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    How would you rate episode 310?

    My first thoughts after watching the episode were, "wow that was fucking terrible." After a rewatch I wasn't as harsh but I still felt the ep was pretty bad. 1. Sansa joking around with Tyrion about pranks? She is still trying to come to grips with the fact that she is married to the Imp. BS. 2. Stannis laughing and sentencing Davos to die. BS. 3. Asha white-knighting for Theon and claiming she is going to assault the Dreadfort with 50 men. I mean seriously? BS. 4. Jon Snow regaining consciousness in Castle Black and recognizing Sam and Pyp but NOT WARNING THEM OF THE WILDLINGS COMING FROM THE SOUTH? BS. 5. Dany crowd surfing... Wow was that lame, especially as a season finale ender. BS. 6. Varys offering Shae diamonds to GTFO? I feel like he would have done that in a much more subtle way, most likely using someone else as a catalyst. He just tipped his hand too much for my taste. But the biggest BS was her not accepting them. She is an upjumped peasant whore from a foreign land who has been sneaking around with a married lord whose own standing is precarious. How long does she think this can keep up? Dumb. BS. Now there were many things I did like about the episode. I ended up giving it a 7, which was very generous. 1. Roose Bolton. What a commanding presence. His sly remarks and glances at Walder Frey about gave me goosebumps. Dude NAILED that character. 2. Likewise, Ramsay Snow has been such a creepy freak. It is perfect. I still don't understand why people complain about his scenes. 3. Sam's scenes were actually pretty good as well. 4. Arya is finally starting to come into her dark role. 5. Tywin/Joffrey/Tyrion was glorious as usual. As a normal episode it was "okay" but for a finale it sucked. Way too many changes and fundamental character breakdowns for me.
  2. I feel like when Robb says "Mother..." he just wants her to shut up so he can die. Nice observation.
  3. I'll preface this by saying I gave this episode a 10. There were several nitpicky things that bugged me, but those were lost in my awe for the great adaptation of the RW. I was really worried going into this episode that they would rush it, or it wouldn't be as severe as the books, or they would dramatically change some aspect of the murders. I feel like D&D did just about as good of a job as the could considering the limitations and format of the current show. Things I loved: The humorous lines and quips towards the beginning of the event. Showed just how clueless the Northmen were. How they spaced out the drama during the RW. It wasn't just one long scene but an event throughout the episode. The shutting of the door and The Rains of Castamere. Cat's slow realization and Roose's sly glances at her and Robb. Cat's acting... just, wow. Brilliant. I was surprised how much I cared about Talisa's murder. I really didn't care for her character in the show at all. But the brutality with which she is stabbed while being pregnant just caught me off guard. I think I audibly gasped. The carnage was just perfect in keeping true to the goriness of the book. Glad they didn't sugarcoat anything. Things I thought could have been improved: The biggest peeve I had with the scene was that the Northmen did not fight back at all. I know they were caught by surprise and had no weapons, but it was the same in the books and they still managed a small counter attack. Where was the Greatjon clubbing people in the head with chunks of meat? Where was the table being flipped over to use as a shield with crossbow quarrels flew around? I would have liked a little resistance. Would have liked a little bit more of the dread seeping into Cat's mind. Where was the spurned dance which originally led to Catelyn's discomfort? Or looking around and noticing the "moderate" Frey's all missing from the hall. Which brings me to also realizing that we didn't get to see any of the Frey brood's unease. Roose's drive-by knifing was kind of strange also. Missed the annoying discordant music and poor fare. It is a small detail but goes along with the slow ramping up of the feeling that something is wrong. I don't know if Roslyn wasn't informed of the plan, but she seemed a bit too happy to me. Also I am hoping we will see the large part of Robb's army being slaughtered outside the walls in the next episode. I realize I am nitpicking here, these are simply observations. I don't understand people questioning Robb's lack of sadness or emotion at the death of his pregnant wife. He was just completely taken by surprise by Frey's hostility after seemingly offering them his hospitality and protection. That is something that was never broken; A sacred vow. He was clearly in shock. I thought it was played nicely. Now don't get me wrong, I loved the episode. That is why I gave it a 10. That being said, I hated the Yunkai sneak attack that Jorah, Grey Worm and Daario pulled off. Seriously, what the hell was that? I felt like I was watching Power Rangers. And they get flooded by a huge number of guards, yet come back to say they just threw down their weapons despite outnumbering the attackers over tenfold? Weird. Arya's scenes with The Hound were great. Didn't really care for Jon and the wildlings scenes. Would have liked a little more recognition with the dire wolves. On the other hand, if he didn't high tail it out of there he would have been cut down or shot. Bran and co. I was actually surprised with. That is one story that I haven't cared much for thus far, but I enjoyed the scenes in the last episode. Rickon speaks out of nowhere! 2 things that made my laugh my ass off during the episode: YER A WIZARD, SAMMY YER A WARG, BRANNY
  4. Yeah I just realized I contradicted myself. It is the worst of the season, but not by too far.
  5. Another 5, same as last week. Although I think I liked last weeks episode slightly more than this snooze-fest. By far the worst of the season. Everything with Talisa = ugh Jon/Ygritte had some actual decent acting for a change, but her dialogue made me cringe. Was glad to see Tormund get a "HAR HAR" in there, and to show his less serious side. Ok, so Orell just tried to kill Ygritte and Jon and now she is walking by him chatting casually... w t f? Theon scene was fine with me. I don't understand people complaining about the torture scenes. In the books he was physically, mentally and emotionally broken down over and over again. It was a horrifically long and drawn out process to basically break him down to the core and rearrange his memories. No issues. Jaime and Brienne scenes were good, except for the finale bear scene which the title of the episode was based on. I just felt that it was a bad scene. I didn't feel any sense of urgency or fear or danger. It was all very staged. Reminded me of a circus act. Tywin/Joffrey was one of the sole good scenes of the episode along with Jaime and Roose trading regards. Sansa and Margaery was just...uck. Osha's story about the wight was an okay addition, but her little spat with Meera irks me for some reason. I think this was the first episode that didn't keep my whole, undivided attention. Really, really hoping the season finishes strong. If they screw up the RW I may riot. Edit: Forgot about Dany scene. Was pretty solid. Loved her arrogance which turns out to get her in a deep pile of shit.
  6. Snookson

