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  1. End Puppy Related Sadness

  2. Think of it as Evolution in Action.

  3. You're never too young to have a Vietnam Flashback.

  4. I’m so right wing that when I buy Twix I throw the left one away.

  5. Will the real John Galt please stand up?

  6. The legend of D. Ray White will never die!

  7. my threat display makes me appear larger to potential predators

  8. Always livin' hard

  9. Welcome, Newcomers! Enjoy your time here, for those still reading- beware of spoilers!
  10. Hello Eric_20, Steer clear of General ASOIAF until you finish all the books, it's loaded with spoilers!
  11. Welcome, fireandbl00d! I look forward to hearing your ideas!
  12. u see me trollin'

  13. Welcome, Ser No One! See you in General (ASOIAF)!
  14. Welcome, newcomers! I look forward to hearing your ideas.
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