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  1. I just finished The Poppy War by RF Kuang. Great book, idk why I didn't read it earlier. I was laughing a bit at one of the characters being named Nezha. I mean, it's so cuuuuuute! I'm not sure if non-Chinese people know about Nezha but he's a mythological figure who is often depicted as a young, playful boy child. *laughs* Anyway, I'm off to read the second books. This is an ending spoiler, you might not want to read this: Speculation/prediction about the next book. As for the Empress, Su Daji, I'm off to read more! The third and final book is due for release in November.
  2. As I understand it, to a normal, untrained person (i.e. we the viewers) the weirding way looks like teleportation. I've always imagined it as people just suddenly falling down dead/incapacitated since regular people wouldn't even be able to see the movements. It would be like the Quicksilver scenes from the X-Men movies where, from the other's POV, every enemy in the room just fell down.
  3. I just wanna clarify that I never said or thought that Rebecca Ferguson is hideous. Yeah, I feel like the eye thing isn't creepy enough. In the books, they are "blue" but a dark, dark blue. So dark that indoors they look almost black. Not the glowy light blue kind. Hmm, I was trying to think of what my favorite bit in Dune is but these are all internal thoughts and background stuff like the Mentats. I'll be satisfied as long ad the movie isn't a yawnfest.
  4. I guess it could be more of a baby worm. I know. As I said, it's my headcanon. It's a minor thing. The important thing is that they make Jessica and the Bene Gesserit believable as sexy space witches. I feel that the trailer leans too much into the nun part but it's only a trailer. A warrior Jessica? Well, there's no reason why she couldn't be a warrior, I guess. That's pretty canon for Bene Gesserit, afaik.
  5. I also thought it was weird that the baby survived.
  6. I just saw the trailer. Looks great. I'm not sure how a non-Dune reader would view it but I am satisfied with the aesthetics of the trailer. I'm not into the new Lady Jessica. My headcannon has always been her being a super hot red-headed MILF type while the trailer has Rebecca Ferguson dressed up more as a nun type. Hmm. That's just a minor thing though. Stillsuits looked okay. Disappointed by the Eyes of Ibad not being all blue. I thought the worms are bigger than that. I've totally forgotten what spice/melange actually looks like, lol. I should reread Dune before the movie comes out.
  7. I guess it might help but only very, very slightly. To get back into the Seven will need a lot more than that.
  8. It was mixed for me. Sadly, the titular Boys were boring for me this episode. The Seven were quite exciting. I normally like Frenchie but he hasn't done much this season. I laughed at all the girlfriend interviews interspersed throughout. How is marriage going to save The Deep's image?
  9. I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop regarding Noir.
  10. I read a spoiler that in the comics. the Deep's demand for Starlight to give him a blowjob played out differently in the comics. I wonder why they changed it.
  11. I forgot to say that I was actually very excited when Blindspot was introduced. I mean, an Asian Daredevil in the Seven?! Great stuff. But then... you know. *sigh*
  12. I'm afraid that as a non-American, I had no idea that Stormfront was a Nazi website. I'm not sure what's up with her though I distrusted her from the first. Her whole "I'm an anti-Vought nonconformist straight-shooter" shtick seemed extremely fake to me. I mean, if everything she was saying was what she really believes, then why the fuck would she even join the Seven? She would be out doing her own thing instead of selling out to make bank in the corporate world. Nonetheless, I was still pretty shocked when she just murdered those bystanders in cold blood. Killing the target (and enjoying it) wasn't a shock though. Episode 1 was a yawn but by the third I was really into this season. When they showed Liberty in one magazine image, I thought she might be Becca. Perhaps Homelander picked her to bear his child because she also has powers? I must say that the actor who plays Homelander is doing one hell of a job. He's super creepy yet very believable. Chace Crawford was also really funny. Overall, I think they have a great cast.
  13. LOL, I've been trying to erase some parts of the Wild Cards storyline from my mind and this brought back some of them... I feel like Fortunato would be a "good" villain/antihero if we just got glimpses of the guy but actually getting Fortunato chapters is annoying instead of interesting
  14. I didn't even watch more than one episode of the second season because it was that bad.
  15. I suggest you stick it out at least until the end of the book. You might find some other characters you like. Zelazny is the best writer of the bunch and his stories are the best Wild Cards stories. You could go and check out only the books with Zelazny Sleeper stories in them... so that would be Books 2 and 5. Book 5 is amazing, IMO. Martin's stories are also good. Tachy could create a cure faster than normal because his people were the ones who created the virus. I think I remember that in the first few days of the virus people simply had no idea what the heck was happening. People just randomly died, became monsters, or got superpowers. Later on people start to understand how the virus works but in the beginning, yeah it was chaos. Stories can be hit or miss. I personally hated some parts (Sewer Jack, Fortunato) but it was worth reading the books because of the good parts.
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