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  1. 10/10 The final 30 minutes of Hardhome was some of the best of the show!
  2. Fantastic episode! I enjoyed the dialogue between Dany and Tyrion. Tyrion completely put into perspective what her going to Westeros would be like.
  3. Well...Barristan is dead. Goodbye Bold Ser.
  4. I agree. And most Unsullied I have talked to about this seem to think that Thorne was great leader. Unless the show has him die, I think it'd be a dick move to vote Jon as LC. Thorne clearly was the leader on the Wall.
  5. I see your point. I felt the "Lysa killed Jon Arryn" in the middle of episode 6, was underwhelming. I should have been at the end of Mockingbird right before the Only Cat Your Sister line.
  6. I loved this episode. My only gripe is not having Thorne or Slynt order Jon to parlay with Mance. I think having Jon Snow come up with that decision on his own will have some kind of butterfly effect. Now that I've had a chance to digest this episode, and from reading other boarders' opinions, I'm glad that Stannis didn't appear. :leaving:
  7. I love how the bar goes from all smiles to all frowns in seconds.
  8. I just can't get the image of Oberyn's skull being smashed in out of my head. That and Talisa being stabbed in the belly last season. Horrible.
  9. The people I watched that episode with were screaming, "He's not wearing any armor! Throw something at him!!" It was kind of amusing actually.
  10. I think you mean Emmy :cool4: . But yeah, the people I was with this evening were very shocked. They really thought he was going to the Wall a la Ned Stark. I was quite pleased with the final scene. I thought The Mountain was going to be in this episode. I can't wait for that.
  11. I hate being a Mets fan.

  12. Yeah...I don't like TV Shae. They try to make her out to be some sly worldly person. I always thought she was more of the bubbly type. I hope Tyrion kills her. I was happy when they killed off Ros.
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