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  1. Unlady B

    Be as unhelpful as possible, v. 3 (No)

    Because a vegetable wife would have been too morbid even for GRRM. Where can I buy an avocado in Westeros?
  2. Unlady B

    Be as unhelpful as possible, v. 3 (No)

    Far away from you. Just keep away. How much money do you think I could earn bringing quick DNA tests to Westeros?
  3. Unlady B

    Be as unhelpful as possible, v. 3 (No)

    You don't really want to know. Are there any vegan wildlings living north of the Wall?
  4. Unlady B

    Makeup VI : SPFantastic

    Way back I posted about some lipsticks by Brazilian brand Natura. Never told how they went. They wear like silk, super easy to apply, they last a logical amount of time for a regular lipstick, and the colors are beautiful. Lovely. I had bought a similiar color by maybelline (the blackest berry was the name iirc), and I can swear that I will never waste my money on any maybelline lipstick anymore. It dried my lips, the color was really difficult to apply even, and didn't last very much. The undertone of this lipstick was a dark fucsia, that luckily goes well with my skin... But that's it.
  5. Wow, I loved it. The soundtrack was amazing. And the cast, the cast was really on point.
  6. Unlady B

    Makeup VI : SPFantastic

    Thanks Xray I'll report back when I get the merchandise.
  7. Unlady B


    I'm used to watch anything in its original language with subs. With anime in particular, I used to watch some fan subs that explained further more some idiomatic expressions, jokes, terms or cultural references that were difficult to translate. Maybe a bit distracting at first, but when you get used it's pretty cool. With your issue with sentence structures... sadly I have to tell you that anime is not the best school. You'll learn a lot of vocabulary, but better learn some Japanese from somewhere else if you want to learn something worth of using in a normal conversation. ETA: Try finding the book Minna no Nihongo, with an English guide. You'll need to learn hiragana and katakana beforehand, but it's pretty useful.
  8. Unlady B

    Makeup VI : SPFantastic

    I was handed a Natura catalogue (Brazilian brand of cosmetics) a few days ago. I was looking for a particular lipstick that seems that is not continued anymore (at least in this last issue), but ended up shopping a couple of creams, a triphasic shower oil, and 2 metallic lipsticks. They are not the long lasting ones I was trying to purchase, but the colors got my attention. I bought Pink and Uva (metallic both). Although I checked some swatches before ordering, I'm not sure if they'll suit until I receive them. On the other hand, I'm having right now an allergic reaction (probably due to bedbugs or some other creature found in hostels' mattresses ), so doctor said no creams, perfume, nor make up till the reaction calms down (and also diet, that is what is killing me right now ).
  9. Unlady B

    [Spoilers] EP706 Discussion

    Leaving with them from the Wall or after the bear attack? Lol, how little I focus on extras... The main doubt is cleared though, thank you very much FireWinds.
  10. Unlady B

    [Spoilers] EP706 Discussion

    Just a question, since I haven't rewatched (nor read the whole thread): When the bear appears, is it a random wildling running back from it? Or one of our seven boys? I couldn't figure who of the seven ones it was. Shortly, some extra wildlings appeared to be walking with the group, to be killed soon after. Or is it the very same one that got eaten by the bear?
  11. Unlady B

    How would you rate episode 702?

    Far better than the first episode. I have to admit I stood up and jumped when Jon hit Little Finger. Jon choking LF was like Ned choking him in season 1. I loved it. Liked a lot that Hot Pie made his come back <3 Now I want some Gendry. The Nymeria scene was a bit weak as how it ended, but good, not bad. The suspense when Arya started feeling cold was great. For a second I thought a white walker had made its way south the Wall. Overall, an 8.
  12. Unlady B

    How would you rate episode 701?

    A 6 for me. It was ok but not impressive. Nothing happened that we didn't expect. I liked Sansa and Jon's dialogues, Arya being badass is always fine, and finally, Dany reaching Westeros was like: FINALLY
  13. Unlady B

    Makeup VI : SPFantastic

    Either from sweat or from splashing my face with water to cool down I end up looking like a raccoon. But I don't wear waterproof mascara anymore. Sorry that your waterproof mascara smears. Maybe you should try another brand. Personally, those kind of days I go without make up or just putting my make up once I reach the office where the ac is running.
  14. Unlady B

    Makeup VI : SPFantastic

    I mostly own red lipsticks. I bought a pink lipstick (Sweetie by Mac) for the first time a couple of months ago. I kind of like it, but I suspect that no one other than my mother notice when I'm wearing it.
  15. Unlady B

    Makeup VI : SPFantastic

    Lol, so it wasn't so farfetched! Mmh... if you buy something useful, post a picture. Maybe I can get any idea for the brush I'm looking for. I used to use waterproof no matter what (oily skin ruins make up fast), until I tried Rimmel Lash Accelerator. It lasted the right ammount of time (of course after half a day it would smear) and the joy of washing it off easily in the shower tempted me into leaving waterproof mascaras aside. The factor that sealed the trade was that biphasic make up removal lotions are damn difficult to find here depending the season. As you say, some waterproof mascaras are damn difficult to remove -.-