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    Jon and Dany marrying would already be bittersweet, think of all of the characters and people who have died. Even if not one new character died it would still be bittersweet considering all of the characters and non-character who have died previously.
  2. If you just watch the show Dany and Jon not getting married and sharing power is such contrived BS
  3. I am more of a jon then a dany fan but I totally agree. Where is MIssandei? Also so many people would want to ingratiate themselves to the Dragon Queen. Also those serving girls were Sansa's whore spies, which is weird.
  4. If Dany does turn into the Mad Queen the books will set that up better. The show has done almost zero leg work on this. In the books I can see the Dothraki raping and pillaging, Dany either does nothing or is ineffective at stopping this. The smallfolk turn against her as a result. She becomes pissed at the smallfolk and minor lords disdain and becomes more and more isolated and paranoid. The love of Jon accelerates this and she goes Mad. Especially if she loses her key advisors. This will take a long time to happen. This will be nothing like the show. Dany in the show is as sane as any character, so far at least.
  5. To Dany. She is setting up a Stark ally as Lord of the Stormlands. Gendry is friends/lovers with Arya if Arya told him to raise his banners for the Starks against Dany he would. Forget the failed betrothal that has not happened yet at this point in the episode. I have no idea what Dany knows of Gendry but it can't be a whole lot if she gave him Storms End. That was not a smart move it was a noob move. What is next? Giving the Hound Dorne? BTW I don't hate Dany I just think it was bad writing.
  6. Fox Mulder

    The books are not going to end like this

    I agree the books will not end like this regardless of whether it is a metaphor for climate change.
  7. Fox Mulder

    The books are not going to end like this

    Both of you are right. Which doesn't bode well for GRRM's consistency.
  8. Fox Mulder

    The books are not going to end like this

    Think progress is the Breitbart of the left. I am a professor of Poli Sci who is not a Republican by the way. Not that there are many Republican poli sci profs I know. The only colleague I know personally is probably going to be losing his tenure soon due to his beliefs.
  9. Woah, guys and gals I wasn't trying to start a religious debate here and I know what GRRM has said about the Gods. This is sort of a shower thought. Imagine if Catholic priests, for example, were able to burn shit on command or kiss dead people and bring them back to life. I am not trying to pick on Christians or those who are religious.
  10. Seriously ladies and gentlemen props to the fire god he always comes through! No offense to Christians same goes for any earth religion if they were this consistent.
  11. Fox Mulder

    This is almost confirmation that...

    I already said the show did a good job at least we have Hadrhome Dand D actually built up the threat of the WW. But if this is reflective of the books then they are a letdown. I am actually not whinging about the show, but complimenting it mostly although I have a few objections like Bran being worthless overall. They could have replaced him with something else like jon or dany.
  12. Fox Mulder

    So what does Jon Snow do now??

    6 of the seven kingdoms: "What whitewalkers? What undead threat"? What Longnight it hasn't even snowed here?
  13. Fox Mulder

    This is almost confirmation that...

    Also what is the purpose of Bran you could have cut him out and had the NK going after Dany or Jon.
  14. Fox Mulder

    This is almost confirmation that...

    There better not be or anything equivalent We are reaching a point here where JK Rowling > GRRM which is crazy even though I like Harry Potter. \.
  15. Fox Mulder

    This is almost confirmation that...

    Also if this is how the books go everyone south of the neck can deny the whitewalkers ever existed. I never thought that is how the war of the LONGnight would go. I thought everyone would be touched. Ramsey was almost a bigger threat. Cersei was also completely right. Threat wise Cersei>whitewalkers barf!!!!