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    Is Cersei a better ruler than Robert?

    Robert was a poor King, largely because he was uninterested in the tasks required of a King. He was lazy and highly, highly negligent as a King. However, he also recognised this about himself and had people around him who he knew would do a decent job of running realm for him. Yes, his council was full of selfish schemers, but at least they were competent selfish schemers who wouldnt let the realm fall to complete ruin. Cersei is just on another level. She is not as smart as she thinks she is and pretty much every single action she takes as queen is to satisfy herself - her desire to gain more power, her desire to destroy her enemies, etc. she doesnt consider consequences or even think about the people she is ruling.Cersei is FAR FAR worse than Robert.
  2. Correction - Arya was a fan of Visenya, the elder of Aegon the Conquerers sisters. Visenya was a great warrior and dragonrider. Arya was NOT a fan of Viserys, Daenerys' halfwitted older brother. Arya would have despised him, had they ever met, and very well may have killed him.
  3. Gaz0680

    Season 8 Predictions?

    Yes, there are consequences. That doesnt mean Arya will necessarily be killed off by faceless men in books. Thats not where that story is heading anyway imo.
  4. Gaz0680

    Fickle Characters

    This statement is not an accurate or fair assessment of those who have issues with the writing on the show. You are basically accusing anyone who thinks the show has poor writing (which it does) of misinterpreting the plots presented, which is simply not true. The reason many regard the show as bad writing is because it fails in many of the established criteria for good storytelling. For one thing, in the early seasons the show writing worked off a strong well written source in George RR Martins books. However, since the show ran out of source material, the writers have done things differently. At this point, it is perfectly clear the writers arent even trying to write a natural flowing story anymore and when you stop doing that, pretty much by definition characterisation and consistency will go out the window. The writers now think about what they want to accomplish with certain scenes and the reaction they want from the audience and then fill in the details from there. Is that style of writing prone to creating successful shows and getting mass audiences? Absolutely Is it by any objective measure high quality storytelling? Absolutely not.
  5. Gaz0680

    Fickle Characters

    What a load of rubbish! Of course an original story can have plot holes. Very few stories don't have plot holes.
  6. Gaz0680

    Season 8 Predictions?

    I think the show is definitely leaning toward a happy ending. It will be far more 'sweet' than 'bitter'. It's all fan service now and...sadly, even for a story such as GoT, the vast majority of fans DO want the fairytale ending (ie. Jon and Dany rule together as King and Queen, Tyrion's as Hand; Arya, Sansa and Bran all survive and in positions suitable for their arcs, fan faves like Davis, Hound and Bronn to survive). It may not go exactly like that, but I'm expecting similar. I think even Martin's ending (if he ever finishes the books) is going to be more happy than people expect. It isn't going to be a bloodbath where the Others wipe out most of Westeros and most of our favourite characters except a few.
  7. Gaz0680

    Warden of The North

    Well said. We even have a precedent for this within the show. During the War of the Five Kings in Season 2, birthright didnt seem to matter too much to Renly's bannermen who supported his claim for the throne over Stannis'. Under Westerosi law, Renly had absolutely zero right to the Iron Throne while Stannis lived, yet he staked his claim anyway and amassed a lot of supporters and a large army while doing so. The Lords will ultimately support who they want to (and the majority of the time, loyalty isnt too much of a factor in that - its more which leader they think will be better for them in terms of their own power, prosperity and status).
  8. Gaz0680

    HBO Exec on Prequels, Final Season

    You're joking right? 95% of the movies on Netflix are utter garbage. Netflix, Stan and most other streaming services are usually much better for tv series than they are for movies.
  9. Gaz0680

    Season 8 Predictions?

