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  1. Yeah, at least in show universe, we should be tinfoil free from now on.
  2. "Thought you might still be rowing." QUOTE OF THE NIGHT!
  3. Agreed, again, so oddly timed. NOW she confronts him, after he's delivered Westerosi allies on the eve of conquering the Seven Kingdoms? Very strange decision by Dany/showrunners.
  4. Can anyone tell me what we are supposed to surmise or predict from the Arya-Nymeria pseudo reunion scene? It felt unfinished and odd. Is Arya realizing her way forward is not North since Nymeria rejected that idea? Just confused here.
  5. I went with 5, didn't build on some of the promise of last week, too much time on Missandei-Grey Worm sex and too little terrifying naval battle at the end, and the Arya-Nymeria reunion scene was mildly confusing and felt shoehorned in. A fast, confused episode with too much wheel spinning and not enough character moments or forward plot, but also not among the worst GOT episodes.
  6. I went with a 7, solid set up premiere episode with some highlights for me, and some weaker points as always. Liked: -even if it made her overpowered and perhaps felt a bit redundant since we had that great Walder Frey scene in Season 6, Arya's Frey elimination was still satisfying -Dany's very subtle homecoming: beautiful filming and no dialogue was the right way to go, too much bombast might have cheapened the significance and overwhelming emotion of the moment -Jamie/Cersei relationship complications from post-Baelor blast and then adding in Euron for extra complication -the Hound and BwB scene and Arya with Ed Sheeran & the Lannister Army - both scenes not really plot driven but were well acted and highly enjoyable Disliked -Oldtown montage was a touch too long and Sam's scenes in general feel like filler (especially gaining information the characters have already had from Stannis!) -Jon/Sansa dynamic I'm not completely sold on: I understand why they are slightly at odds and even can understand why Sansa would publicly undercut her brother based on who she learned politics and diplomacy from, but I felt those scenes were less strongly written or acted on the whole. Though I liked her reminding Jon that Ned and Robb had been honorable and just but stupid/trusting, and if he wants to survive he needs to be smarter. Neutral: -Bran and Meera arrive at The Wall: short scene with not much hint to Bran's future purpose and intentions, we'll see where this goes
  7. Sorry I think I got a bit confused and somehow fused the Jorah bit from episode 5 into this one, since I watched the back to back. Apologies for confusing people! That'll teach me to rewatch the previous outside before the new one...
  8. Shae could still fill that role, depending upon how things play out. But I think it stills leaves LF clear to be part of the PW plot: he thrives on chaos. And picking up Shae, whom he knows is Tyrion's whore, to deliver Tyrion's wife to him the night of the PW isn't totally far fetched.
  9. That makes a lot of sense. And we know LF is playing both sides, helping the Tyrells plan and execute the PW by playing Joffrey, but frustrating their plans initially since Sansa married to Loras doesn't suit his aims. LF was spectacular and chilling this episode. The monologue was so compelling, but almost hard to listen to, disturbed by the music and images of dead Ros.
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