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    Love to read, write/play music, and i like dogs more than most humans :D. Reading Brandon Sandersons The Way of Kings, and rereading Tolkiens Peoples of Middle Earth. Rothfusses WAY OF KINGS (Kingkiller chronicles) IS BEST BOOK SERIES EVER BETTER THEN GAME OF THRONES

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  1. HouseFrancis93

    Would Walder Frey have betrayed Robb if he didn't forget his vow?

    cgrav that is a very good point. it is curious to me. I just feel an kind of ominous, yet predictable, makes sense, but at the same time? I know Lord Frey cares nothing of honor or tradition, but i also recall the fact that i mean robb brought 3500 men, I know he had the boltons, but if the rest of the north rose up around robb's death as a rally call (wink wink what's coming?) Frey would be fk'd he had to know tywin only wants him to kill robb, and he gets a fancy pardon and a final thats all ya get good luck getting any lions for soldiers
  2. Just a quick curiosity i found while re-reading the red wedding. Was Lord Walder Frey's betrayal of Robb actually in reaction to the slight Robb gave him? (we do know Lord Frey is angry, arrogant, petty, and spiteful) or was that just pretense (though we know he cares nothing for reputation in that sense, only in the sense he's considered a great man). So what do you guys n gals think? Was Robbs marriage to another really why Lord Frey betrayed him in the most profoundly disgusting way, or was it just Lord Frey seizing opportunity? After all it does seem if the Freys made amends they could have beaten the Lannisters
  3. I think its definatley R+L=J... Now for one I think at this point Martin would have a little bit of an inclination to change it to give back the sense of surprise, however, he mentioned he would never change his story JUST because people saw it ahead of time. I think it is pretty secure, forgetting the TV series, the IDEA of Jon as a Targ/Stark so well fits with the theme of the story... and honestly I think there's more evidence that this theory is true than ANY OTHER theory in the books.
  4. HouseFrancis93

    The Red Wedding "Omens?"

    So i guess my main curiosity is "IS the focus on the musicians to highlight they ARENT musicians but soldiers? Bad music, a famous Frey known for his music won't be playing, and again, CONSTANT mention of reasons the music is poor?
  5. HouseFrancis93

    Lord Eddard Stark's mistakes

    I believe that the story of ned is part of Martins idea of what if fantasy met real medieval worlds. Unfortinately the knights of honor and song would have been torn apart. Especially in medieval capitals. So we see Ned your classical honorable knight in shining honor (somewhat), gets devoured by what the real politcal power schemes of the middle ages was. He was destined for death, because he was a fantasy trope devling into the real medieval world.
  6. HouseFrancis93

    The Red Wedding "Omens?"

    Hey guys, so I've browsed and posted here very infrequently but i'm on a 3rd re read and I think we can all agree the Red Wedding had some serious omens I guess you could call it? The references to the petty arrogant and angry manner of Lord Walder, and various other things. I know this topic in itself is kind of pointlessly petty but it really stuck with me in curiosity so... Well first off what omens do you guy see or kind of foreshadowing before the wedding's untimely end? I personally am wondering when in Storm of Swords, Caetlyns chapter when shit hits the fan... she mentinos the mucisians are not very good. She mentions the music is terrible, and wonders at Walder Freys hearing, judging by how badly the music... So in my opinion this is because they are musicians they are mercenaries, or soldiers or something, judging by the fact they.. you know whip out crossbows and kill people? not that crossbows were the hardest weapons to master... but you still wouldn't want those trained in the creative music art to try and kill the deadliest northmen in the hall, with a weapon that requires a long reload? So A) i just wanted to ask your opinion on the idea that THATS why Martin keeps referring to the music being bad, and B] (sorry going from ) to } but a shows up when you do B ) lol) what other omins and foreshadowing you all saw