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  1. I'm not sure if he is speaking of a person here, he may be referring to the herb Tansy which is an abortifacient and could have been given to Lysa. It's Catelyn who prompts Hoster's eyes to open when she says 'It is a monstrous cruel thing to lose a child'. This when Hoster first says 'Tansy. Forgive me...the blood...' , and then he says after Carelyn asks who is Tansy... does she still alive? Hoster replies 'Dead. You'll have others...trueborn'. It seems like Hoster is tuning in to certain words said by Catelyn and applying them some guilt he carries... possibly Lysa. It could also be some sort of twist such as you state. I find it unlikely, but it is an interesting thought. Especially considering her negative feelings and unfair judgement that Catelyn has of bastards. There is a woman named Tansy in one of the Arya chapters who lives in the riverlands.
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    Yes, I've also been concerned about this. Especially in regards to GrrM being affected by the desires of the more mainstream expectations of the screen watchers. I'm hoping Martin sticks to his method of the unconventional. If screen and book branch off in wildly different directions, so be it.