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  1. Words of Winter

    How would you rate episode 406?

    I wrote my critique before reading any comments. Kind of funny the comment directly before mine directly contradicts my argument. I believe parts of it didn't flow well but others do. Tomato-Tomato, I guess. Edit: grammar
  2. Words of Winter

    How would you rate episode 406?

    I gave it a 9. Too much nudity. Brothel scene was fine. Ramsey scene did not add anything. He should have killed her after the act and then the blood on his chest would have been more disturbing and the scene would have meaning beyond bow-chicka-bow-ow. (perv quotient.) I understood the Yara/Asha scene was actually more to show the "death" of the Theon her brother, but the escape/retreat didn't flow well. It was a "WTF, did I miss something?" break, in my mind, similar to the poor introduction of Barriston Selmy last season. He shows up, fights Jorah and is 15 feet away with Jorah holding him and all of the sudden he daggers the mantacor. It didn't flow very well is what I'm saying. Tyrion and Davos saved the show for a 9.
  3. Words of Winter

    How would you rate episode 401?

    I gave it an 8. It was solid. I did not like the Thenns. It will make an awkward situation if they follow the book. The Thenns were not cannibals, but I don't think it is absolutely necessary that a Thenn follows through with what is in the books. I think the Arya scene was about as good as they could do because it reintroduces the 2nd sword Stark named sword. Of course the first is now two Lannister swords.
  4. Words of Winter

    How would you rate episode 309?

    In short, I don't think the scale of the RW translated well. It should have been more epoch. I gave it an 8. I was disappointed in their adaptation.
  5. Words of Winter

    [Book Spoilers] EP308 Discussion

    I don't see the resemblance and from the books we know Jaqen/Pate will be at the Citadel while Daario is across the world in Essos.
  6. Words of Winter

    [Book Spoilers] EP308 Discussion

    I don't know. I think we will get Balon because the S 3 preview had Yara/Asha walking and looking pissed. I assume that she is walking briskly because someone lost his balance. I know the a theory exists that a FM is responsible for the Balon's death and that that FM is Jaqen, but I have re read the books and I can't put it together. Does anyone know a good thread using book sources as evidence that a FM, and especially Jaqen is responsible?
  7. Words of Winter

    [Book Spoilers] EP308 Discussion

    I seem to recall Tywin in the show saying Cersei and Loras will wed after Joffrey's royal wedding so it doesn't take away from that. We know what happens at that wedding, so maybe Tywin doesn't force the issue or doesn't have time because his own son is accused of killing the king. Then he gets a really sharp pain in his bowels . . .
  8. Words of Winter

    [Book Spoilers] EP308 Discussion

    Maybe she just wanted some. I thought the nudity scene was too long. I was like, ok you're naked, awesome, but we got things to do as well. Stannis looked a little PO'd when his get-it-on woman was getting-in-on with Baratheon 2.0 which made up for it. you would think he would say Joffrey's name first, like in the books. In the books, there was some hesitation before throwing the Robb starck voo-doo leach in the fire. But TV =/= books. I need to keep telling myself this.
  9. Words of Winter

    [Book Spoilers] EP308 Discussion

    It is an American Holiday where we honor the fallen soldiers. It has also become the unofficial start to summer in the US. As such it is a 3 day weekend for most people and people travel, go to the beach, bar-b-que, etc while others remember those who have died in service to the country. As a practical matter, S2 Ep9, Blackwater, had the lowest ratings last year, even though it was one of the best because it was on memorial day weekend. Thus they are taking a 1 week hiatus.
  10. Words of Winter

    How would you rate episode 308?

