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  1. Red Man Racey

    Was CERSEI Joffrey's True Murderer?

    If it was a failed attempt on Tyrion by Cersei then she is the type who would blame Tyrion for not eating the pie that she had intended for him thereby "allowing" Joffrey to eat said poisoned pie and die. That being said, I don't think that it was Cersei because the Baelish/Olenna plot targeting Joffrey is much neater and pretty much as confirmed as it can get as @Prince of the North points out.
  2. Red Man Racey

    Will Bran walk again???

    It's literally what the three-eyed crow tells him: A Dance With Dragons, Ch 13
  3. Red Man Racey

    Will Bran walk again???

    No, but he will fly ...
  4. Red Man Racey

    The Space Opera, Military Sci-Fi, and Interstellar Sci Fi thread

    It may not be "space opera," but Marko Kloos' Frontlines series is pretty good if you're willing to drift towards military science fiction.
  5. Red Man Racey

    I don't care for the Zombie Apocalypse.

    I'm pretty sure every reader has a right to their own opinion of what does and does not matter, what is or is not important. Because, you know: Or did you just mean that YOU get to have an opinion and everybody else needs to fall in lock-step with what you think is important in the story? Personally, I do think that the mystery behind the Others is important. I am very much looking forward to getting more, and more reliable, information about the Long Night and what actually happened - what the Others' motives are. Is Old Nan right? Do they simply hate warmth and the living? Or is there something else going on that we don't see yet?
  6. Red Man Racey

    I don't care for the Zombie Apocalypse.

    I think you meant YOU do not remotely care about. Do not presume to speak for an entire audience simply because you find a particular aspect of a story uninteresting. Additionally, we have no evidence that communication is even possible between humans and Others. If anything, we have evidence to the contrary - the language/laughter/speech (or whatever it was) of the Others is said to sound like cracking ice. It's doubtful that any meaningful dialogue could be accomplished with this limitation. Furthermore, we have little and less information about the first Long Night - what precipitated it, who were the aggressors, what were the motivations for each group. Given that history is written by the victor, it's entirely possible that humans initiated that conflict and the Others were reacting to human aggression (I don't believe this, I'm simply pointing out that we have no reliable information to determine what happened or why). Until GRRM provides more information about the motivation for the Others we cannot make any real determination of where the Others exist on the morality spectrum or if they are independent of the morality spectrum like other forces of nature.
  7. Red Man Racey

    Bowen Marsh was right to remove Jon from office.

    I think you overestimate the complexity. Some of those ingredients are obviously to improve the flavor (honey and mint), that leaves three active ingredients. Not very complex. Furthermore, as to the availability of the ingredients in the North: Tormund Giantsbane to Jon Snow, ASoS, Ch 15 If the ingredients are available north of the Wall then they are definitely available in Brandon's Gift. And if the Free Folk have it that readily available then it stands to reason that a woman in Mole's Town can acquire it without too much hassle. Also, with regards to the prior claim that Mole's Town is hours away from Castle Black, that is absolutely incorrect. Mole's Town is half a league south of the Wall. Since a league is defined as the distance a man can walk in an hour (modern definition is generally about three miles), Mole's Town is 30 minutes on foot.
  8. That's right. I was misremembering the event and thinking that Lysa had pretty much taken it over and not pressed the attempted murder of Bran, instead choosing to focus on her own agenda.
  9. Lysa accuses Tyrion of murdering Jon Arryn. That's what the trial is for.
  10. Red Man Racey

    The blue eyed king who casts no shadow

    Maybe it's because his shadow is off killing his own brother. He needs to pull a Peter Pan and sew that shadow back to his feet. But seriously, shadows have been used to describe or foreshadow (see what I did there?) the influence or impact that an individual will have on the world around them (think back to Jon's description of Tyrion's shadow in Winterfell). In this context, "casts no shadow" is quite possibly an indication that the individual will not be successful or will not have the impact they hope to. This perfectly fits Stannis, a man who believes himself to be a legendary savior but actually is not.
  11. Red Man Racey

    Benjen = Night's King

    Thanks! The Benjen = CH theory was never that strong and had obvious holes in it, but it could have been true. However, that pretty much puts the final nail in the proverbial coffin for that theory.
  12. Red Man Racey

    Benjen = Night's King

    It's not a position or anything of the sort. It's the name that people attributed to a man, the 13th Lord Commander of the Night's Watch, who went rogue and styled himself king and committed horrible atrocities, presumably because of his association with a female who may have been a female Other. In the stories that are told of this event people refer to that man as the Night King. He was not an Other. He was a man. I can only assume that you mean the Great Other and are asking if that is a position held by a specific Other. Nobody knows what the Great Other is or if it is even real. There is most likely some sort of governing power behind the Others, it is probably what Bran saw when he turned his eyes to the far north in his dream. But what that power is remains unknown. Also, @kissdbyfire, do you have to a link to that manuscript refuting the Benjen = CH possibility? I haven't seen that one yet, I didn't know there was proof against this theory.
  13. Red Man Racey

    Benjen = Night's King

    The NK has been doing no such thing. The NK is dead and has been so for thousands of years. The Others, and possibly the Great Other (if such an entity actually exists), may do something with Craster's sons but the only evidence that this occurs is the testimony of Craster's daughter wives. The children very well could just be left out and die from exposure. After all, there is a purely pragmatic possible reason for Craster's "sacrifices" that doesn't involve any sort of deal for protection from the Others; simply put, Craster doesn't want a male heir to eventually challenge his position and take his harem from him. To prevent this, he leaves any potential threat in the cold to die. The truth is we don't know what happened to Benjen Stark -- he could have been turned to the side of the Others and return in some sort of antagonist role, he could possibly be Cold Hands, or he could just be dead in the frozen wastes north of the Wall and never appear on page again.
  14. Red Man Racey

    Look for something and you will find it

    Oh it means what you think it means, it's just not an unfortunate accident. That's the wording the text uses. Also, I misspoke earlier, it's not from Quaithe, it's the "Child of Three" prophecies from the House of the Undying.
  15. Red Man Racey

    Look for something and you will find it

    Or he's just quoting the warning by Quaithe HotU "Child of Three" prophecy. It's not his wording, it's GRRM's.