarion brings back. (see all the sea-dragon imagery above: also if he has any means of power over krakens, to sink Victarion's ship, that would work too.)
  9. JLE

    [TWoW Spoilers] Aeron I (Balticon)

    Also, Quentyn set the dragons free, otherwise they would still have been chained... So that they are participating in the Battle of Meereen while not under control of any person or faction... So that at least one of them will be within range of the dragon horn when Victarion has it blown... And in the end, it will be controlled *against* Dany. Because Dany is not there to meet Victarion, nor will Victarion be able to stay to meet her. In the preview Tyrion chapter that GRRM has read, it was hinted that Rhaegal (the green one) was flying over near the ironborn warships - and is thus within potential range of the horn - while Viserion (the white one) has left the battle. The fact that Tyrion is later seen wiping blood off a blood-specked white dragon cyvasse piece may hint that Viserion is injured (hence fleeing from the battle) and that Tyrion will nurse him back to health and become Viserion's rider. Leaving Rhaegal heading back towards Westeros - under either Euron's control, if he is still bound to the horn as its true "master", or Victarion's. In either case, Rhaegal will be the first dragon of Dany's three to come back to Westeros, and its master will have free rein to do whatever he likes there until he is opposed by another dragon - probably Dany on Drogon, belatedly hearing the news that one of her "children" has been stolen from Meereen. Tyrion, arriving late on Viserion, may prove to be a third factor in the battle, but Dany and Euron will be *against* each other: Drogon will fight Rhaegal in another Dance of the Dragons. Whether Rhaegal is the first dragon *at all* to be seen there, depends on what becomes of Euron's dragon egg, whether he threw it into the sea or gave it to the Faceless Men (I believe the former is more likely than the latter - and given the sea-dragon imagery that exists, the later appearance of a sea dragon under Euron's control would not surprise me one bit). My best guess is that Euron has some surprise plan left over for if Victarion does succeed in coming back with a dragon, and betraying him - either he thinks the horn is still "his" and will bind the dragon (Rhaegal) to him, or he has plans to defeat Victarion even if Victarion becomes a master of dragons. This is where I wonder about his sea dragon egg being a potential factor - or indeed the fact that Euron appears to be after the dragon-lore tome in Oldtown.
  10. JLE

    [TWoW Spoilers] Aeron I (Balticon)

    I don't think even Quentyn was necessarily bloat. If news of his death gets back to Dorne, it could prove the vital thing that sets Dorne *against* Daenerys, and perhaps makes them declare for the False Dragon (Aegon) against the True Dragon (Daenerys).
  11. JLE

    [TWoW Spoilers] Aeron I (Balticon)

    Where is there *any* evidence of a connection between Bloodraven and Euron? Where is there *any* evidence of Bloodraven having made a "big mistake"? Book, chapter, text?
  12. JLE

    [TWoW Spoilers] Aeron I (Balticon)

    I think one thing's for certain... GRRM just blew the show completely out of the water. There's no way they can NOW get from where they are, to where GRRM is. If he had read the Aeron chapter years ago, we might have actually seen some Greyjoys earlier: instead of which, to introduce them as pretty much a Diabolus Ex Machina would ruin the show (worse than it already is), having had zero foreshadowing of it in the show.
  13. JLE

    [TWoW Spoilers] Aeron I (Balticon)

    Valyrian steel armor might be the one thing that can stop a dragonfire blast... it'll certainly stop anything else.
  14. JLE

    [TWoW Spoilers] Aeron I (Balticon)

    Wow. Wow. And wow again. Also confirming that Euron is set to become a major antagonist in the series. And that he's not out east in disguise (I was certain of that). He's after Oldtown. Now... There is a book of dragon lore at Oldtown. What's the betting that that, in fact, is Euron's true target? And that Jaqen (currently disguised as Pate) is there to steal it and get it out of the place before Euron succeeds, because the Faceless people are against Euron because Euron has managed to double-cross them in whatever negotiations took place over Balon's death? A question I would love to ask GRRM: What, if anything, came of the dragon egg that Euron actually owned - and why did Euron have the horn blown three times? It must surely have been more than just to impress people at the meet. Is there *another* dragon in the world now - and Euron is its master, because it was outside the hall and heard the dragon horn when Euron had it blown inside the hall? (And why is there so much imagery of a Sea Dragon around - Nagga's bones, Nagga's hall, Sea Dragon Point?) The question also needs to be asked of whom the horn truly considers its master, and whether Victarion with Moqorro's hints has managed to bind the horn to himself - or whether, when the horn is blown, whatever dragon it controls will be bound to Euron. Either way... if my theory about the dragon egg is true, then Euron has his insurance against Victarion managing to successfully betray him. Twice over, if Victarion has not broken Euron's binding of the horn... although Moqorro may be a wildcard in that situation, and result in Victarion being able to at least fight against Euron for a time. Another thing: Without Aeron to rouse the rabble, there can be no second kingsmoot. Theon would never have stood a chance at one anyway: so this means Theon can never be king of the Iron Isles. He cannot live as a king: so the only point in his technical ability to claim that he was not present to make his claim at the first Moot, the fact that he has an unresolved claim that has never been rejected - and that it is in the North, through Asha talking to Stannis, that this is known - is so that he can *die* as one. Specifically, I suspect, as one of the "two kings to raise the dragon" that Melisandre points out...
  15. JLE

    [twow Spoilers] Arianne II, Part 2

    The guy that Arianne met, who looked like a Targaryen? I wonder if he *is* (f)Aegon... Or some other offshoot of the family.