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  1. If it's character driven, then isn't the setting not that important? Okay, let's try it another way. Which of these genres would you target to sell it to: Young Adult. Yes, YA is an option. There are YA novels set in grim, scary futuristic worlds. If your characters are in high school or younger. New Adult. Characters just started university, got their first job, or moved to a new state/country. Adult. Everything else, assuming your story isn't for children. Also, have you considered this - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hopepunk There is also a genre called climate fiction. Example: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Ministry_for_the_Future
  2. True Names by Vinge was incredible. RIP.
  3. Read the leaked emails. It comes as no surprise that the person who wrote that most censorship is self-censorship was correct.
  4. Oh no, that seems alarming. I hope Season 3 will still be good.
  5. Makes sense! It was just a nitpick anyway, I'm mostly enjoying the show.
  6. I'm confused. I thought a pilot was a navigator? The person who steers the ship is the helmsman, surely??? I understand that Blackthrone had to do the steering because of reasons, but why the is Rodriguez doing the steering on his shop which presumably has a full crew?
  7. Been watching Solo Leveling anime. I've read the webtoon. It's okay, but not as good as I remember. Villainess Level 99 (Akuyaku Reijou Level 99) is also good so far.
  8. Wow the exact performance I complained about is the one that got nominated (America Ferrera in Barbie). Just goes to show idk what people want. Apparently, people loved the rant.
  9. I saw the controversy over the ballots. It definitely looks manipulated and there have been no explanations on why certain people were deemed "ineligible".
  10. It's late, but here are the things I watched: Barbie - it was fun, loved the look of the Barbie world. I did not like America Ferrera's speech thing that she used to snap the hypnotized Barbies out of that state. I guess I liked 70% of it, which is good enough. The Super Mario Bros. Movie - surprisingly fun! I wasn't expecting much and I was very pleasantly surprised. Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves - wow, it was actually watchable, lol. I don't remember anything from it now so I guess it was forgettable, but I remember liking it when I watched
  11. Oh no. Well, I think it might be because it's really super heavy and dramatic? I mean, it lacks that element of fun, joy, and cozy that would balance out all the doom and gloom.
  12. Someone recommended For All Mankind to me, and I liked Joel Kinnaman in Altered carbon so I'm giving it a try. The first episode was strong, but the others, not so much. I guess I'll continue watching it, but it's not my favorite. Something about it isn't quite gelling for me. I'm at episode 6. Love the look of it though! The actors are also really good!
  13. I watched the two Spider-Man multiverse animated movies, since they're both on Netflix. I can't believe how cool the anarchist Spidey is! Enjoyed both of them a lot, but first is still my fave. Second seems really sad for some reason, and I was very confused when there was no ending.
  14. The Moghedien part was cheesy. I hope the next bits are better.
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