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    How would you rate episode 301?

    I thought it was an excellent start to the season, so many good things. Yes it was a little slow compared to (at least) the final few episodes of season 2, but we have to remeber that this is the first time we are seeing a single book split into two seasons. Standouts for me - obviously the one that has been mentioned many times already the Tywin/Tyrion scene, it was outstanding. I also loved the scene between Cersei and Tyrion and the scene with Joffrey, Margaery and Cersei. Tormund was fantastic, as were the dragons, the final scene and Davos, who is one of my favorite characters. Cant wait for Arya in episode 2.
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    Hi All. New to the froum, been hanging around for a while though and enjoying everyones discussions. Obviously a huge fan of ASOIAF, books and HBO series. Actually, ASOIAF is the best book series I have ever read, with a Sorm of Swords the best book I have ever read. And the TV series is magnificent! Loved the Season 3 premier Sunday night now I will head on over to that thread to post my views. Great news today also that Season 4 is confirmed (duh!). Im 44 years old, originally born in Liverpool in the UK, and now I live in the US, Alaska to be precise. Hopfully I will meet some great people on here, Im also looking for advice on other Fantasy & Sci-Fi book series, so I will visit that thread also. Rast.