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  1. It seems like you didn't like AFFC/ADWD. :D Well, it is your opinion and you are entitled to it. One of my Unsullied friends almost stopped caring for GoT and he hasn't read the books. Seems like Obvious Olly and simple Dorne weren't an ideal replacement for actual storylines from the books. (Also, there is more to the Ironborn and Quentyn than the fact that the Ironborn provide Dany with ships and that Quentyn gets burned but that should be discussed in another topic.)
  2. I didn't mean Gendry, I meant relevant storylines such as Dorne, Iron Islands, Griff and Young Griff, a more complex Meereen, and this could easily be solved by cutting countless pointless scenes in this season (Grey Worm and Missandei; Olly; Sand Snakes). I do not aim to look for the bad things in the show, nor do I expect a 100% adaptation of the books, but there is no doubt the show has had a drop in quality compared to season 1's almost cinematic quality. What made the show so popular - complexity and heavy characters' moments - is so sparse now. I understand that there are much more people watching the show now, but is it a reason to drop the quality? Truly, can Loras be more than a generic gay knight? (I hope you get my point.) This is what I meant when I mentioned the quality of writing.
  3. I meant that in my opinion the show has gotten to a point where dialogues could be better, characters consistent and some story arcs more logical and complex (e.g. Dorne). When I compare the quality of writing from season 1 and this season, I see a considerable decrease in quality. It is not like people aren't intelligent enough to understand complex story development and character motivations or even remember a few more characters (I am talking about cutting storylines). The show, at this point, seems oversimplified to me. I realise that everything is written before being shot and I wasn't talking about Shireen's scene, that one was perfect and a highlight of the episode in my opinion. I am sorry if I wasn't clear enough/caused confusion. :)
  4. This was quite well-done. The strongest scene for me was the sacrifice of Shireen - everybody's acting was perfect and the scene before it with Stannis and his daughter was really intense as well. Stephen Dillane was absolutely amazing. This might be the most horrifying scene on GoT in a long while, for me even more tragic than Red Wedding. There were some illogical moments as well (Dorne and Ellaria in particular) and I think the writing definitely needs improvement. Daenerys's big scene was a little bit underwhelming. Even though the start was perfect and Jorah's bits were amazing, I (once again) got the feeling of a B-movie towards the very end of the episode. I did not like the Hollywood "Drogon, can't you recognize me?" moment. Overall, it was pretty solid and I liked it more than last week's episode. 9/10.
  5. This was a well-done episode compared to the previous one. I admired the directing by Miguel Sapochnik which transformed some passive and dialogue-based scenes into atmospheric and movie-like scenes that did not feel boring at all. If they had decided to adapt AFFC/ADWD material like this, it would have definitely been better for the show. It is a shame that they can't write an episode properly, without logical errors and facepalm moments. 7/10.
  6. After he met Asha when they arrived at Stannis's camp with Tycho Nestoris and told her his "incoherent" story, he was taken to face Stannis: We don't precisely know what happened between the moment he was taken to the king and the beginning of this chapter, I think, but I assume Stannis ordered Theon to be chained so that he could question him and get some information regarding Bolton's plans, the situation inside Winterfell, etc..
  7. According to a tweet from a NIFFF attendee, George read this 'Mercy' chapter today at his reading session. I wonder if (and when) he will read/release a new chapter from The Winds of Winter.
  8. 8/10. This was a really good episode, but it did not live up to the hype of being the best episode they have ever done. I enjoyed all of the actors' performances, mainly Rory McCann, Emilia Clarke and Lena Heady. I will comment on what I did not particularly like (I really enjoyed the episode and almost all of its scenes): It is a shame we did not see Jaime being true to what he told himself he would be doing when giving Brienne a task (I guess his instincts were strong); the whole fighting sequence with Bran and the wights was almost ridiculous - a child of the forest throwing fiery "bombs" at the wights? Jojen is dead on the show, which I guess happens sooner or later in the books (doesn't have to, but I think that there is a strong chance); Tywin's and Shae's deaths did not particularly move me, I expected a lot from these scenes, as the chapter in which this happens is my all-time favorite chapter of all the books, it is a shame they did not include Tysha. Overall, this was a very strong episode, but I liked other directors' work more than Alex Graves's. I like the books far more than the show, but it did not disappoint me at all. I am looking forward to the casting news for Season 5. Season 4: 7;10;8;9;10;8;9;10;9;8/10; the fourth season as a whole: 9/10.
  9. 9/10. The whole thing was very good and I had chills when Grenn and his companions had their speech while waiting for the giant to come at them. The acting was pretty amazing, too. I think they did justice to Ygritte dying and I am glad they did not kill off Ser Alliser or Tormund. This episode actually felt like something out of this season, the ending when Jon faces the sun on the northern side of the Wall was almost like reading the book. It was great, almost flawless. Give me the finale! (And I think that if they open with a rather long sequence of Jon talking to Mance, the moment from the books can be represented quite fine without the scene being in an episode completely devoted to the Wall; I hope Alex Graves keeps true to Marshall's style of directing.) Episodes 1-9: 7;10;8;9;10;8;9;10;9/10.
