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  1. I think she is a spy and that the letter did say "Marriage approved", and she was in fact writing a letter to Kings Landing to inform them about Rob. But why the fuck would she write that letter while he was in the room? Right after sex, and then bang him again with the letter sitting right there on the same bed. Easy way to give yourself away honey haha.
  2. I could be wrong but didn't Talisa's letter say "Marriage approved". If so, this is complete evidence that she is a pawn in the RW.
  3. morky

    How would you rate episode 306?

    The worst episode so far was episode 2. This is a close second. That being said I am enjoying season 3 significantly more than any episode from season 2 except for blackwater. There were some really good scenes in here. The wall climbing sequence has awesome effects. Some weird stuff too.