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    Why does [email protected] wear bunny ears in Meereen?

    Yes, exactly as John Suburbs says. It also has a more encompassing meaning. It's nothing only the ritual clothing she must wear, but the societal customs she needs to follow. Such as riding in a street-chair when she'd rather not.
  2. DireDancer

    POV's You'd Like to See?

    Yes! Perfect or timing for this as I am in the middle of a ADWD reread and just finished her chapter. I probably would have edited it, but you caught me out. I would certainly welcome More Melisandre.
  3. DireDancer

    Who's Watching Through the Dragon Skulls?

    Yes! I've been wondering about this how they could have missed this as Arya has frequent Wolf-dreams. I'm in the middle of a reread of DWD now, I'm sure grrm has left a wealth of clues I previously missed.
  4. DireDancer

    Who's Watching Through the Dragon Skulls?

    Yes, that's what I was thinking too- that something had occurred to synchronize them, or put them in the same camp. Regarding the FM, it does seem like they would be the enemy of R'hlor since the FM began as slaves to the dragonlords of Valyria, but since they revere many gods it's uncertain. I'm not sure if Arya will become a true follower of the FM as she's unable to let go of Needle..and by extension her family and herself. She seems to be there to gain power over her enemies and nothing more. It seems obvious, which makes me wonder what they want or need from Arya specifically. *A bit off course..sorry.
  5. DireDancer

    POV's You'd Like to See?

    Brynden Rivers, Melisandre, Qyburn, Euron, Jaqen, Mirri Maz Dur, Old Nan, Robert Baratheon, and Benjen. A prequel of the tourney at Harrenhal from Lyanna or Rhaegar.
  6. DireDancer

    Who's Watching Through the Dragon Skulls?

    Yes, quite possible. I was thinking of it in different terms. It almost seemed like there was something about Arya which opposed either dragons, Targaryens, god of light, or the inhabitants of the skulls. With her second visit it seemed like something had altered, whether it be as simple as herself growing stronger or something deeper. I just found the thought 'something here has no love for me..' to be of note coming from Arya.
  7. DireDancer

    Who's Watching Through the Dragon Skulls?

    I suppose the Targaryens would wish them to be remembered. A way to remind those who sought to dethrone them that they are the Dragonloards. Just like the Iron Throne, it's a warning. Interesting thought regarding the bones and if they would be subject to flame. Does the Fire Magic remain after life extinguished (?).
  8. DireDancer

    Who's Watching Through the Dragon Skulls?

    Arya was in the dragon vault twice. It was during her initial visit when she feels their hostility. With her second exposure to the skulls, she thinks that 'they almost feel like old friends..'. It seems to signify some change in her relationship with dragons or whoever is keeping watch within them.
  9. I'm not sure if he is speaking of a person here, he may be referring to the herb Tansy which is an abortifacient and could have been given to Lysa. It's Catelyn who prompts Hoster's eyes to open when she says 'It is a monstrous cruel thing to lose a child'. This when Hoster first says 'Tansy. Forgive me...the blood...' , and then he says after Carelyn asks who is Tansy... does she still alive? Hoster replies 'Dead. You'll have others...trueborn'. It seems like Hoster is tuning in to certain words said by Catelyn and applying them some guilt he carries... possibly Lysa. It could also be some sort of twist such as you state. I find it unlikely, but it is an interesting thought. Especially considering her negative feelings and unfair judgement that Catelyn has of bastards. There is a woman named Tansy in one of the Arya chapters who lives in the riverlands.
  10. DireDancer

    Re-read Project Resource Page

    Yes, I've also been concerned about this. Especially in regards to GrrM being affected by the desires of the more mainstream expectations of the screen watchers. I'm hoping Martin sticks to his method of the unconventional. If screen and book branch off in wildly different directions, so be it.