    How would you rate episode 306?

    Very, very average. Gave it a 5. Probably should have given it a 6. I absolutely hate everything they are doing north of the wall: Jon/Ygritte, wildlings, NW, Bran & co., Sam/Gilly. When these scenes come on I sigh and look at the clock. I didn't like the BWB/Melisandre/Gendry interaction. I feel like a skilled blacksmith would be worth way more than a couple bags of gold, which it seems they valued Gendry at. I don't think there was any R'hllor conotations there; it was all about the money. I thought the Tyrion/Cersei interaction was written well, but I think it was out of place (for Cersei especially). She is not in the place yet to be opening up to Tyrion. She isn't desperate enough for that yet. Too early. Ros... meh. I thought they were actually going to use her for something. Not a big deal. Roose/Jaime/Brienne was good, though I think it could have been better. Loved how Roose doesn't speak loudly, though he doesn't quite whisper like in the book. Tywin/Olenna was solid, as was Varys/Baelish. Ramsay is creepy as fuck. I love it. Oh, one other thought. Orell tried to kill Jon/Ygritte by cutting the rope (Orell/Tormund weren't in immediate danger of falling it seemed. The two could have been pulled up) but there were no repercussions. Yeah, they're wildlings, but they live by a loose code. Pretty sure murdering two useful people would not be cool. Tormund should have thrown him off the wall for that if he wasn't so useful as a warg. Still, he should have gotten an earful and a smack on the head. No comment at all. The end scene with the juxtaposition of the wall was awesome. Still, weakest ep of the season.
  7. You're thinking way too hard about this. A scale from 1-10 is just that. Pretty sure when someone throws something up to rate on a scale of 1-10 they aren't looking to trick anyone.
  8. I also agree that most are way too lenient on their ratings. A "10" is a perfect episode. Absolutely perfect. Nothing can be critiqued. A "5" is not a bad rating. That is average. As the season progresses the viewers get blinded by their lust for more and give out ridiculous ratings.
  9. Apparently I am in the minority here. I thought it was a very average episode except for the ending. I gave it a 7. I liked the scenes with Jaime and Brienne. I think NCW did an excellent job portraying Jaime's utter physical and emotional defeat. Really felt the beginning of the episode. Likewise, the ending was incredible. I don't think they could have nailed that scene any better. Dany's ruthlessness is finally starting to come out for the non-book reader crowd. The overthrow of Mormont at Craster's home was not good. At all. I didn't really even feel any emotion from it. That scene should have (could have) been an episode closer. It was that dramatic in the books. Also did not like the Sansa/Marg scene. Felt very forced. BWB scene was all right. Did not picture Beric like he is in the show. Marg/Joff scene was pretty good -- basically just continuing to show her manipulation and mischeviousness. I love how Cersei is getting usurped. Lena makes some great faces. QoT/Varys was solid. On the other hand, Varys shipping this sorcerer in from the East was bogus. That sorcerer represents something very personal that happened to him. One of the few chinks in his armor, so to speak. He is a very private person in regards to himself (not the Varys/Spider character). I don't think he really would have risked having this dude shipped into the Red Keep. Weird. Theon -- meh. Waiting for Ramsay to get freaky. The whole Pod/Littlefinger/whores/Varys/Ros circle jerk thing is understandably getting to a point. It is just taking its sweet fucking time getting there at the sacrifice of other important things. Yes Littlefinger is up to shit. We know this. I personally loved Varys's comment about how Littlefinger may be the most dangerous man in Westeros though.
  10. I gave it an 8. A point above last weeks 7. Cat's monologue was well written, but obviously way off of her actual character. Ramsay was forgettable as a character. Which is good, because that is how he is portrayed in the book. BWB scene was great. Anguy was awesome, but where is Lem and his yellow cloak?? Thoros seems to have incorporated Tom O' Sevens penchant for song and jest. It kind of irked me at first, but the actor pulled it off well. I approve. Was hoping to see a flaming sword... (Why was the BWB singing The Rains of Castamere? That bugged me a lot. Even if it was as a joke, that is still very odd... was it an oversight?) I really enjoyed Joff and Margaery's scene with the crossbow. Damn she is conniving! (and convincing) QoT was solid. No complaints. I have found that I dislike Ygritte. A lot. Even though she just poked her head in one scene in this ep, I cringed. Actually, I dislike the whole North of the wall storyline I think. I'm not a fan of Mance's portrayal and Tormund has yet to convince me. Orell (sp?) didn't impress me either. I thought he would have more animosity toward Jon? Finally a decent scene with Robb. I thought they laid on the foreshadowing a little thick, but that is to be expected for non-book reading audiences. The thing that upset me the most about Brienne and Jaime's fight is that she was never really in any danger. In the book she was actually fighting for her life. Kind of lame. The Hound scene was great. I really dig about every scene he is in throughout the series. Great acting. Tyrion/Shae...meh. Jojen and Meera were just about exactly as I imagined them. Thought it was pretty decent overall.
  11. Snookson

