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  1. athmystikal

    Rant and Rave without Repercussions [S7 Leaks Edition]

    I have just gone through the alleged script leaks for season 8 (all 6 episodes). I'm sad to say that it looks like the real deal. The plot looks very D&D-ish. Everything is rushed and the dialogues are cheesy. And yes, it is kind of bitter sweet. Here are the links to the summaries. *** SPOILERS *** I hope it is not the real thing. I am Okay with the situation at the very end. Kind of pictured something similar to happen. But the way it happens is terrible. I hope GRRM writes something better than this.
  2. athmystikal

    [Spoilers] EP703 Discussion

    But it has been stated that Bravos blocks or captures slave ships. If they go to that much trouble to disrupt slave trade, I don't think they will allow the Iron Bank to operate on their soil and undermine that motto.
  3. athmystikal

    How did The Reach lose?

    Because the plot demanded it. I don't see how the lannisters could get any more men. They would require most of their Men at Kingslanding to keep Cersei in power. But could it be because Cersei holds some hostages form the Reach houses? before she blew up the sept there were a lot of Tyrell men in kingslanding?
  4. athmystikal

    [Spoilers] EP703 Discussion

    I am not sure about the show universe, but in the books it has been clearly stated that Bravos was founded by escaped slaves. They are completely against slavery. But in today's episode, it is implied that the IB engages in slave trade.
  5. athmystikal

    [TWoW Spoilers] Aeron I (Balticon)

    Aeron saw a number of gods impaled on the spikes on the Iron Trhone in one of his dreams. But the Old Gods were not among them. Intentional?
  6. athmystikal

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 605?

    Ha ha.. I just hope they wont end the story like Bioware did.
  7. athmystikal

    [Spoilers] EP605

    I just noticed that the pattern in which the stones are arranged around the heart tree where the conversion took place, is exactly the pattern in which the WW arranged the bodies of the dead in Season 1 and 2
  8. athmystikal

    [Spoilers] EP605

    Thats a shame, because the writers of Mass Effect ended up screwing ti all up. Oh I still remember all the fan outcry when the final game in the series came out. They all hated the ending so the developers had to come up with a DLC (downloadable content) to provide more closure to the story.
  9. athmystikal

    [Spoilers] EP605

    So we get an explanation about the origins of White Walkers. If I understaood it correctly, the CotF transformed a man/men by inserting obsedian into their hearts. But later the WW went rogue and even the CotF could control them. But this is very similar to the plot of Mass Effect games Sound a bit too similar? I am still confused about the ending. What really happened. What is real? The present or the past? Is it a never ending cycle? Oh, and about 'Hold the Door'. I find it really strange that this article from 2014 already figured it out https://ventrellaquest.com/tag/george-r-r-martin-elevator-story/ So I think 'Hold the Door' is book canon
  10. athmystikal

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 605?

    8/10 I hated Kingsmoot and the Wall scenes. But the last 20 minutes were good TV. But I must admit I am quite confused about the Hodor paradox. But I am happy that we get an explanation about the origins of White Walkers (Sounds a lot like the Reapers who turned against their creators in Mass Effect (video game)).
  11. athmystikal

    How would you rate episode 602?

    I gave a rating of 5. It was way better than the last episode (mostly because there was no Dorne). However compared to episodes in Season 1-3, it lacked the punch and emotion in its dialogues - probably because they had no book for reference. What I liked: * Bran's visions * Kings landing scenes (except Ungregor smashing that guy against a wall). It clearly shows how trapped the Lannisters are at the moment. * Bravos scenes * Sansa and Theon. What I disliked: * Roose Bolton completely off-guard. He was always cautious and calculating, but he looked like a fool in that scene. And I dont know why any Bolton soldier or Karstarks would side with Ramsey. They all hate him. Roose is the only reason why they accepted Ramsey. * Davos not caring about what happened to Stannis and Shereen. He never metinoned their names this season. * Why did Davos asked Melisandre to resurrect Jon? He did not ask her to revive Stannis or Shereen. Why all of a sudden Davos is interested in Jon? What is so special? There should have been some explanation as to why he thought Jon was special. * Introduction of Euron was a let down for me. Until that scene his name was never mentioned. No hint that Balon had a brother. Then out of the blue, he appears at Pyke and kills Balon. Atleast they could have had Balon mention Euron during his conversation with Yara * Tyrion and his Dick jokes. Recently Varys and Tyrion has been reduced to comical characters. * Tyrion and Dragons. That scene was too cheesy for me. There should have been a bit more tension and he should not have gone that close to him that quickly. Realistically it should have taken a few days/attempts to get 'friendly' with them; after all the Dragons had never seen Tyrion before. Tyrion is supposed to be a cautious person. I dont think he would simply gone and hug a grown Dragon. * Brienne not mentioning The Hound. At least Podric should have. He knows that Sansa knew The Hound In a nutshell, I think the D&D are trying to rush the show. Characters are doing stuff without believable motivation