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  1. except, Ygritte doesn't have a horse. She just shows up. Teleport?
  2. It's because Tyrion is a sex god. Who do you think taught Pod? Or, Shae is actually Arianne Martell in disguise or one of the Sand Snakes and they can introduce the Dorne situation more easily.
  3. I just rewatched the episode and drew some conclusions about troop numbers from Robb's map pieces. Hear me out.. There are 3 wolf pieces ( Starks), 2 X ( bolton ) and 4 towers ( Frey ). If we consider each piece to be work 2k soldiers, this works out quite neatly. Starks: 6k Bolton: 4k Karstark: 8k Frey: 8k Karstarks are 8k by subtracting Stark and Bolton from the 18k forces after Robb sent 2k off to die. Also it fits very will with the fact that Karstarks are nearly half of Robb's forces. Freys are 8k considering four pieces ( 2k each ) and also the fact that Robb says that he needs troops to replace Karstarks and only Walder Frey has that sort of army which can match the Karstarks. .. I know, this doesn't take into account Robb's other bannermen. However, Robb doesn't have any bannermen in the show. Other than that season1 episode. In S2 and S3, he only has Karstarks and Boltons. Edit: Tullys have no significant troops either. Poor Edmure.
  4. Manderly ( or any other Northern Bannermen ) don't exist in the show except for one episode in season 1. This has been a subject of discussion many times. You must be mistaken about him being present, there were just some random extras.
  5. I gave it 2. Worst episode of this season. Some of the Jamie/Brienne scenes were nice, but even then it was just so obvious it was a trained bear and not really a threat. Remaining parts of the episode were pure trash. The best part was the end credits. Instrumental Rains of Castamere? Loved it. Oh and they really need to fire Catelyn and hire a desk lamp instead. Much cheaper and actually serves a purpose.
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