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  1. Actually, the mob did scream brotherfucker, you can faintly hear it just as they escort Cersei into the red keep : p
  2. To be fair, Roose Bolton is not suppose to be at Harrenhal yet, he comes there after Arya frees the northmen captives with the whole soup thing. She then becomes his cup bearer as a "reward" for the weasel soup. As others have mentioned I actually liked the change of making Arya Tywins cup bearer instead. And I don't mind the interaction between the two either, Arya was talking back to Roose in the book too, without his permission infact, and he decides to "humor" her, and not punish her for it. And Roose I'd say is just as brutal as Tywin. Tywin does punish his enemies harshly, but I've not gotten the impression that he's a sadist, except maybe when Tyrion is concerned, but that too is mostly to teach him lessons. And punishing a 12 year old serving girl would seem rather silly, warning her to show respect like Roose did in the books seems more like an apt response in my opinion. As for the change of Meera and Jojen not being there. It could be entirely possible that Bran will travel North of the wall with only Oosha and Hodor, Oosha taking the role of Meera/Jojen and Bran taking over Jojen's green dreams. I'm obviously hoping they show up in the next season though, which wouldn't surprise me, considering they'll have more time to explore the story with book 3 effectively being 20 episodes rather than 10. Brienne is great, just perfect I didn't like Jaquen after the first impression, but now I think he's spot on. Arya at Harrenhal is some of my favourite stuff from aCoK and Maisie is fantastic, really makes the story come alive to me, despite there being some changes. I agree with them killing of the tickler being a bit sad, because I love the scene with her and the hound in the inn when she kills him. But like some have mentioned the tickler probably won't be remembered by non book readers by that time anyways, it makes a lot of sense to have her hate him enough to kill him already. As for the two other deaths one of them will be Jaquen, but then getting changed to force him into helping her to save the northmen, the other .. who knows. All in all, I was a bit dissapointed by the first few episodes, but 4 was amazing, this one was great, and I can only see them getting better from here on out. So I'm stoked. *EDIT* Oh, and I don't much care for Yara/Asha either : / hope she gets better.