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  1. Wow, I loved it. The soundtrack was amazing. And the cast, the cast was really on point.
  2. I'm used to watch anything in its original language with subs. With anime in particular, I used to watch some fan subs that explained further more some idiomatic expressions, jokes, terms or cultural references that were difficult to translate. Maybe a bit distracting at first, but when you get used it's pretty cool. With your issue with sentence structures... sadly I have to tell you that anime is not the best school. You'll learn a lot of vocabulary, but better learn some Japanese from somewhere else if you want to learn something worth of using in a normal conversation. ETA: Try finding the book Minna no Nihongo, with an English guide. You'll need to learn hiragana and katakana beforehand, but it's pretty useful.
  3. Leaving with them from the Wall or after the bear attack? Lol, how little I focus on extras... The main doubt is cleared though, thank you very much FireWinds.
  4. Just a question, since I haven't rewatched (nor read the whole thread): When the bear appears, is it a random wildling running back from it? Or one of our seven boys? I couldn't figure who of the seven ones it was. Shortly, some extra wildlings appeared to be walking with the group, to be killed soon after. Or is it the very same one that got eaten by the bear?
  5. Far better than the first episode. I have to admit I stood up and jumped when Jon hit Little Finger. Jon choking LF was like Ned choking him in season 1. I loved it. Liked a lot that Hot Pie made his come back <3 Now I want some Gendry. The Nymeria scene was a bit weak as how it ended, but good, not bad. The suspense when Arya started feeling cold was great. For a second I thought a white walker had made its way south the Wall. Overall, an 8.
  6. A 6 for me. It was ok but not impressive. Nothing happened that we didn't expect. I liked Sansa and Jon's dialogues, Arya being badass is always fine, and finally, Dany reaching Westeros was like: FINALLY
  7. An 8 for now, until the rewatch. I liked it, some scenes really moved me, like Tommen jumping off the tower, and Tyrion getting named Hand of the Queen. But the teleportation of Varys and Arya really got me angry. Arya is a superhuman recovering really fast from several stabbings (too bad Jon didn't pull off the same trick), and travelling super fast through a sea and half a continent, to get revenge in a really complicated way (yeah, I know frey pies were too good to be missed). Varys, just stating the obvious, Dany is departing Essos pretty much knowing about Cersei being crowned after burning the Sept, Jon being crowned in the north, and Walder Frey being misterioulsy killed (if people can move this fast, news also have to). Loved the North scenes, I really like seeing Jon and Sansa together, like a nice pack. No, I don't see any clue of Sansa being jealous of Jon nor hiding any scheme to bring him down. I did notice that she doesn't know what to do with LF now...
  8. @Lady Snowsand Thanks, I didn't remember. (ETA:discussion not for this thread, but I still find it difficult to believe everyone just accepted the kidnapping version. After Robert won, it was logical just to reproduce the same tale, but it's not like people didn't elope, ever.)
  9. Sorry, what conversation between Sansa and LF concerns Jon's parents? I can't remeber about it. As far as I'm concerned, in the show only Bran and Meera have some clues about it.
  10. A 9. Really good, I did enjoy it Jon punching Ramsay was very satisfying. I have nothing particular to rant right now, but I'll probably find something in a rewatch XD
  11. A 6.5, so it falls into a 7. Arya's scenes were the weakest part. My mom (unsullied) and I were both just grimacing at the screen muttering wtf. It made no sense. I could rant for hours, but I'm sure other posters have already pointed out how disappointing the resolution of her story arc in Braavos was. This is what it lowered my rating sadly... Tyrion, even as I think Dinklage is great, has been having the same scenes with no chemistry (nor plot point) in the whole season. Him getting drunk and trying to kill boredom with boring GreyWorm and Missandei?? Nope. Cersei's "I choose violence" was my favourite part, because though I like the calm Cersei Headly plays, I really wanted to see her doing something extreme. Dany's entrance was exciting just because it was unexpected her falling from the sky with a look of "wtf happened here?" like she didn't expect it. Jaime+ Brienne, Bronn+Pod were also high points in the episode. Black fish was fine till he refuses to run away. Good they killed him right away. Showing that tBwB didn't turn into mundane killers was also a nice touch, and featuring Thoros is always a go go with me.
  12. I gave it a 7. Sam and Gilly story was nice, and that plus the KL plot was the most interesting thing, apart from the big revelation that was Coldhands as Benjen. Arya leaving the FM was kinda meh imo, but I really like how it was acted. Even though sometimes I don't particularly enjoy the scene plotwise, it's amazing how well all the crew manage to bring a really good scene, considering the acting, the costumes, etc. I thought the Dany&Drogo scene should have happened right after the burning scene two episodes ago. Why is she trying to asure the Dothraki if they're already following her? It seemed just a way to show off cgi dragon and remind us that Dany should head Westeros already.
  13. Thank you for this clarification (this time without sarcasm). And I completely agree, there's too little respect for different opinions around here sometimes (and that's the reason why I quoted you before). I know this behaviour is common here, but I'm glad you came back to clarify it.
  14. So those of us who enjoyed it -and consider it a good show despite the flaws- we are all hypnotized by flashy effects and can't think for ourselves. Good thing your comments enlighten us all. Thank you so much for your consideration
  15. Oh, so much this. I do hope that somehow all his shit is gonna be somehow explained. A girl hopes. Welcome to the forums Yes, Damphair is the Greyjoy kids uncle, but as far as I can remember he's not introduced like that in the show. I don't even recall him being named yet.
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