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  1. Back to WF mess. Starks were the North overlords, and they were followed or accepted, not Boltons. Manderleys are Stark men and they're clearly against Bolton. Still, he cant's punish them openly because he knows he doesn't have the other lords' fealty. They look at Bolton as an equal, at most. Umbers and Karstaks are into internecines feuds, but the Unbers have suffered a slight from Freys and Bolton... ant the North remembers. Lady Dustin sees herself OVER Bolton; she'll get rid of him at the fist chance... And Roose Bolton knows it all, no wonder he's increasingly afraid. Add, the hooded man, the mystery deaths, Mance Ryder... foes are leaking in. The bottom line is RB is not safe inside WF any more.
  2. Well, the Starks are back, that's clear. The situation about WF is such a mess, but what keeps me guessing is Bran's involvement. It seems we are taking for granted that BR, Bran,... are behind the ravens quarking about. The question is, what do they want Theon for? I don't think Bran has any love for Theon, not I can imagine what use he might think for him... Maybe Winter is coming at last, and Starks' revenge with it. OTOH, Stannis has damaged the weirwoods. Stannis is meant to abide northern uses, taking Theon before a weirwood and beheading him. I'd expect Bran's side performing some show: the old gods punishing the worshipers of R'hlor or something of the sort. What else?
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