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  1. Gigei

    profile photo size

    Thanks. I did some tweaking and it looks better now. Just that I searched but couldn't find the info on sizing.
  2. Let me know if it works out for you. I might join when I finish my novel.
  3. Gigei

    profile photo size

    Hiya. What is the best profile photo size? Mine is turning out blurry.
  4. Hiya, the Supervillainy Saga link on your sig doesn't work.
  5. That's crazy. They should be doing a Kindle Unlimited type of compensation/subscription if they are allowing returns of digital products.
  6. This is the only one I know of that does good critique but I've never used it myself. http://www.critters.org/c/about.ht
  7. I guess we need to spoiler tag everything since Alice in Borderland is newly released and because the suspense is part of the show's appeal. It was well done. I'm not complaining, just saying that I've read/watched a lot of this sort of survival game genre and this is to be expected. In general, watchers/readers can pretty much guess the ending but the journey to get there is still entertaining. Note: this is speculation based on themes, not an actual spoiler This is an actual spoiler for the early episodes:
  8. I watched up to episode 3 of Alice in Borderland then stopped. I just know this won't have any ending since there's only 8 eps. I'm afraid I've watched/read too many of these Japanese survival game manga/anime since it seems that I know how the games are gonna play out before it happens. I'm taking break before I watch the rest of the episodes.
  9. OMG this is outrageous! The mouse must be trying to wear down an old and very sick man with their bs. It's not like Disney doesn't have the spare money to pay the royalties.
  10. Ouch, yes, in retrospect that is true! I never thought of that but I see it now that it's been pointed out.
  11. It's really weird because Mistborn has 1 million words and I can pretty much remember everything in it but Stormlight is a total blank even though the first 3 books are also 1 million words.
  12. Oh, that's good then. Yes, I agree that the second book is the best. I will definitely have to check those out. City of Blades, the second book in the Divine Cities was also really good. The main character Turyin, a retired general, is very interesting. The plot moved along very nicely, too. I enjoyed how the various countries are now moving on technologically. It took me a few days to finish City of Miracles (the last book in the Divine Cities series) by Robert Jackson Bennett. I'm afraid I don't like it as much as the other books. Sigurd was fine as an interesting side character but making him the main POV character did not work for me. I think the difference is that both Shana and Turyin are very driven, idealistic leaders while Sigurd is a depressed warrior who prefers to be lead. It's still a good book, just not as good as the other ones, IMO. I'm really glad I discovered this series.
  13. Idk whether I can bear to read this since I have totally forgotten the other books. Le sigh. I tried the summaries but it's not doing it for me. I guess I'll have to reread or at least skim from the start.
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