    I'm curious of your reasoning for #3. To me it seems the opposite. D&D are more likely to have Arya killed by the Faceless Men (or be already dead with the Waif wearing her face) IMO. They would do it for pure shock value regardless of what terrible writing it would be. GRRM however has devoted a huge amount of development into Arya and I think it unlikely that it is all just smoke and mirrors (ie Faceless Men just using her identity) for some death cult. Arya as a character has SO much potential and there is many hints in the book she is headed toward some type of leadership role (no, not a traditional one like Lady or Queen or military commander, but one of her own making, either as some kind of champion of the common people or leading a "pack"). D&D have essentially simplified Arya into a badass killer assassin/warrior and not focused on any of her other traits, but the real Arya in Martin's story is extremely complex and can be taken so many different directions. I think it HIGHLY unlikely he intended to kill Arya off until the final act, if at all.
  10. While it is unlikely the WW would be stopped at Winterfell, much is pointing to a big battle there and it is interesting to ponder how that may play out. Winterfell has been an important location throughout the series: 1. It is the ancient ancestral home of the Stark family, which happens to contain 4 of the series main protagonists - Arya, Sansa, Bran and Jon (yes hes Targaryen but he still has Stark blood and grew up in WF so the place is important to him too). 2. It is for all intents and purposes, the Capital of the North and the ruling seat of the Leader of the North, who all the other Northern lords serve. 3. Key events in series have occurred there since the start - Roberts visit; Bran being pushed out window (starts off brans arc); Robert announcing Joffrey-Sansa match (important trigger in Sansas arc); Ned accepting HotK offer and taking Arya and Sansa with him to Kings Landing; Theon betraying the Starks and burning WF (key point in Brans arc especially as forces him to leave WF, but also cuts off returning to WF as option for Sansa and Arya); Roose Bolton taking control of WF after being named Warden of North following Red Wedding; Sansa being offered to Ramsay (thanks to LF); Ramsay killing Roose; Sansa escaping WF (with Theons help); Battle of the Bastards including death of Ramsay; Starks retaking WF; Arya and Brans return home; Littlefingers death. 4. It is hinted to contain magic and was constructed by Brandon the Builder who also built The Wall. The Winterfell crypts also appear to have some not yet fully explained importance. Now, we know Jon and Danaerys with all their forces are headed to Winterfell as per scroll Bran showed Sam in finale. We also know the army of the dead are through the Wall and heading South. It is almost certain the forces will all converge near Winterfell. So, the big question is, what will the result be after the battle at/near Winterfell??
  11. Yeah, especially the writers. Apparently in this deleted scene, Sansa was going to have Arya killed until she suddenly decided to check with Bran first, then he reveals all about LF and she then targets him instead. Lets just examine that for a minute. If this deleted scene was included, we are expected to believe that Sansa was ready to have her own sister killed, essentially after Arya caught Sansa snooping in her room alone. That was the perfect opportunity for Arya to kill or harm Sansa. Instead, Arya told her about her Faceless Men abilities and the Game of Faces, then handed Sansa a dagger, hilt first, and left the room, making it clear Arya did not wish Sansa any harm. If Sansa had then ordered Arya killed, it would have been MURDER, plain and simple, not self defence. Arya posed no immediate danger to her. While killing off people who are imagined or potential threats may be all well and good for Cersei, that isn't Sansa. She doesn't murder someone because she is suspicious of their motives. Sansa was uncertain about Arya at that point I believe, but had not pegged her as an enemy. It would have taken a LOT more than what Arya actually did on screen for Sansa to decide Arya needed to die. Arya would have needed to commit actual treason or make herself a true enemy (for example, murdering innocent citizens of Winterfell; or killing Sansa's guards), but she hadn't done any of that. Thank God that deleted scene didn't make it in, because if it had, Sansa's character would have been completely ruined and those comparing her to Cersei now might actually have a solid basis to their argument.
  12. Gaz0680

    The missing Arya-Sansa scene?

    This post demonstrates exactly how Dumb & Dumber ruined both Aryas and Sansa's characters this season. The whole writing was just ridiculous. Lets say Arya really did want Sansa dead in episode 6. She had caught Sansa red handed searching her room and they were alone. Arya was armed and is a skilled killer. Sansa is not. If the writers wanted it to look like Arya truly meant Sansa any harm, why didn't they just have Arya kill or at least cut her then and there?? The very idea that Sansa was thinking on the ramparts about having her own sister killed after Arya had just given her a weapon, hilt first, and left the room leaving Sansa very much alive and unharmed makes even less sense. If Sansa had had Arya killed then, it would have been murder, pure and simple, not self defence. Arya was not posing any immediate threat at all. The very fact they even considered having it play out like that with Sansa wanting to kill Arya before deciding to go to Bran as per the cut scene from finale just shows how lost these show writers are and how they do not understand their characters they have spent seven seasons developing.
  13. Gaz0680

    Varys predicted death....