  10. 10/10. This episode was mind-blowing, when it ended I watched the credits in utter shock. Very good. Pedro Pascal was unbelievable and the whole duel scene definitely fulfilled my expectations. As for other scenes, Jorah's banishment was done nicely, I liked Emilia's acting and of course Iain Glen was incredible (as always); Moat Cailin was pretty good, I especially liked the shot of Bolton company arriving at Winterfell after that; I did not mind the Grey Worm and Missandei romance and I found it quite entertaining (more than the invented material around the Craster's Keep); I was just a little bit confused about Littlefinger being completely at the mercy of Sansa, but it wasn't a big issue and I was very happy to see Sansa's new look; I am not extremely enjoying Arya and Hound scenes, mainly because they are really trying to put a little bit of comedy into the show and it doesn't always work for me (the laughter and the jokes); but with this episode, they definitely delivered. A very well-done episode, with the duel scene and all the actors' performances in it being the ultimate highlight. Episodes 1-8: 7;10;8;9;10;8;9;10/10.
  11. 9/10. This was a great and well-paced follow-up to the previous episode. The last two scenes were just terrific (Pedro Pascal and Peter Dinklage in that scene and Aidan Gillen). I expect three mind-blowing episodes will end this season. Alik Sakharov did very well this year and I also liked those few mentions and references to the characters in the books which are not so important. Episodes 1-7: 7;10;8;9;10;8;9/10.
  12. 8/10. Peter Dinklage was just outstanding. The whole trial was done very well, I think and it flowed nicely, with staying true to the book. This is what the episode meant for me - Tyrion's trial. Shae was convincing and Tyrion's reactions and that speech were unbelievable. Such an emotionally full performance by Dinklage, this made up for him hardly appearing in previous episodes after the wedding. The other parts were well-done, but did not blow me away (I am not sure about Hazzea and Hizdahr, though the actor was perfect, they cast him suitably). Oberyn build-up was nice and we can certainly prepare for the pay-off of all his scenes. Overall, a superb episode with Dinklage's speech being the main highlight. Episodes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6: 7;10;8;9;10;8/10.
  13. 10/10. Well, this was a directional masterpiece. There were moments when I felt like looking at a Lord of the Rings illustration by Alan Lee. It was an episode that established so much without being boring or dragging and interpreted certain book moments incredibly. I loved the Eyrie scenes, Kate Dickie was stunning, as was Sophie Turner. The final showdown at Craster's was done very well, considering they had to finish some characters' story lines and move the plot forward (even if it was very different from what happened in the books). There were subtleties that set up the characters and plot for episodes that can be expected next season, what I consider to be a great decision (Daenerys', Cersei's and Oberyn's scenes). Top-notch acting, great photography and exceptional directing made this episode for me. Episodes 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5: 7;10;8;9;10/10.
  14. 9/10. Let's say Bryan Cogman did the source material justice and most of the changes were actually to the better and more fit to a screen story-telling. The scene with Brienne's departure was beautifully shot and masterfully acted and I like that they took their time to show all the emotions and motivations of Jaime and Brienne. The taking of Meereen was fabulous, the way that Targaryen banner was hanging over the harpy of Meereen was a really good way to go. There has been a lot of set-up as well, but I think Cogman's writing improved what could otherwise be boring or uninteresting - I particularly liked the changes they did with Locke joining the Night's Watch, the mutineers, Bran's little company and Ghost (those direwolves are great). It almost feels like they really want to efficiently end some story lines in this season so they can move on in following seasons without it being too packed. Littlefinger was amazing, that scene explained what happened at the wedding in an interesting way. What also pleased me were the little references from the books that had been thought to get cut. The one thing I was unsure about was the ending with the White Walkers (not that I would complain about the CGI or any aspect of cinematography, but we can already see little, however vague, spoilers from unpublished books creeping in). This was a very well-written and well-directed episode which gave us many important moments and some great action, while setting up some plot lines that needed to be set up before the real action arrives. Episodes 1, 2, 3 and 4: 7;10;8;9/10.
  15. 8/10. The immediate follow-up to the last episode's ending was greatly done, especially Sansa's escape and her meeting with Littlefinger. I was pleased by Lena's acting in the last episode and in this one she continues to do a brilliant job. The actor who really stood out for me in the Arya's scenes was Finbar Lynch as the farmer. John Bradley also did an amazing job, as well as Pedro Pascal and Charles Dance (I am very hopeful that the plot around Tyrion's trial and Elia will be great). Tyrion's farewell to Podrick was quite sad, to be honest. The Meereen scene was well-done, I liked almost everything about it (particularly Great Worm - Jacob Anderson did not disappoint so far; Dany's speech and her acting overall except a few weird close-up shots; Daario is good and serves the purpose, Huisman knows what he is doing and it sure looks like they are moving into A Dance With Dragons material this season, if not significantly plot-wise, then at least concerning characters' relationships and motivations; and it is good to see that they introduced Hizdahr as a familiar face). I really liked the episode, it was better than the premiere (at least regarding action scenes), but did not outdo the second episode in my eyes. There was some remarkable acting, visual quality and despite some moments of action (created mainly by photography, visual effects and momentary suspense), I see this episode as a conclusion to the previous episode and a quality build-up for the events to come. Episodes 1, 2 and 3: 7;10;8/10.
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