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  1. Pike already looks amazing Zoe specifically has a tough role since she's got to be tough and funny as hell. Unless they rewrite Nyn to be non-comedic. And, you know basically Lan falls madly in love with her in just a few days. It's like when I watched the Miss Saigon "making of" video and they say "She must be the most wonderful girl on stage because you must understand that the guy is going to fall in love with her at first sight." Hmm, I guess for the other Two Rivers people it's just general teenaged drama so it's easier, IMO. And because Nyn is my favorite char so I was looking at her the most.
  2. I just saw the trailer, and came straight here to talk about it. Pike looked amazing, but the trailer was cheesy as hell. I'm obviously still going to watch it, of course! I actually love it in a non-ironic way. Zoƫ Robins is not doing it for me, but I'm willing to be persuaded that she's a good choice for my favorite character. What matters is that she has good chemistry with the other people in the main cast. At this point, I am willing to concede that certain characters will definitely not be what I imagined, so all I ask is that I be entertained. P.S. Lan is looking fiiiiine!
  3. Thanks for the input. I'll probably try the last book just to find out the ending. I haven't got much to read anyway.
  4. It's weird. I really thought I'd like it and there were so many good reviews, but it just never caught my attention enough. Hmmm. The series is finished, right? How good is the ending?
  5. Glad you liked it! I came across it by chance and thought it would be good to share.
  6. Just finished reading Ninefox Gambit (The Machineries of Empire #1) by Yoon Ha Lee. I didn't like it, which is surprising because the summary and the premise of the story seemed like it was something I would absolutely love. Unfortunately, it wasn't great. Despite all the action, I was totally bored of the entire book throughout the whole time that I was reading. I had to force myself to finish it. One thing that I felt worked against it was that there was no real tension. I never felt at any moment that the main character was in any real danger of failing. The first chapter was exceedingly confusing. Now, I'm no stranger to weird new terminologies, but it was over the top. Worse, I felt as though all of the pseudoscientific terms were just gibberish pasted over magical shenanigans, not real science. In addition, there was a lot of talk about mathematics and calculations, but nothing ever came of it nor was it ever really explored. It's just something like "she calculated the optimal formation" and that was that. Even though I've complained a lot about it, I do appreciate the fact that this book is trying hard to be new and epic. Maybe the next books will be better? I generally do like the setting, and I'm open to perhaps reading more books. Maybe I'll pick up the last book just to find out what happens in the end.
  7. Hi guys, there's a free extra on the author's website here: https://www.sachakraborty.com/extras.html It's going to be removed when the official audio collection is published, so read or save it as soon as you can. The epilogue is Dara's POV and it's after the last book.
  8. Gosh, sounds brutal. The closest thing to that that I can recall was a series of photos I saw about people shaving women's heads after the war because they allegedly had sex with the German soldiers. The Shaved Woman of Chartres
  9. I only know the comic. There is apparently a novel with an official English translation, but there a tons of illegal websites that copied the content. Are you sure you didn't accidentally read it on one of those? That would explain why it got cut off - those websites aren't the best.
  10. Let's not make it complicated. Do you admire the good training montage? Have you ever thought to yourself "I wish the books had more of this"? Well, Progression Fantasy is exactly that. Imagine a story where the whole point of this to have tons of training montages and battles where the protagonist can show off his or her latest, most awesome new skills/powers. If you're interested in reading something, I suggest the web comic Solo Leveling aka Only I Level Up.
  11. I actually really love the trailer! The setting, clothes, and effects seem fine to me. The only thing I'm worried about is that the cast seems full of relative unknowns. I hope the actors do a good job and I'll definitely be watching.
  12. They already have a cover, it's on their sig.
  13. Nah, just put everyone's names on the cover! I mean, like this https://www.amazon.com/Beyond-Pale-Anthology-Jim-Butcher/dp/0989448738
  14. No idea about "problems" (you mean like legal problems?) but that would be confusing for the reader. Whichever author name/s will be listed on Amazon should be what's on the cover. Otherwise, people will hesitate to buy since the cover author name and listed author name are different. It would look like someone accidentally uploaded the wrong book! On the back matter there is an "About ____" page where you can include a line saying "_____ (pen name), whose real name is _____, lives in Nebraska with his two dogs, three cats, and one parakeert." if you want to put your real name.
  15. Don't worry! The days of difficult self-publishing are totally over! I just used a simple LibreOffice document with Kindle Create. All you have to do is this - https://kdp.amazon.com/en_US/help/topic/GYVL2CASGU9ACFVU
  16. Thank you! *nods* One hour of productive/creative work is better than ten hours of writer's block!
  17. I generally liked the Shadow and Bone trilogy for the setting, but the male and female leads could be more interesting. It showed potential so I'm open to reading the author's next books. I haven't watched the Netflix series.
  18. Wow, just went over the discord for Scribblehub writers and they told me most self-published books only sell like 3-10 books on launch so I'm actually doing well with 20 books sold so far (as of today). Most of the income they make is through Patreon and Kindle Unlimited (KU). I'm not on KU since it requires exclusivity.
  19. I have been writing but I hurt my right arm so I've been looking into dictation software. Any recs?
  20. For those with unpublished manuscripts, there's an interesting contest that you only need to submit 1,250 words for. Feb 21 deadline. https://www.firstpagesprize.com/ The 2021 Prize will support FIVE emerging writers with cash awards totalling US $5,000 and developmental editing. Top 3 winners receive an agent consultation. I am not affiliated with them in any way.
  21. I think you nailed it. BTW, the Netflix series based on her story, Inventing Anna, sounds as exciting as watching paint dry but, who knows, maybe it will be good.
  22. I also read that! Yes, it's a good one. Is it just me or does Elle Dee really come off as insufferably smug and even mean? That was the only article that actually made me feel sorry for Anna instead of the people she scammed.
  23. I read the longform article about that and it was long enough. https://www.thecut.com/2018/05/how-anna-delvey-tricked-new-york.html There are other articles but I think that one was the best. The personal account by the author of the books is this https://www.vanityfair.com/news/2018/04/my-misadventure-with-the-magician-of-manhattan
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    Thanks. I did some tweaking and it looks better now. Just that I searched but couldn't find the info on sizing.
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