    Yeah, in the show, they will likely just have Varys betray Dany and she find out about it and have him killed by Drogonfire. Varys, whether in show or books, is not Littlefinger. He is not purely out for himself.
  14. Gaz0680

    Maybe it's Arya after all...

    lol Arya is not going to blow up Kings Landing, either in books or show. It makes no sense whatsoever for her character. Arya is a killer, no argument there. If you wrong her or those she cares about, look out. But she is NOT Cersei. Arya is a character who the books go to great lengths to demonstrate has a lot of empathy, particularly for the downtrodden and common people. Her destiny in the books may well be some kind of leader or champion of the common folk. There are plenty of hints towards that. Her just blowing up a city and killing thousands upon thousands of the people she feels for and would want to defend makes absolutely no sense.
  15. Gaz0680

    Let's Talk About Winterfell.....

    Yes, plus Battle of the Bastards took place in and in the plains around Winterfell. There is zero reason a big battle involving WW, undead and dragons couldn't also occur there.
  16. Gaz0680

    Let's Talk About Winterfell.....

    Yes a dragon could land inside. Winterfell isn't THAT small. Also forget logistics, this thread is about the story importance of the place and what is going to happen there.
  17. Gaz0680

    Let's Talk About Winterfell.....

    I think there are a few possibilities: 1. Winterfell is destroyed by the army of the dead. Not as in burnt out ala season 2 from Theon where it is still salvageable, but completely obliterated as in there is no more Winterfell. This could have interesting and serious consequences for the arcs of Sansa, Bran and Arya - and thats assuming they survive at all. *Sansa would no longer have any claim whatsoever to ruling with WF gone and the North overtaken. She would no longer be able to use the political skills she has gained to strengthen her family and the North as the North will essentially no longer exist. What would she do now?? *Where would Arya turn with her "pack" once again decimated and left homeless? A huge part of her arc has been about her identity. If the place that holds pretty much all her memories of that identity is destroyed and her pack torn apart again, what would she do?? *What would happen to Bran as the 3 eyed raven? His power seems to stem from the weirwood trees and the old gods, but if the North is overrun and the weirwood trees destroyed, would he lose his powers?? The Southern Kingdoms are the domain of the Seven and the old gods have no power there. 2. After the battle, Winterfell remains standing, though damaged and most of the rest of the North is decimated and its denizens all forced to hole up in Winterfell for survival or otherwise head further South and join other kingdoms instead, thus no longer serving House Stark. Arya, Sansa and Bran could then either stay in Winterfell together with the Northerners that remain and try and rebuild; declare a new destiny for the denizens of the North relocating to somewhere in the South; or split up again in different roles - eg 1 stays in WF, 1 leads those who want to go South and 1 may enact an alternative plan. 3. The army of the dead dont do any significant damage to Winterfell itself and dont kill many of its people. Something repels them and/or leads the NK and his armies elsewhere. Things are able to essentially continue as they have been in Winterfell. 4. Winterfell is overrun and Sansa, Arya, Bran and Jon all die there. The Stark Line is ended, but the army of the dead is defeated.
  18. Gaz0680

    Where will the final battle happen?

