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  1. Ser Drizztos

    Bakker LII: Ol' Golgotterath Blues

    Dammit spoilers. I should have known better...
  2. Ser Drizztos

    Origins of the Death Knight trope

    Now that you mention it, the biblical Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse do somewhat fit the trope. Especially Death, who is often depicted as a skeletal rider on a pale horse, wielding a scythe.
  3. Ser Drizztos

    Origins of the Death Knight trope

    Well, the Death Knight was created for the 1981 D&D Fiend Folio, years before Lord Soth was introduced in DL and fleshed out with a tragic backstory. Can anyone come up with examples of Death Knights predating LOTR?
  4. Ser Drizztos

    Bakker LII: Ol' Golgotterath Blues

    I read this review on Goodreads and thought it was hilarious. But is it true? Did Bakker go overboard with the gay snuff porn this time? Is there really a dragon who yells "I like cunny"? Is it just a massive cliffhanger for the next series of novels that leaves all major questions unanswered?
  5. Ser Drizztos

    Bakker LII: Ol' Golgotterath Blues

    I have heard the grave news that TUC pretty much sucks. Is it true? How could the messiah fail us so?
  6. Ser Drizztos

    Origins of the Death Knight trope

    So I been thinking about Deathknights. Former noble knights that for one reason or another have been cursed to walk the land forever as mere shadows of their erstwhile selves, trying to find redemption and perhaps their final rest. The most prominent example are probably the Deathknights from WoW. Another - and my favorite - example is Lord Soth from Dragonlance, who may well be the most tragic character ever written, second only perhaps to Raistlin. But what was the origin of that trope? Was it Lord of the Rings' Ringwraiths who, even though not skeletal in appearance, fulfill all of the other requirements of the trope? Or does it date back even further?
  7. Ser Drizztos

    Board Issues 4

    You're right, it works now. I swear it didn't when I tried earlier. Goddamn computers.
  8. Ser Drizztos

    Board Issues 4

  9. Ser Drizztos

    How would you rate episode 308?

    8/10 Good episode but nothing that really wowed me. Although the scenes at KL were awesome as usual.
  10. Ser Drizztos

    How would you rate episode 307?

    Gleeson was trying to act intimidated and insecure, but it was overdone to the point of ridiculousness, which leads me to believe he sucks at it - or he was told to overdo it because otherwise the audience won't get what's going on. Either way, the scene could have been so much more.
  11. Ser Drizztos

    How would you rate episode 307?

    This. And even the Joff/Tywin scene was awful. Joff's actor can be very good at times, but this was just terrible acting. Dance looked annoyed by having to put up with such an amateurish display rather than what his role demanded.
  12. Ser Drizztos

    How would you rate episode 306?

    Weakest episode this season. 5/10 The only scene that did something for me was Tyrion with Cercei. Everything else was overacted, too melodramatic, or plain boring.
  13. Ser Drizztos

    How would you rate episode 305?

    Solid 9 -flaming sword fight was very impressive (too bad they didn't use the Hound's badass quote though) -Kingslayer's confession was great; I'm starting to like Jamie's character more and more -Lord Tywin lastly totally owned the episode (again) "you will marry and breed!"
  14. Ser Drizztos

    How would you rate episode 304?

    Bloody awesome episode, maybe the best one to date, so full 10/10 from me. I've nothing to complain about. No meaningless or boring filler. The final scene with Daenerys gave me goosebumps. I've complained a lot about her acting before, but she gave a great performance this time around.
  15. Ser Drizztos

    How would you rate episode 303?

    Good episode overall. Loved some scenes, disliked some others, hated the credits. the good: -Dany vs. Master Karazek - gotta love that nasty bald berk; I'm saddened that his untimely end is likely coming in the next episode. He should get his own shows or something where he gets to ridicule Dany for an hour straight. The translator was great as well. Dany's actress wasn't as wooden as usual this time around either, it seemed to me. -Small Council meeting chair hilarity. I actually laughed out loud at Tyrion. Great acting all around. -Aria-Hot Pie-Gantry farewell. Very touching scene. The misshapen wolf was cute. -Brianne/Jamie dynamic. It seems he's taken a liking to her after all. Nice character development for Jamie over time, and more of that surely to come now that he's lost his main asset. The scream in the final scene wasn't very convincing though. the bad: -Pointless hooker scene again. Who's still wowed by T&A on TV? The Joffrey BDSM scene at least served a purpose, but this? Ditto poor Podrick. -Talisa or whatshername. I don't care that she wasn't in the book, I just don't like the actress. -Stannis played for a fool by Melisandre. Breaks my heart. He deserves better. -Edmure being such a jerk-off. Was that in-line with the novel? He seemed quite capable to me in CoK, certainly not the laughing stock of Riverrun. the ugly: -Credits country music - totally killed the ending for me. Why not play Gangnam style instead, I'm sure that'd provoke even more WTF reactions if that was the intent.