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  1. Yep been going through it for the past 2 hours. The writers of game of thrones are some f'd up people You fucking wank it's one person. Officially hating the writers of game of thrones #redwedding UGH Fuck George Martin. Fuck game of thrones. Fuck the books. Fuck the.show. Fuck HBO. Fuck technology. Fuck my TV. Fuck everything. Fuck. Fuck. Better. RIP in peace Rob Snow #GoT bro do you even know what RIP means NEDDARD STARK JUST CAN'T CATCH A FUCKIN BREAK CAN HE lol neddard. retard Holy fucking shit they just killed Ron stark Ron. Hermione won't be happy Ron Stark got did! again im not sure she'd be happy about that Why kill Ron stark and fuck up the show, it was just getting good Excessively stupid now. There's actually more posts that say Ron. Catelyn screaming ROBBBBB wasn't enough the episode is amizing! I don't can believe,,, rod stark die,,, wtf lmfao rod If george martin or whatever sewers my boy john snow anytime in the future.. Actually I'm not gonna finish Ill most def end up in jail two seasons to go WHY THE FUCK DID I WATCH GAME OF THRONES NOW I'M CRYING LIKE A BITCH Can't stop reading these. lol'ing. Just waiting for their reaction when they find out Tywin did it all. HOW DO YOU LIKE HIM NOW Wish you could sue a tv show for emotional distress @GameOfThrones was getting sue in dey ass Lmao. I've had it with game of thrones after 2 episodes. STOP killing dogs dammit this bullshit has to stop Love how everyone is angry about the "dogs" too. pregnant woman dies? ok robb dies? ok mother dies? ok dog dies? OH HELL NAW Though I can understand. I wasn't that affected by Robb's death but Oberyn. Damn i still remember frantically re-reading the pages. WHY ARE YOU VOMITING TYRION HE'S FINE. Then rocking myself to sleep. I bet I will scream NOOO when i watch the ep
  2. Only complaint is that Roose looks like a punk, according to so many people. Roose running around? Seriously? Does anyone who read the books see this guy running, from even 1000 rhino's charging him down, let alone the way he did in last night's ep? Also the way he stabbed Robb, just jumping in an out. That's not Roose. Also I always imagined Robb on his knees and Roose stabbing him with a longsword through the chest. Other than that, pretty decent showing. Loving the non-book readers reactions, hilarious.
  3. Ugh yes that's true. Just waiting for Oberyn to shine. And then Ned Stark it but still.
  4. Thought that was a given. ep 9 - Red Wedding ep 10 - Purple wedding. Season closes with Tyrion being accused and restrained.
  5. Brienne actually thinks back on the fight and how epic Jaime actually was after having been starved for months, and with his hands chained during the fight. It wasn't meant to be so one sided. Also the Ned fight never happened with Jaime either - Jaime would've ripped him in half. One of the things that disappoints me is that they never mentioned how when Jaime realised the fight was lost against Robb, he cut his way through to kill Robb, and took down a lot of Robb's defenders, about 5-10 himself with very little opposition. Only 3 people are said to be a match for him when he's not starved and in chains.
  6. Maybe his eyesight isn't so great - the boat was quite far away if you look at the frame before he shot the arrow. He was looking at the flag for wind direction, yes. I'm so glad a tv-only viewer felt Jaime was untouchable. That fight with Brienne has people confused as to how excellent a swordsman he actually is. Ofc they'll believe what they want, but Brienne thinks back on how epic he actually was after having been starved for months with his hands chained.