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  1. By those who are crazy about the books. Tastes vary, I suppose.
  2. I gave it a 3. It was disappointing. Not the way it was filmed, but the way the plot went. Arya almost reaching her mother and brother, almost reaching Rob's wolf, but not getting to them. Jon being right outside of where Bran and Rickon were, without seeing them. All those "almosts." Just sad, disappointing, unsatisfying. I guess I'm glad I never read the books. The storyline just isn't all that it's said to be. Plus, this episode was switching back and forth between locations every couple of minutes. And that Dario Naharis guy with his few little scratches to his girly face was just laughable. The best part were the scenes with Edmure and Roslyn looking at each other.
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    [Book Spoilers] EP305 Discussion

    Agree completely! Surprisingly, no one has started a topic for that scene yet. I tried this morning but they never posted it, I have no idea why.