    How would you rate episode 301?

    Gave it a solid 7/10. Things I loved: 1. The giant. Was just what I had hoped for. 2. Dragon CGI. I was greatly impressed. When Dany was "petting" it, I was really blown away by the detail. 3. Tyrion/Tywin interaction (of course). Charles Dance never fails to amaze me. Why have I not heard of him before?? Of course Peter is great as well. 4. Really all of Dany's scenes. I was dreading her storyline after watching last season, but was impressed by the first episode. The Unsullied part was true to the book, and while changing the assassin to the warlocks was different, it worked. I wasn't a huge fan of Barristan's reveal, but they have to do what they have to do. The one thing that irked me in this scene was that Mormont wasn't cautious when a little girl was telling Dany to open a strange ball she rolled toward her. I understand it was meant as a game, but Jorah has always been a little over protective. It was surprising to me that he didn't say anything at that point. 5. Margaery (sp?). I really like the sly way they are taking her in the show, making her a bit more like the Queen of Thorns a little earlier. I also think Natalie Dormer is very attractive, so that might have something to do with it... 6. Bronn. 7. I gotta have more Roose baby! Things that were "meh": 1. No Strong Belwas. Wasn't mad by any means, but I was disappointed he didn't make an appearance. 2. Tormund Giantsbane and Mance both. Actually, the entire fucking wildling scene. Tormund wasn't as jovial as he was in the books and Mance did not strike me as "book Mance" by any means. I will reserve judgement of these two characters until further into the season, though. That is why I put this in "meh" instead of hate. I haven't seen enough yet to make an informed opinion. 3. Robb and Cat in Harrenhall. I admit, at first I was confused where they were at. Everything about the scene was "meh" except for the Roose staredown. 4. Tyrion and Cersei. I thought the dialogue was a bit of a reach here. Didn't really find it as enthralling as most of Tyrion's 1-on-1 character speeches. Things that I hated: 1. No battle at the Fist. I understand due to budget constraints that it couldn't be a huge brawl, but some clanging pots and a scream on a black screen? I was seriously pissed 30 seconds into the episode! 2. Ros. 3. Shae. 4. They way they are laying all of Littlefinger's plans right out on the table. There is no espionage or deception here. In the books he was an incredibly sly motherfucker, and wouldn't share his future moves with anyone. I guess they must water some aspects of the books down for the show. Special mentions: 1. God damn it, Tyrion is supposed to be disfigured! All he has is a little scratch! Is nobody else still pissed at this? 2. Now that Bronn is a knight, can't he afford better looking whores??