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  1. Lots of bad reviews for this episode. I liked it a lot more than the last, my only major contention is that they spend more time on Shae than I care about. I have it a 7, as I really liked the characterization that was provided (outside Shae) and they're really doing justice to Daenarys and Jon recently, which is a good thing since a lot of people complained about how they were handled prior to this. The good -Tormund showing his humorous side and talking about sex Daenarys actually acting like a queen, and being an overall badass Jon showing that he cares at least somewhat about the wildlings, and showing an intelligent likeable side Roose Bolton getting more time, and preluding to the RW and his betrayal Jamie and Pycell's conversation was awesome The average Ramsay and Theon. I know most people hate how much time this has received, but to me, the Winterfell arc in Dance of Dragons is my favorite arc in the books, so I love seeing Ramsay being evil, even if it's a bit much at this point. The Bear Fight. It was short, but what WAS there was actually pretty good. I never realized people were so passionate about this part of the books, I never really cared about it that much to be honest. Tywin and Joffrey. It wasn't a bad discussion, but I don't feel like it served a whole lot of purpose outside possibly hyping Daenarys. I was expecting Joffrey to be a douche more than he was to be honest. The Bad Shae. I get they're trying to set up some stuff in the next season, but they spend too much time on this storyline which is really unimportant in the grand scheme of things. Sansa's scenes. I don't think they're written terribly, but I every time I watch Sansa and Margaery this season, I feel like the girl playing Margaery is out-acting Sansa so much it ruins the scene. I don't feel the fear and sense of isolation that I should from the girl playing Sansa. I partly blame writing here, but I still don't think it's really been shown (at least in a believable way) how scared Sansa is of the politics going on in King's landing.