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  1. A F***ing men couldnt have said it better myself. The Reveal of LS should be done exactly how it is done in the books, chronologically-wise
  2. what leads you to believe that it will be unlikely that they will start where they left off?
  3. This scene, IMO, didnt replace the Crossroads Inn. I think they threw it in to illustrate Aryas badassness (for lack of better word) since they butchered the escape from harrenhal
  4. Dont get why the discussion about all the gayness is going this far (For the record im fine with it), especially since a show that has an abundance of sex/sex scenes, there is bound to be some homosexual activities as well. Edit:Cliff notes on this homosexual debate would be helpful
  5. yea cuz i remember in the book, it says something like "and hosteen slice through 3 of his 4 chins" and they never actually said that he died i kind of figured he didnt, just wanted to make sure
  6. didnt she claimed to be highborn? like when she is telling that story about when her brother almost drowned and a slave pushed her out of the way to save him and she was like "omg a slave pushed a highborn girl, thats punishable by death" ? either way her character sucks in the show, it is known
  7. def 10 The only thing that i thought they missed was when the Unsullied start chanting "Dracarys, Dracarys, Dracarys!" during the sacking
  8. Since there was no Strong Belwas introduced with Selmy, do you think he was cut completely? While he isnt a major character by any means, he does come into play in some crucial moments maybe he is one of the freed slaves that tags along after Dany sacks astapor?
  9. Yea if they somehow mess that up, I will not watch the show anymore no i still will watch it lol, but after they botched the battle of the blackwater im a little apprehensive
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