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  1. Amazing episode! _O_ Wedding was great, I wonder what non book readers will think of this. Dreadfort was also great and the talking metween Tywon and Oberyn as well.
  2. I didn't like this ep as much as the others, but still a decent ep. The end was pretty epic and the Tywin/Joffrey scene was also pretty good. 7/10
  3. Pretty good! The scene with Littlefinger, Varys and Ros was EPIC! Brilliantly, with that voice-ver. Olenna + Tywin was great as well, amazing dialogues. The climb of the wall was also pretty cool, great atmoshpere. Parts with Jaime+Roose and Robb and Edmure were also pretty good. Bran s part was a bit less, but Meera was still pretty good. 8.5/10 > 8/10
  4. Amazing episode! Tywin was great and the battle between The Hound and Beric was awesome. Olenna was great as well. 'I like you boy but if you lie to me, I'll pull your guts out throuh your throat' :cool4:
  5. Amazing episode! Dany's part was absolutely amazing! And what about the NW part, wow. Such an amazing scene too. And the part's with Tywin/Cersei and Varys/Olenna were also gret. 9.5/10 !
  6. Pretty good episode! Love the ending. Also the Pod scene was pretty funny. Blackfish seemed cool to me, Edmure was also okay. They seem to let Ramsay be the goodguy just a little bit longer, can't wait for the turn in that. Also, Locke seemed like an interesting chaarcter as well. Don't really miss Vargo tbh.
  7. Pretty good episode. The Reeds were great. I liked their first scene together. Thoros and Anguy were also very cool, just like Orell. And well, Olenna Tyrell was amazing. Some hilarious moments at her scenes. So far the new characters, they're all pretty good imo. The storylines were very interesting, nice to see how thinks work out. Jaime was very hilarious as I expected. Such a shame Vargo Hoat isn't cast, but I will give this Locke a chance. The scene with Catelyn and Talsia was good to see, Cat's side of the Jon story. Speaking of Jon, his part wasn't very special today. Tyrion's story wasn't very spectauclar as well this time. Same for the Night's Watch, but it was good to see them again though. My favorite parts today were the ones with Bran and Arya. Pretty cool to see The Hound already and I'm really looking forward to their scenes together. 8/10
  8. Registered a few days ago, so it would me good to say hello. I'm from Holland, 18 years old and a big fan. I'm reading book 4 now so I have some stuff left before I'm gonna finish book 5 and there is also the show. i hope my english will me okay since it isn't my first language. :)
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