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  1. What I liked: Arya and Tyrion road trip Davos and Gendry interaction (Liam is just perfect as Davos) Tywin dismissing Joffrey, again Roose Bolton and Walder Frey exchange Sansa being a bit joyful, before descending (again) into post-RW sadness Maester Aemon it's back into the show :) What I didn't like: Asha/Yara going to save Theon. With 50 men!!! no (hint of) LS the ending (seemed a little bit cliche) Shae getting too much screen time (all this season)
  2. 8.5/10. The only (big) minus: no Lady Stoneheart revealed in the end.
  3. What I liked: the Hound-Arya dialogue Daario casting the wedding scene (amazing acting from Peter Dinklage) Sam the Slayer (finally) Davos struggling to read Targaryen names Stannis meeting Gendry Stanni's interaction with Davos What I didn't like: Cersei bitter and unsubtle exchange with Margaery the fact that Daario sneaked up so easily on Dany
  4. An 8. The long nude Theon scene felt unnecessary, otherwise I enjoyed the dialogue and the little bear action in the end. And kudos for Little Bart/ Bart the second :)
  5. Qyburn has yet to arrive in King's Landing.
  6. I hope so, after all it's an important scene (dragon glass)...or maybe they'll skip it, budget-wise, as, from what I've understood, the White Walkers are almost entirely CGI
  7. 9.5, very good all-around episode. just one complaint: still no Sam The Slayer :(
  8. I didn't say that. Lowest common denominator = average viewer, not stupid, nor brilliant. Also, "I didn't like it" != "I didn't understand it"
  9. I agree, but maybe HBO is trying to appeal to the lowest common denominator (which probably enjoys a grain of soft porn once in a while)
  10. You're not. I found that scene useless and too long. Instead of adding something relevant to the plot, they simply throw in an almost random & gratuitous nudity.
  11. 9/10 The only downisde: the sex scenes with Podrick (just useless filler)
  12. 9. Thoros, Jojen and Meera are well-casted. Theon is in for a (painful) surprise next episode. Nice foreshadowing with that crossbow :) The only downside was Catelyn's scene with Robb's wife.
  13. I didn't like Catelyn's "confession" to Talisa - inconsistent with her character from the books, if I'm not mistaken...but I guess they wanted to make her more sympathetic for the TV show.
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