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  1. Lady B.


    The Empire has not played yet, but I do have a soft spot for pisco sour, so I'll be in the corner sipping my cocktail indifferent of the result of this match.
  2. Lady B.

    Watch, Watched, Watching: The Prequel

    The same happened to me. I loved the first season, but I haven't started the second one yet (third one is not available on Netflix yet I think). I'm starting it as soons as I finish Casa de Papel season 1.
  3. Lady B.

    Be as unhelpful as possible, v. 3 (No)

    You don't really want to know. Are there any vegan wildlings living north of the Wall?
  4. If Higuain scores a goal I know a cafetería giving away a free meal. Damn, that ball does not want to get in. Iceland js resisting very well.
  5. You gotta be kidding me! The only score was last minute and by Morocco to istself. I'm pissed, I was ahead of polls till now. Eta. I hope next match to be more exciting. I believe Spain can give a more entertaining show
  6. Lady B.

    WC2018 - Match Day 1: In Putin Russia, World Cup Watch You!

    I'm at work peeping a tv hidden behind in the back office. Most of us have money bet on Russia today so Russia better keep ahead in the score. Good beginning. Fortunately here the commentators are quite good.
  7. Lady B.

    World Cup 2018: Celebratin' Your Nation.

    Whenever I feel down, I just remember Russians trying to play football in Siberia, kicking with frostbitten feet. The sole image cheers me up. That, and a good cup of tea.
  8. Lady B.


    I can't say no to a beer... so I'll be around to help other countries cry their sorrows and drown them in a pint.
  9. Are you rebeling against the literal meaning of things?
  10. Lady B.

    2018 World Cup - Get a Team to Support Here!!!!

    Very kind of you, sir.
  11. Is it too soon if I answer you only a few hours after you posted your question? Should I wait a couple of days to keep the thread quiet and not stir up the rebels?
  12. Lady B.

    2018 World Cup - Get a Team to Support Here!!!!

    I'm in!! Sorry for being late.
  13. Isn't there one in the same city where you can catch the train that goes to Winterfell?
  14. Lady B.

    Makeup VI : SPFantastic

    Way back I posted about some lipsticks by Brazilian brand Natura. Never told how they went. They wear like silk, super easy to apply, they last a logical amount of time for a regular lipstick, and the colors are beautiful. Lovely. I had bought a similiar color by maybelline (the blackest berry was the name iirc), and I can swear that I will never waste my money on any maybelline lipstick anymore. It dried my lips, the color was really difficult to apply even, and didn't last very much. The undertone of this lipstick was a dark fucsia, that luckily goes well with my skin... But that's it.