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  1. I like your ideas Seams regarding power, whores, horse. Seams. A while back I noticed that Cersei and other characters refer to women as fillies. Margery for example, I need to check and see if Cersei also refers to Marg..as a whore. She is encouraging the Kettleblack to ride the filly. So the idea of females and horses and power does make sense. I also like how you noticed Jon being considerate of his horse which I think he refers to it as " Lady". Sorry for typos, I am ill right now and my eyes are swollen and inflamed. I really should not even try to post till I can see but I wanted to thank you for this thread.
  2. Seams I have really enjoyed this thread and all the puns you have posted. Definite clues. Regarding the whores/horse word play. Tywin Lannister is not the only character to ride a horse inside a building. Bran ACOK Dancer was draped in bardings of snowy white wool emblazoned with the grey direwolf of House Stark, while Bran wore grey breeches and white doublet, his sleeves and collar trimmed with vair. Over his heart was his wolf’s-head brooch of silver and polished jet. He would sooner have had Summer than a silver wolf on his breast, but Ser Rodrik had been unyielding. The low stone steps balked Dancer only for a moment. When Bran urged her on, she took them easily. Beyond the wide oak-and-iron doors, eight long rows of trestle tables filled Winterfell’s Great Hall, four on each side of the center aisle. Men crowded shoulder to shoulder on the benches. “Stark!” they called as Bran trotted past, rising to their feet. “Winterfell! Winterfell!” He was old enough to know that it was not truly him t hey shouted for—it was the harvest they cheered, it was Robb and his victories, it was his lord father and his grandfather and all the Starks going back eight thousand years. Still, it made him swell with pride. For so long as it took him to ride the length of that hall he forgot that he was broken. Yet when he reached the dais, with every eye upon him, Osha and Hodor undid his straps and buckles, lifted him off Dancer’s back, and carried him to the high seat of his fathers. So I am not sure that whores/horses has so much to do with desecrating holy place. I wonder though if Martin is playing with us. " Where do whores go" asks Tyrion after Tywin says " Where ever whores go!" and we have a boy likened a few times to a " mule" in the story. HOdor! "Whore dooor?" Anyways I love your insights and the work you have put into this thead Seams. Well done.
  3. Loved this episode. Bryan Cogman did fantastic writing. Bringing the character Shireen from the book to TV... that little actress nailed it. I loved her interaction with Davos. I like the actor who is playing Davos..does a fine job. The credits where she sings Patchface's prophecy..excellent touch. Queen Selyse is a zealot and bat crazy..so the fetus in jars is one way of exposing it I guess. I also think like others that the fetus may be used instead of leaches later. :ack: Loved the bath scene with Brienne and Jaimie. Grey Worm and explaining the reason behind the names..perfect. Barristan and Jorah..great exchange and I think it might set up exposure of Jorah to Dany. Arya and Gendry made me cry. The hound and Beric..just that whole scene ..was so well done. This entire episode was really well done. If I had one bit of complaint it is the Rob scenes. I never understood why they had Rob laugh last episode when Edmure is trying to shoot the arrow. Its his grandfather's funeral and his Mother is upset..just seemed out of character for Rob to laugh then. Again this episode with Rob...oh well its TV not the books.
  4. Thank you Azador for excellent notes on the Barristan chapters. As to the Dothraki and Dany, I think I read that Khal Pono is now near Meeren with 30,000 strong Khalasar. I do believe Dany will have to deal with the remaining Khals before she can return to Meeren. I am hoping having one huge dragon will make short work of it so that she can return quickly to Meeren with more Dothraki following her. One curious aspect about them is that they use dragonbone bows which are very strong and hit targets much further than Westeros bows. I also think Dany must deal with the crones at Vaes Dothrak. She had a vision in HOU Beneath the Mother of Mountains a line of naked crones crept from a great lake and knelt shivering before her, their grey heads bowed. I am just hoping Barristan holds Meeren until she returns. I love his character.
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