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  1. Went to the dentist for routine tooth cleaning this morning and found out I needed to get a filling replaced. When I got home, the new filling chipped off when I ate lunch. So I have to go back tomorrow. Edit: Went back and got it fixed. Then when I got home it chipped again. I'm tired of this.
  2. I wonder how long they will be depowered? I'm excited to find out what on Earth the gang will do without their powers.
  3. Oh dear, if S4 is the last season, I hope they don't make Allison the antagonist. I actually like how dark her arc was in S3 but as a villain she lacks a certain... hmm... excitement? My wishlist of things I want more of: Five kicking ass Sparrow Ben, or Umbrella Ben Vikto actually doing more with his power than just a glowy thing Diego Pogo I didn't add Sir Reginald to the list because he's obviously going to be big in S4, lol.
  4. Yeah, and the bit where they kept staring at him with a smile and the whole attitude of "oh my gosh, it's Ben" all the time was fun. I hope they don't kill him off in S4. I'm not completely on board the , but I'm willing to be persuaded. It really seems like they had a super fast romance that's doomed, but who know what will happen in the future? Re:the ending (I'll put it under spoilers now since it's still early and maybe most haven't watched until the last episode yet) All in all, I think it was a great season. I really want the continuation now.
  5. Just finished! Loved almost all of it and the ending was cliffhanger awesome, as expected. They always do that, lol. Lila really grew on me this Season. The only episode I thought was draggy was the 8th one. On the other hand, I would have liked a more epic showdown at the very end. I gotta say Sparrow Ben was a great addition. Though I kinda thought his tentacle powers would be better than what I saw.
  6. The new Season 3 of Umbrella Academy just dropped on Netflix. Previous season discussion - I'm watching S3 right now. I'll comment later when I'm done!
  7. Should someone make a thread for Umbrella Academy Season 3? I'll be watching soon! *crosses fingers that it will be good*
  8. I never liked the Wax and Wayne covers, but I like the series.
  9. Direct source, official statement from Nebula conference organizer SFWA - https://www.sfwa.org/2022/05/22/statement-removal-mercedes-lackey-nebula-conference/ Commentary: https://boundingintocomics.com/2022/05/24/mercedes-lackey-accused-of-racism-banned-from-nebula-awards/ In context, Lackey referred to writer Samuel R. Delany as "colored." "Delaney himself seems to have no problem with Lackey’s comments, posting to Facebook, “‘Colored ladies,’ was what my aunts Bessie and Sadie referred to themselves as, and I favored ‘black’ with a small B, because of my experiences in ’68, with the activists who changed the country from ‘Negro’ to Dr. Du Bois’s preferred term)." Edit: Lackey has already apologized for the blunder. https://mercedeslackeyblog.tumblr.com/post/685121410657566720/i-wish-to-apologize
  10. I heard Kickstarter went down five times because of all the traffic from Sanderson. BTW, he already had a previous Kickstarter in 2021 that made $6.7 million.
  11. Arcane on Netflix - absolutely amazed at the aesthetic and animation, but the characters were grating to me so I stopped watching at ep 4. I might return to finish it later.
  12. Sure, send me a free ebook copy. PM me, please. I should be able to review on goodreads and amazon when I'm done, but I already have four other books to review, lol. I'll put yours in the pile, okay?
  13. Just finished watching Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. Some random thoughts: I love me some Tony Leung but Fala Chen just looks way too young for him as a romantic interest. Chen is actually 49 which on paper is fine, but she looks like she's 30. Having said that, I do understand that his char is a lot older so its fits. And they couldn't have cast an actress in her 50s because she has kids. I guess this is just personal thing. On the other hand, Leung is leagues better in movie martial arts compared to the others which fits cuz he's supposed to be this badass 1,000-year-old. He's actually more believable than Simu Liu who's younger and more fit. Michelle Yeoh was a delight, as usual. The same with Awkwafina. I did not recognize Ben Kingsley, but I nonetheless loved him. And his pet. Or was the Mandarin the pet? LOL. I thought Simu Liu was quite charming. He's better in the action and comedic parts than the drama though. Something about the magical village looked weirdly CGI. I'm not good at technical movie bits so I can't pinpoint what was wrong with it, but it basically looked weirdly fake? Like uncanny valley for me. Overall, an entertaining movie.
  14. Ah spoilers are allowed so I don't have to spoiler tag. I know that the intent was to make Rand going off a happy ending, but since he doesn't really have a good relationship with the 3 gfs, to me it honestly reads like he's just off to be a deadbeat dad. You know, the type who's gonna be off doing god-knows-what while Elayne and Avi lead their people and Min serves Tuon.
  15. That is After all those books, the ending was a real letdown.
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