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  1. Ah spoilers are allowed so I don't have to spoiler tag. I know that the intent was to make Rand going off a happy ending, but since he doesn't really have a good relationship with the 3 gfs, to me it honestly reads like he's just off to be a deadbeat dad. You know, the type who's gonna be off doing god-knows-what while Elayne and Avi lead their people and Min serves Tuon.
  2. That is After all those books, the ending was a real letdown.
  3. I'm glad nonreaders seem to be watching. Amazon streaming numbers are great! Loved the 4th ep, but I'm afraid the Lan/Nyn scene was a miss for me. The dialogue just wasn't good enough. Why would Nyn remember that long of a speech when she doesn't know the language? Lan talking about Malkier was a bit too hopeful for me. Logain's actor was a great. I'm quite with everything overall. Maybe just gauging to see if they were going to hold or not since they were having trouble with the shield on Logain? ~Nope, I rewound it slower and saw that Kerene actually put a weave over Moiraine and Liandrin, saving them. WoT wiki says Kerene is actually stronger than both of them so I guess she knew they wouldn't have been able to block Logain's attack. It was very heroic. Too bad it was too fast for me to see the first time.
  4. Posting as I watch: Episode 3 - I feel like Lan is a lot smaller and less intimidating than I imagined him, but I'm okay if Lan is more of a speed/skill blademaster than a big, muscular guy. I like how they took time to show Nyn making an herbal poultice. Erm. Thom played to the crowd perfectly. Nice. I imagine he would have picked a more courtly song if he was singing for nobles. However, it seems out of character for him to take Matt's coins. The guy is a good actor though, I already like him. I'm afraid Rand isn't doing it for me. He looks perfect for it, but his acting isn't there yet. The tavern girl is a better actor than him, which is a pity because he's one of the main characters. Let's hope he grows into the role. Yeah, this time Egwene and Perrin do huddle up for warmth. I mentioned that last time. Overall, I'm happy with the series so far. WoT has a metric fuckton of Mirror Worlds anyway so I'm fine with the adaptation being different from the books.
  5. It seems like a plot hole to me. Yes, I have Sanderson's Reddit thread on episode one and on episode two saved. I'll read it after I finish. I'm on episode 3 now.
  6. Posting as I watch: Episode 2 - It's weird that the Whitecloaks are in white robes. They aren't Heralds from Mercedes Lackey's Valdemar series. Why do they have one armored arm? It looks bad. The horses' chanfrons (the bit over their faces) are okay though. Uh, why didn't the Yellow Sister channel to save herself? Egwene had a nice scene with Moiraine this time. A bat? What? If the Questioners can question people, why didn't he just ask "are you Aes Sedai?" and she wouldn't have been able to lie. Horrible acting in a Rand scene. I literally winced when he said "I could never hate you" and his face was blank like he was reciting from a script. It seems cold. Wouldn't they be better off huddling together when they sleep? OMG Shadar Logoth! I'm hyped! The city looks great. Loved the sequence when they ran from the Machin Shin.
  7. Posting as I watch: Episode 1 - slow start, locations looks great, clothes good, actors are okayish but I'm not blown away. I'm not a fan of the opening and closing narrations. Very watchable nonetheless, just don't expect too much. Surprisingly good chemistry with Moraine and Lan. Matt's actor is the best of the three wonder boys. Not sold on either Egwene or Nyn. Awesome part: the ending was good enough that I was really motivated to watch the next episode. I'm satisfied so far.
  8. Thanks for the review Werthead! I'll take our own Werthead's review over the others which I'm not gonna read because of spoilers. I don't I need the advance reviews since there's absolutely no way I wouldn't watch this, hahaha. I'm 100% in, and I'll make up my own mind whether I like it or not.
  9. I think you need some Roger Zelazny in your life. Have you read his Amber series?
  10. Okay, but I must note that the inspired by mythology. The Mahabharata, for example, is a very over-the-top in its fight scenes. That's how classic fantasy/mythological stories are supposed to be. As for recs, you could read the works Will Wight stole ideas from was inspired by that he enumerated on his blog. You can also read the free stuff at Royalroad - https://www.royalroad.com/home Scroll down to the "BEST COMPLETED" tab and start with those or just pick any story that suits your fancy. On Amazon, I've read Street Cultivation. Unlike most of the other cultivation books, this one urban fantasy. For webcomics/manga, I recommend Solo Leveling.
  11. An adaptation doesn't have to be faithful to be good. The Magicians TV series was quite different from the source material but the fans still liked it since it had some great chemistry. I'll just consider this an unfaithful adaptation and roll with it. It honestly doesn't matter to me if it's true that It's not the books, it's a TV show. What matters is if the show is entertaining. After all, there are many worlds in WoT. This could be one of those iterations.
  12. Will Wight's Cradle books are Westernized Xianxia. Basically, supernatural martial arts with lots of training and fighting. https://www.willwight.com/a-blog-of-dubious-intent/the-ancestors-of-cradle As for what Xianxia is, it's a whole genre that's popular in Mainland/Greater China https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/SpiritCultivationGenre How so? There's nothing particularly offensive or objectionable in progression fantasy.
  13. Yes, but he needs to publish first, then give it away for free if he wants to. The other way around won't work since it will raise copyright issues. Edit: Free review copies are fine, but not published here in a public forum where the Amazon/google/etc. bots can crawl it.
  14. No. If you do that, the Amazon bot will pick it up and you'll have problems publishing on KDP since it's already been published online for free. I did the same thing and got an email from KDP content review team: Then you will need to spend days going back and forth with what is probably another bot until you finally get through to a real human.
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