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  1. Back to the topic of Chatgpt, I have been using it for various random tasks. For example, I if I want a pun, I can ask it instead of using a pun generator and it will spit out a pun that is perfect for my topic. It can answer questions and basically replace google if it's trained well enough. Example:
  2. Finished Foundation. I heard it was bad so I didn't watch when it was airing. Lee Pace was excellent and his bits of the story (Empire) were the best by far. The Terminus and Gaal/Seldon bits were awful, sadly.
  3. Just finished Interview with the Vampire. It was okay, but I read the books so it was really weird for me since they pretty much changed everything about it. Why even license a story when you're just going to make it totally different? The standout is Lestat though, which is exactly as it should be. I don't hate it. I will refrain from spoilers so here are some general thoughts: I understand why they changed Louis, but it just didn't work for me. All of Lestat's lovers have been "good" people so making Louis into a brawler pimp doesn't do it for me. They aged up Claudia which drastically changed her story. Or maybe just the dynamic. She can kinda pass for an older teen with some makeup and whatnot which was impossible for book Claudia who was only 5 years old. Vampires in the tv version can have sex, and I'm okay with that. The only thing I'm concerned about is that Claudia is way too old. Book spoiler:
  4. I finished The Golden Enclaves. The book is pretty new so I'll put my thoughts inside a spoiler tag. Despite not floor, I still give it a five out of five stars.
  5. Overall I think the season was good. I certainly looked forward to watching each episode. The ending was a bit meh, but I expect the 2nd season will have much more action and, hopefully, no more huge timejumps.
  6. Apparently, they cut the scene where Daemon comforts his kids.
  7. This is the first episode I didn't like. I yawned through most of it though there were some good parts. Leanor and Laena were both good and Rhaenyra was okay. I feel like a little happy interlude next episode would be nice. Right before all hell breaks loose, obviously.
  8. I liked it except for Daemon killing his wife and the wedding murder. I don't even mind that a Kingsguard straight up beat someone to death, but not in the middle of a wedding where everyone could see. That strains credulity.
  9. I'm loving The Serpent Queen. It's so hammy and deliciously over-the-top! Love the costumes and sets, too.
  10. The Sunne in Splendour by Sharon Kay Penman - I'm told GRRM was inspired by this. I can definitely see why! The reviews make it seems like it's Richard III book, but I'm at the 2/3rd point where it's pretty much a lot characters, notably Edward IV, plus Richard. The author seems to be a a Yorkist since the Lancastrians are always depicted as cruel. I mean, is there even any source that says Edward of Lancaster sexually abused his wife? AFAIK, there isn't and there's even some doubt whether their marriage was even consummated. There's so much bias it's hard for me to like it.
  11. I liked it except for the final battle. Everyone already said the same thing, it just seems unbelievable.
  12. Oh dear, I didn't realize it was that kind of book. Hmm, I'm looking for a faster-paced epic fantasy with a little bit more action.
  13. Yes, it's the same genre, but Cradle is a lot better, IMO.
  14. I was reading The Shadow of What Was Lost then stopped because there was a long travel arc. I no longer have enough patience to read that. The story so far wasn't wowing me anyway.
  15. I thought Dreadgod was the last! So there's more? On Amazon it says 11 of 11.
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