    I am writing this before reading any comments. I gave it a solid 8. A good solid hour of TV. Some low points, some high points, some other points ..., but overall a good solid hour of entertainment. Pros Sam the Slayer Hound/Arya, Wedding Raynes of Castamere detail (although slightly altered from the books) I even enjoyed TVyrion (TVyrion is the whitewashed TV Tyrion. I now consider him too different to be Tyrion.) Genealogy Web, not tree. (I'm sorry, but I'm a guy, liked the Dany and Mel scenes.) (Liked the rational for the Mel swooning Gendry to get unsullied ripe blood. I even like Dany teasing allegiance with her own nakedness) Baby naming - Craster - Sam's Face. Randall - Sam's response. In my head I heard him thinking, 'Gee, Gilly, some names are best not taken, like Craster, Randall, Adolf, Pol Pot, Lucifer.' Cons The Mel nakedness was a little too long. Daario feels kind of smarmy, but I guess that is how I should feel about him. Joffrey was a little overdone (especially his breathing at the knife scene) The Gendry sacrifice seemed anticlimactical or out of position regarding because leeches, not that big of deal. Did not mention they were going to burn him. Sansa -They should have upped the age or changed the reasoning. She looks way too old for 14, but I could be wrong. Meh Changes Riverrun to Twins - shortening the round about Hound Area journey. Changing up the details of the Raynes of Castamere. (I know the song is Rains of Castamere. Raynes is the family) At first I was meh about he baby name because it is bad luck to name a child till its 2nd name day, but it became kind of funny. (See above) Double Pro: Sam the Slayer - He has the best icebreaker around. Puddles RIP(ieces) FWIW: Ep 1 8+ | Ep 2 - 6 | Ep 3 - 9 | Ep 4 - 9+| Ep 5 -7 | Ep 6 - 4 | Ep 7 - 7 | Ep 8 - 8 |
  11. Words of Winter

    [Book Spoilers] EP307 Discussion

    I agree with people who complain about Tyrion's whitewashing. At this point, TV Tyrion is a completely different character than the book Tyrion. I will begin calling him TVyrion.
  12. Words of Winter

    How would you rate episode 307?

    I was waffling between 7 and 8. I gave it a 7 because I was expecting more. I write this before reading other people's opinions so I am not influenced. Pros: Dragons are awesome. It is very hard to act around nothing pretending there is something. Emilia Clark does a fair job. Yunkai arc was solid. Glad they did not show the castration. Good decision. Mr. Winky's last stand was a good way (and a cruel way) to lead into that scene. (Oh and two women for his last ovation. Too bad they cut him off before he was finished.) (Pun's intended ;) ) Not trying to make the Tyrion/Sansa marriage be the same as the book. The book marriage makes sense, but if they were to run with that now in the TV show, it wouldn't. Instead, they are going with two people who mutually agree to accept but succumb (initially) to the marriage. (IMHO) Good TV but not Great Bear scene. It is really hard to work with animals and pretend you don't have the use of arm. The climbing was unrealistic because he was using both arms. Guess they couldn't kill the bear so they had to improvise. Loved how they ended with "The Rains of Castamere." TVyrion was good, but only as a TV character. Would have been much better if the actress playing Ros was playing Shae instead. The Shae actress is really bad with her lines, but I'll just pretend that is because the common tongue (westerosi "cough" english) is her second language. It liked book Tyrion better. The white washing was complete so Tyrion is now TVyrion. Joffrey scene wasn't as powerful as I think it should have been, but Tywin is still in command. Meh Bran/Osha. Explain the f***** backstory already. Rat King, ToJ, KoTLT. Anything other than fighting. The husband/wight story is good as giving Osha a backstory, but I don't care about Osha. (Sorry, the more she acts, the more I dislike her. Didn't in the beginning) I assume the fighting will be how they will have Osha and Rickon break away, but bring some substance as well. Puh-lease. I nearly forgot the Ayra story - so if it isn't memorable, it isn't impactful. Sansa/Margery - So she alludes to the carnal knowledge of Bow-chicka-Bow-wow Cons. VFX were great for the dragons, but Harrenhall and the bear pit suffered. The scratches were on the wrong side. Were they not? Harrenhall screamed "set" just like the wall did last episode. History Ep 1: 8+| Ep 2: 6| Ep 3: 9| Ep 4: 9+| Ep 5: 7| Ep 6: 4| Ep 7: 7|
  13. Words of Winter

    How would you rate episode 306?

    :agree: I agree with everything you said. I too gave it a four. It's not the changes to the story so much that bother me, although they do a little, it is the poorly written substitute. If the quality was the same as the dialogue from the books, then it wouldn't bother me so much. The constant Loras/Renly treatment is so cliche and it lowers the whole episode. The cheesy ending was so badly done I expected little birds to flutter around them and have Ygritte break out in song. And to those who thought the snow/wall looked realistic, I have lived both in sub arctic climates and mountainous regions. It looked like styrofoam. Looking a it, I can tell they were on a set with a green screen background. Look at that snow versus the snow in the scenes taken in Iceland. One is natural, the other is high school prop design.
  14. Words of Winter

    How would you rate episode 306?

    :agree: Sam could have been put in the next scene episode or extended this one, presumably so he They should have edited it out Loras/Sansa words and just cut to Cersei watching them below. We didn't need to know what they were talking about.
  15. Words of Winter

    How would you rate episode 306?

    I thought that was very cheesy and unbecoming of GoT.