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  1. I gave this episode a 10. It's probably the strongest of the season thus far, and I can't think of any serious problems with it. I'm not sure if the Bronn/Tyene will ultimately serve any purpose to story, but it was nice the see Sand Snakes getting a bit more characterization.
  2. 8. I really enjoyed most of the scenes, but the pacing was kind of awkward. If I didn't into account the fact that the last episodes are more akin to epilogues than big finales, the score would be a little lower. It would definitely have benefited with an extra 10-15 minutes. I understand not introducing LS, but I wish they would have at least included Arya's dream.
  3. I gave the episode a 10. Not exactly the direction I hoped they would go with the Red Wedding, but it was effective none the less.
  4. In a way, I think the way they killed Greywind was even more brutal than I envisioned. The poor guy didn't have a chance.
  5. Two reasons: to get his blood flowing before leeching him, and nudity for nudity's sake.
  6. Most TV viewers probably would not have seen Sansa's refusal to kneel as a sign of defiance to the Lannisters in general. They likely would have thought, "Wow, what a bitch. I hate her even more now."
  7. Excellent episode; I gave it a 9. The Sam the Slayer scene was legitimately suspenseful, and the wedding was pretty much perfect. It's about time they explained the meaning behind the Rains of Castamere.
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