    The White Walkers are definitely getting further South than Winterfell. Still, that doesnt mean they have to go through Winterfell directly to get South. They could just as easily bypass it completely. I do think a big battle is going to occur at Winterfell though, likely very early season 8 (id guess late ep 1 or ep 2). One of two things will happen at Winterfell: 1. It gets completely overrun and then utterly destroyed (not just burnt like in S2) by the army of the dead and the North overrun. The Starks either die or, more likely, have to find themselves a new home and path in life. 2. Winterfell remains standing but something huge happens there in the battle that perhaps results in a huge loss (eg both Rhaegal and Drogon die), but also damage is influcted to the NK and perhaps as a result of what happens there, they discover the key to defeatinng the NK. The final confrontation will occur much further South though.
  19. The magical elements are not the problem. They enhance the story wonderfully (when used properly) rather than work against it. The problem is the decline in quality of the writing and in some cases, decisions on how to use those magical elements, that has been disappointing, rather than the fact that the magical elements exist at all.
  20. The whole thing was absurd. And no, after reuniting after all that time with everything they've been through, learned and grown, LF should not have been able to turn the sisters against each other so easily. Yes, Sansa and Arya were never close, but they did love each other and it would take a hell of a lot more than a few suspicions to make them into true enemies of each other. Nothing LF instigated on screen should have resulted in what we got from Sansa and Arya on screen. It was stupid and not in character for either Arya or Sansa. Anyway, I believe the fighting in episode 5 was real. Arya was suspicious of Sansa's motives, yes, but I doubt she really thought Sansa would truly betray Jon. I think she was testing Sansa. Episode 6 I think their fight about the letter was real and when Sansa asked Arya what she was going to do with it and Arya replied "I dont know yet" genuinely made Sansa nervous Arya would show it to the Northern lords, which led to Sansa snooping in Arya's room. Then when Sansa talked to LF I think she already had minor unproven suspicions about LF playing her so tested him by all the talk about Arya "I dont know her anymore", "she would if she thought I was going to betray Jon"...I think she was curious to see how LF would respond and whether he would play her against Arya, even though she may have still been unsure about Arya herself. Sansa still was nervous about the letter so tried to find it in Aryas room. Arya caught her and was honest when Sansa asked her questions, up until the Game of Faces. Arya explained how the game works and I think was using it to lead Sansa to a conclusion about her (Arya), herself and also Littlefinger. The Game of Faces was all a test, it was never a threat on Sansa's life. Arya essentially was goving Sansa a message - informing her what Arya had learned with the Faceless Men and what she was now capable of, but also that "I am not your enemy" so she was ultimately on Sansa's side and meant her no harm. Giving Sansa the dagger hilt first proved that and also reinforced to Sansa that Arya had no desire to wear pretty dresses or be Lady of Winterfell Arya had caught Sansa alone and could have killed her then and there with Sansa (no fighter herself) not being able to stop Arya. But she didnt. Arya instead handed Sansa a weapon and then turned her back on her and left the room. Sansa would have immediately known that Arya meant her no harm (at least then), because if she did, that was the perfect opportunity to do it. I think Arya and Sansa already both had suspicions about LF trying to manipulate things then, but had no specific evidence. After the Game of Faces, Sansa knew where Arya stood and I think went to LF specifically to test him. When he inferred that Arya wanted to be Lady of WF, Sansa was certain LF was trying to set her against Arya. She then went to Bran (offscreen), probably with Arya too and got him to fill in the details. They then set the trap for LF. The whole trial was a farce and was never about Arya and all 3 of them knew that. Its very likely Lord Royce at least was also informed about it before the "trial".
  21. Gaz0680

    The missing Arya-Sansa scene?

    Of course Arya knew, at that point anyway. The entire 'trial' was a farce to try and execute Littlefinger. When Arya asked "Are you sure you want to do this?", she was essentially asking Sansa if she was ready and willing to execute Littlefinger now. It wasn't about Arya. She 100% already knew at that point the trial this was all about LF.
  22. Gaz0680

    The missing Arya-Sansa scene?

    Arya never threatened Sansa's life. I cant believe how many people misinterpreted that scene. Anyway, the whole winterfell plot was poorly conceived and horribly written. Yes, the real Arya and Sansa were hardly close as children, but not even LF's scheming should have got them to turn on each other so easily as they did in the show in eps 5 & 6 this season. The whole drama was silly, particularly after all they had been through and how much they had changed and learned.
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    An Entire Season without Ghost

    I wouldn't be too sure of that.... Season 8 Episode 1 Jon receives a raven informing him Ghost was killed in a wight attack. (not a spoiler....just pointing out what the show geniuses D&D are liable to do and that they dont need to show Ghost again at all to kill him off).
  24. I dont think the arguments in episode 5 were faked. They were real. Episode 6 is a different story. Sansa snooping on Arya was real. She was looking for the scroll and was worried what Arya might do with it (especially since Arya had replied "I don't know yet" when she flat out asked her earlier). The Game of Faces and Arya's apparent threat, however, was definitely not real. Arya was sending Sansa a message and testing her, nothing more. There was no threat to Sansa involved. Sansa would have realised after the Game of Faces that Arya was no danger to her. She was snooping in Aryas room and Arya caught her. They were alone, Arya was armed and from watching the fight with Brienne Sansa knew Arya was skilled and dangerous. Arya could have hurt or killed her then and there and Sansa, not being a fighter, couldnt have done anything to stop her. Anyone who thought Arya genuinely meant to harm or was even considering harming Sansa in that scene wasn't paying attention. Furthermore, the whole "trial" was a farce. Arya already knew the target was Littlefinger well before she walked into the great hall. Hell she walked in with the catspaw dagger on her hip, the same weapon we last saw her give to Sansa, hilt first, and then leave the room in episode 6.