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  1. I love your writing so much!!! HILARIOUS. 1000000+ for use of the word "ganking."
  2. Seems to me they did via how they just did, via Tywin. Perhaps too subtle for most obsessed book readers. :)
  3. Loud and clear. But so many book readers here were too busy looking for "whitewashing/character assassination" opportunities so they could get their hate on towards the show some more, and clearly missed it. I also think Tywin was (mostly) lying to Cersei, because he knows she's working him, so he worked her right back, that way she wouldn't fight him anymore about marrying Loras. As far as the biggest OMFG moment of the episode for my unsullied friends who I watch with, was Lysa/LF being behind Jon Arryn's murder. Got to hand it to them, they pay attention. Loved that Ghost ate Rast's face off. Loved Jon making Karl literally reverse eat his sword. Loved Bran warging Hodor, and killing Locke (giant cheer from our entire living room.) Loved Pod telling Brienne about how he killed a Kingsguard to save Tyrion at the Blackwater. (Burning bunny! YUM!) Loved Dany's self-awareness discovery. Loved Bran being given a wonderful grownup-decision about how he couldn't have a moment with Jon as much as he wanted to. Loved the Jon/Ghost reunion. Loved Arya and the Hound - every moment. Want the spinoff.
  4. I wasn't aware there was an announcement that Coldhands had been cut. Could you link that please? Or did you get screeners for the entire season?
  5. While GoT has a giant budget even by HBO standards, they don't have The Hobbit's budget. :)
  6. If anyone has access to the April Vanity Fair, that has the GoT cover story...... The photo inside of Sansa where she's almost the center of the photo...... she's wearing the necklace, and the stone is missing. http://fashionaddictedfoodies.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/STARK-SHADOWS-Vanity-Fair.png Love that.
  7. Regarding Shae - I think they're going to threaten her into testifying by accusing her of of being an accomplice, and it's her only way of saving herself.
  8. I love Jamie so much…… and feel horrid for HOWLING at those. EDIT: I can't believe I finally caught up to the entire thread. :smug:
  9. Sometime within the 20min between when she took it, and Joffrey cutting the pie. My money is on Pie Time, when Margary put the goblet down after taking it from Joffrey.
  10. Doesn't matter. Cersei isn't the "Queen" after Robert dies, because women don't inherit in Westeros. It's why the Dornish have their Myrcella plot - because they do allow women to inherit.
  11. My guess is that, along with Lady Stoneheart, baby-eating dragons, Arya & The Hound part ways, Tyrion testing out becoming a serial-killer, and Bran meeting Blood Raven.
  12. Why is everyone so obsessed by this random sound? That sound you hear could be anything BUT Olenna dropping the Strangler into anything. Why? Because at that point, the dwarf joust hasn't even happened yet, let alone Joffrey pouring wine onto Tyrion's head, then demanding Tyrion be his cupbearer, Joffrey dropping the cup onto the floor and kicking it away from Tyrion, Sansa picking it up and handing the now very empty cup (since Joffrey poured it all on Tyrion), so how in Seven Hells would the poison still be in the cup at that point? And no, she didn't drop it into a shared wine carafe that everyone at the table was sharing. Random sound is random.
  13. Because this is a TV show, and a necklace is easier to shoot, allow someone else to touch and have the missing stone easily kept in frame and seen in the shot without having to shoot the back or top of Sansa's head. I thought the color was fine, considering how hard staying true to color is with video. (Green-eyed actors show up as blue-eyed a lot.) They're not going to spend post $$$$ on fixing the color for book fans when it's close enough, and there are dragons and Lady S to pay for.
  14. Why not? Most everything in Bran's vision was a literal event. Why would a dragon flying over KL not be a literal event to come? Bran is going to warg a dragon. And why can't the three heads be Jon, Bran, and Arya since they're all wargs?
  15. I guess you not only didn't watch the preview for ep 3, but also forgot this season has more eps to come.... And the fact the last frame of this ep was dead Joffrey, leaving everything that happens next (everyone's reactions and the aftermath) coming up in ep 3.. crazy, I know. And when she's stellar in the first scene this coming Sunday, because the reaction you're complaining about hasn't been aired yet because the ep cut off in the middle of the action, so we could relish dead Joffrey, what then?
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