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  1. Any system that even remotely resembles a democracy could work only if people other than lords could own land and commoners are given basic education. I come from a democratic country where only people belonging to several regions (with higher literacy rates) use their votes effectively. People belonging to the other regions with very low literacy rates usually vote for whomever their chief (could be religious or communal figures) tells them to. So in Westeros where most of the land is owned by feudal lords and commoners are not given any kind of education democracy won't work. The commoners will be forced to vote for whomever their lords tell them to. Even elective monarchy is not going to survive past a couple of terms, after which one or two families will consolidate all the power and it will effectively become hereditary.
  2. Why would Bran even need a master of Whisperers? Jon being sent back to the Nights Watch is ridiculous. What are they supposed to defend against now? The Others are destroyed, the wildlings are no longer a problem. I suppose GRRM told D&D that, Jon ends up back in the NW, but they did not know how; so they just forced it into the script.
  3. How did anyone know that Dany was dead. There was no body, was there? Jon could have simply said she just left with Drogon. Why didn't Drogon retaliate? So Sansa simply declares independence and everyone is cool with it? It didn't occur to them to declare independence as well? I could be wrong here, but I think Tyrion said "Ser Bron of the Blackwater, Lord of Highgarden ........". Shouldn't he be addressed as 'Lord Bron' ?
  4. athmystikal

    Rant & Rave without Repercussion: Burn It All Edition

    But in the books they call these visions 'Green dreams', no? When it comes to dreams time is relative. Our brain runs through a dream much faster than while we are awake. According to scientists most dreams last only a few second even though the dreamer feels that it was longer. Perhaps this is applicable to Green dreams as well. So Bran could experience a 30 minute vision in a few seconds in the real world
  5. athmystikal

    Rant & Rave without Repercussion: Burn It All Edition

    Oh, I was talking about book Stannis though. I would like to imagine that D&D replaced the real Stannis by a different character. If I rmemeber correctly, Stannis was the first character that they butchered, no?
  6. athmystikal

    Rant & Rave without Repercussion: Burn It All Edition

    True. At least the guy listens to good counsel and we all know where he stands on things.
  7. For me, if there is a happy ending: * Dany and Jon would join forces against the Others and Cercei. * After finding out about Jon's lineage and how capable he is, Dany would leave the Iron Throne and go back east and rule the East - like the old valayrian lords did. * Some westerosi would rule westeros (Jon, Tyrion, Sansa ...) Non happy ending * The Others are defeated, but at some serious cost. They reach the south before they are ;defeated' by the humans * Both Jon and Dany die * Bran would change into something else But without knowing more about who the Others are and what their motivations are, there is not much to be speculated.
  8. athmystikal

    Rant & Rave without Repercussion: Burn It All Edition

    So in the show universe Robert Baratheon turned out to be one hell of a king. Atleast he managed to keep the kingdom united during his reign and did not do any stupid nonsense like his predecessor or his successors.
  9. I always expected Dany to rule the East and Jon or his heir rule Westeros in case of a happy ending. Based on the events in the books, it one could argue that Dany deserves to rule the East as she liberated the people and sufferred to a certain extent for them. Same can be said for Jon who went through similar situations in the West. I never found Dany suitable to rule the West (not for the reasons in the Show), and not entirely because of her faults or shortcomings, but due to her not really knowing the continent or its people. The people of Westeros are more likely to accept one of their own than a foreigner. I always sensed a bit of madness in Dany. She wants to be good and benevolent but she does not seem to posses the level of patience required for that. But in the show they are turning Dany into the Mad Queen for the wrong reasons. I do not see why Sansa or the Northern Folk hate Dany yet. So far she has only helped them, but in the future they could hate her due to her political views, but not just yet. I mean when Stannis came to the Night's Watch's aid, the northerners were rather welcoming (at least better than what Dany is facing), even though he came with a new religion. Dany was not one of my favorites even in the books. But I do feel bad for her in the show these last couple of episodes because she is facing hostility for no reason
  10. Compared to everything else the show got wrong, this might be very minor but I still had to vent. Robert's rebellion did not happen because Lyanna stark ran off with Rhaegar. Jon Arryn called the banners when the Mad King asked for the heads of Edard and Robert. So the rebellion is not on Robert's hands - it was entirely the Mad King's fault.
  11. But the two leaked videos confirm two of the points (Rhaegal and Missendai). So its pretty likely that it true.
  12. More alleged (confirmed 99%) plot leaks Bloody hell. So its pretty cleat that they just want to get out of this project. So Dragons are that weak? Two things that were hyped up to be almost invincible - The WW and Dragons - both were destroyed by trivial methods.
  13. I noticed the compression issues too. But I was streaming it and thought they sacrificed quality to save bandwidth. Are those issues present in TV version as well? They have been abusing filters, especially the northern scenes where they colour corrected every scene and everything looked way too bluish. I also don't understand why they keep everything so dark. If I remember correctly, the Battle of Blackwater episode was not too dark even though it happened at night. At least I was able to understand what was going on and who was who.
  14. Just re-watched the episode and I noticed something. So their plan was to light up the trenches with dragon fire when Davos gave the signal, and it did not work due to lack of visibility. But then they bring Melisandre and made her recite her spells to light up the trench. Couldn't they simply use a normal torch to light it up? and Davos already has two torches.