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  1. Gigei

    Still Looking for a Good Space Opera Series

    Indeed. I loved The Player of Games. The others in the series were hit or miss for me. RIP, Banks. Ah, I see no one mentioned the Heechee series by Frederik Pohl. The first book, Gateway, won the 1978 Hugo Award for Best Novel, the 1978 Locus Award for Best Novel, the 1977 Nebula Award for Best Novel, and the 1978 John W. Campbell Memorial Award for Best Science Fiction Novel. It's damned good but rather dated these days.
  2. Gigei

    Malazan: High House Shadow edition

    I really wanted to know their story! I thought the Tiste Andii navel-gazing was after their realm was destroyed and they were exiled, cast adrift with no home or purpose or god. I really looked forward to the prequel since I thought it was going to be a sort of non-stop clash of scheming nobles as the Tiste Lioson made trouble... but it was so boring I was never able to finish it.
  3. Roger Zelazny's Amber series (all 10), if I had to pick just one. lovely world great multiverse concept large cast of colorful characters kickass, interesting main character for first 5 books (Corwin) younger, more relatable character in the other 5 (Merlin) Luke stole the show from Merlin several times but in a good way fast-paced, fun dialogue scheming royal family... it's just so entertaining the magic (shadowalking, trumps) was very unique in the first half though there was a power creep in the magic of the second half, it was still interesting I thought Amber was cool. then I read about the Courts of Chaos. wow!
  4. Gigei

    Malazan: High House Shadow edition

    The battle at Pale is still great after 5x rereading. As for Karsa, my "Yawnsa" nickname for him pretty much encapsulates my reaction to him: just one big yawn. I tend to skim quickly over his parts. Yeah! To me, GotM has that cool factor and less introspection. Ah, yeah I thought Malazan sold well but the prequel did not. I worded my post wrong. Theoretically, Karsa should be a very interesting character but I personally feel that it's overdone. I like, roll my eyes whenever he appears. I do understand why other people would like that character.
  5. Gigei

    Malazan: High House Shadow edition

    Wow, I didn't know that Malazan sales were bad enough that the prequel trilogy had to be canceled. However, I do remember that I was never able to finish Forge of Darkness. GotM is still my favorite, Gotmisms and all. I am not sure whether I will read the Toblaki books since Yawnsa Orshort is my least favorite character in the series.
  6. Read this. Loved it. I never did closely examine the nature of ouroborans (spelling?) but what everyone wrote makes sense. Hmm, my own take on it is the same as some:
  7. Gigei

    Wheel of Time Discussion (Spoilers)

    Ah yes, that old Taimandred thing. I remember that. Good to know I wasn't imagining things back then. How is one supposed to navigate the stuff in http://blogs.cofc.edu/thetruesource/? I can't make heads or tails of it.
  8. Gigei

    RIP V.S. Naipaul

    Wow, immense wealth, a knighthood, a Nobel prize...and I've never heard of him.
  9. Gigei

    Evil and Dark Lords in fantasy

    Ah, no one mentioned Gerald Tarrant from the Coldfire trilogy. The books make the argument that if the collective unconscious of humanity was backed by a magical force, in this case called "the Fae" then Dark Lords would inevitably be produced.
  10. Finished it two days ago. Overall, great stuff. I particularly enjoyed the first half but the second half was a bit boring. Some random thoughts about it: Main cast was great except for Reileen Ortega had so much screen time but she did almost nothing except follow Kovacs around. All the detective stuff was passed off to her two fellow policemen. I'm not a fan of that. If you're gonna make her a main character, at least make her do something. It seems she was just there for eye candy and for Kovacs to have a relatable romantic interest. Having said that, I understand why they went for Ortega as Kovac's main love interest instead of Miriam. IIRC, in the books Kovacs was more into Miriam than Ortega, right? Kovacs drooling over hot Miriam like he did in the books would probably be a turnoff for TV viewers The brother sister plot was bizarre. Quell was actually okay for me at first even though they mixed her up with Viduara. The only problem was when they made her into the main love interest. Their romance fell flat for me. Loved the visuals of the city, the casting was mostly great, and wow, that one actor who was the grandma and two other characters was great CTAC are just soldiers in this setting? Hmmm, they didn't seem to do anything very Envoy-like at all I hope there will be more psychological manipulation and Sherlocking next time. Just having Kovacs kick ass physically doesn't do it for me. I prefer the way Envoys would mess things up via manipulating people I loved the part I look forward to the next season.
  11. Gigei

    Andrzej Sapkowski II

    Really? Ciri is the protagonist? Hmmm I read The Last Wish and Blood of Elves but she hasn't done anything so that seems strange to me.
  12. Gigei

    Andrzej Sapkowski II

    I saw two of the books in my local bookstore and snapped up The Last Wish and Blood of Elves. Alas, I had no idea there was a book in the middle of those two that I missed. I had already read some fan translated English work around ten or so years ago. The Last Wish was what I had read before and it's pretty interesting. The Blood of Elves was super confusing since it started in the middle for me (since I accidentally skipped a book, lol) and it's the first time I read about Triss. I was like "um Triss what? Isn't the witch Yennefer?" at first but gradually I realized that I had missed a chunk of the story... I loved the parts where they went back to the Witcher's stronghold/home. This was the first time I had read about a witcher who isn't Geralt. So Triss said that Geralt seemed aged? I always thought of him as pretty young-looking (what with him sleeping with 17-year-olds). How strange to think he might look like an old man now with facial wrinkles and all. BTW I have not played the video games. I also have not read the entire thread this time since I am afraid of spoilers. Just wanted to put my two cents in. I'll be back once I've finished the series.
  13. Gigei

    The Books That Have Just Come Out: New Release Thread

    I read Jemisin's first book and liked it but having said that, I totally understand it has a ton of flaws and weird content. We hashed that book over extensively in 2011. Robin Hobb's Fool's Quest - Very good stuff in it but it is the 2nd in a trilogy so it doesn't have an ending yet. This trilogy is also the third trilogy in the series so it's probably best to read the other 7 books first. Django Wexler's The Price of Valour - a fine book that continues the story with a great deal of action. This is a Naploeanic (guns and swords) fantasy army books series with lots of magic, too.   Thanks to everyone who posted, I have been looking for more good books to read.